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  1. Previous poster (SINcere) did some research and turns out that the culprit was the leftover files from previous DLC installation in hidden folder c:\ProgramData. Personally I got the DLC installer working by deleting the folder "ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead DLC" in "C:\ProgramData". DO NOT delete any other files from ProgramData -folder (unless you know what you're doing) Kudos to SINcere!
  2. Yeah, tried that as well before re-installing. First I ran the uninstaller, then manually deleted all the leftover folders, and even some Bohemia-related registry keys. Didn't help. I still think that the DLC is not recognizing my merged Combined Operations. I also sent email to GamersGate about this, let's see if they can answer :) Anyway, thank you for your help, much appreciated.
  3. Yup, forgot to mention that. I ran the game once after installing the vanilla/orginal Arma2, and after I installed OA (before installing BAF).
  4. Hi, I'm unable to install the BAF expansion, bought and downloaded from GamersGate. When I try to run the installer provided by GamersGate, it extracts some files, displays the BAF installer splash screen, and after that, returns to the GamersGate installer with the options to keep or remove installation files, or to reinstall. So it seems that BAF installer does nothing after the splash screen, just quits. I get no visible error messages. Things I have tried to no avail: 1) Redownloading the DLC from GamersGate 2) Running the installer as administrator 3) Running the installer from safe mode with networking (to avoid possible problems with antivirus) 4) Un- and Re-installing the Arma2 and Operation Arrowhead. At this point, I'm out of ideas. My Arma2 and OA are both retail copies, which I have merged to Combined Operations by installing the OA to the same directory with the vanilla Arma2 (as described in the readme-file of OA). I'd guess that this merging operation is the culprit, since BAF worked rather nicely previously when I had Arma2 and OA as stand-alone installations (installed in different folders). So, is there anything I can do (I'd really like to keep the Arma2 and OA merged)? UPDATE / SOLUTION (Courtesy of user SINcere): Turns out that the culprit was the leftover files from previous DLC installation in hidden folder c:\ProgramData. I got the DLC installer working properly by deleting the folder "ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead DLC" in "C:\ProgramData". DO NOT delete any other folders in ProgramData.
  5. Seems that the LOD (level of detail) switching is not working as intended with latest ATI drivers and particularly with Crossfire configurations. Many here have suggested to use 10.4 drivers to fix the problem - I haven't personally tried that. Maybe it is worth trying though - and you can temporarily enable the Crossfire functionality by renaming the "arma2oa.exe" to "arma2.exe". Other solution could be to install the 10.4 drivers and all the application profiles that have been released after that - dunno if that works though. Previous application profiles can be downloaded for example from here: http://www.rage3d.com/cap/ This seems more like a driver issue than an issue with the game, and since Arma2 isn't really that much of a "mainstream game", I'll doubt that ATI is going to fix it. But we'll see. Also remember to report the issue to AMD, using this form: http://www.amdsurveys.com/se.ashx?s=5A1E27D27E29B0E3 The more reports they get the more likely it is for the problem to get fixed in future driver revisions. The similiar problems are discussed also here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=106543
  6. Karhis

    BAF Graphic problems

    I have problems with LOD as well. To me it is most notable in trees, bushes and signs. http://img213.imageshack.us/i/lod1i.jpg/ http://img821.imageshack.us/i/lod2.jpg/ Screenshots are from BAF campaign mission 2, "Lancers". Arma2 OA version is 1.54, haven't tried betas yet. I'm using 4870x2 with Catalyst 10.8b hotfix drivers and Windows 7 64-bit. My graphic settings are as follows:
  7. There are some issues with performance in some missions, even people with Core i7 processors are struggling to run some campaign missions properly. There are some tweaks you can try at ArmaHolic ArmA2 Optimization thread (but don't expect them to do any miracles): http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=73947 Whether the situation is improved in future patches, time will tell. btw. Nice thing to have sticky thread for perfomance issues instead of gazillion small ones. Thanks W0lle.
  8. Have you tried reinstalling the game?
  9. I can't help wondering why did they make campaign missions that nobody is able to run or require high end Core i7 processors. How did that pass beta testing? I would guess that there are group of players (myself included) who consider the campaign as the best part of the game and are not that keen on multiplayer and community made missions. And for those players, this game in its current state is not very enjoyable (if not unplayable)
  10. Karhis

    BIS - help us help ourselves!

    Some of the stuff in the startup parameters Wiki are remnants from old ArmA1. Like -world=empty (for faster game loading.. no island and no menu animation loaded (1.05)) refers to old ArmA version 1.05, doesn't it? And -openal Use OpenAl sound. refers to OpenAL sound which is not used in ArmA2 according to moderator Dwarden in his first post in sticky thread " Missing xAudio2 file(s) & sound issues" This information seems to be copied and pasted from older information applicable to ArmA1 and therefore leaves us guessing what certain parameters do if anything.
  11. No artefact problems for me in Windows Vista and Windows 7 64-bit. However when I tested the game in Windows XP 32-bit, I could only play for about a minute before serious graphical glitches and shortly after them a crash to desktop. I thought it was some sort of issue with 4 GB memory installed and only 32-bit OS but now it seems it might have been some problem with ATI card.
  12. Yes, VSYNC is on because I didn't have ATI Tray Tools installed and not sure if it even works in Windows 7. I've read that there might be a problem because 7 requires signed drivers.
  13. I'd like to see link for that.
  14. They are not, it was just humorous remark by Masterfragg what BIS response _could_ be :)
  15. Karhis


    The performance varies depending on the mission. The one single player mission in the demo (Trial By Fire) run pretty smoothly for me but I'm having major struggle to get playable frame rates on some campaign missions. The game is CPU hungry as you possibly can figure out by checking some of the performance related threads here in the troubleshooting forums. Yes, it probably does. But I do not recommend to overclock your system if you don't know what you are doing.