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  1. I like what I see, looking forward to this :) ΜΟΛΩΠΛΑΒΕ
  2. Love this concept, keep it up and thanks for your efforts.
  3. Sounds great GalComT, looking forward to the release/s. :)
  4. .Phoenix.

    Project RACS

    Great stuff, just like in A1, thanks for all the hard work. ps: the troops addon is missing in the sixupdater link
  5. .Phoenix.

    daveygarys Rangers

    Love those units, just gave em a try. Especially the detail on the headgear is great to have.
  6. .Phoenix.

    FN 2000s for the US military?

    It's a game fellas, and just like in A1/A2 the developers take some creative liberties. If you want your totally acurate armies, there's always mods.
  7. .Phoenix.

    Arma 3 Officially Announced!

    Can't wait, this looks like major win. Thanks BI
  8. .Phoenix.

    Island Cicada Release Thread

    You are correct. Lots of custom content though and a steady stream of updates by the mission builders. :)
  9. .Phoenix.

    Island Cicada Release Thread

    Gotta bump this to thank you and recommend this map, very underestimated. Beautifully crafted and does feel very natural, especially the roads. ps: check out tcgs island life cicada its awesome
  10. .Phoenix.

    Isla Duala

    Great update, cheers Icebreakr. OT: Are you interested in DX3, Ice?
  11. Damn Rock those are some sweet updates, it's great you keep this up:cheers:
  12. Thanks for the update and the hard work icebreakr. I'd say wait for the mp event before releasing;)
  13. Looking delicious as per usual! Can't wait :)
  14. .Phoenix.

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    I recommend Gamersgate and paying via ClickandBuy. Worked like a charm for me and never had any problems with C&B before.
  15. Great looking screenshots at the homepage, keep it up :) Source of inspiration for the G3ZP ?
  16. .Phoenix.

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    Cheers for keeping us updated Damu :)
  17. So in other words you look for 2 people to do most of the work so you can continue your reenactment online? There is a request addon thread stickied right on top.
  18. .Phoenix.

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    I wonder how everyone in here seems to bitch about wrong rifle sights when the US Army is rocking ucp in an afghanistan like environment and scars as standard issue assault rifle...
  19. Schweet Stuff as usual :)
  20. .Phoenix.

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    It not only looks like an acog, it is one... since acog is a series of gun sights rather than the name of a specific one ;)
  21. .Phoenix.

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    And whats your point? That BI should just work for free? They do work for a living you know... Also I'm quite sure there will be enough servers not running any dlc;)