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  1. I like what I see, looking forward to this :) ΜΟΛΩΠΛΑΒΕ
  2. Love this concept, keep it up and thanks for your efforts.
  3. Sounds great GalComT, looking forward to the release/s. :)
  4. .Phoenix.

    Project RACS

    Great stuff, just like in A1, thanks for all the hard work. ps: the troops addon is missing in the sixupdater link
  5. .Phoenix.

    daveygarys Rangers

    Love those units, just gave em a try. Especially the detail on the headgear is great to have.
  6. .Phoenix.

    FN 2000s for the US military?

    It's a game fellas, and just like in A1/A2 the developers take some creative liberties. If you want your totally acurate armies, there's always mods.
  7. .Phoenix.

    Arma 3 Officially Announced!

    Can't wait, this looks like major win. Thanks BI
  8. .Phoenix.

    Island Cicada Release Thread

    You are correct. Lots of custom content though and a steady stream of updates by the mission builders. :)
  9. .Phoenix.

    Island Cicada Release Thread

    Gotta bump this to thank you and recommend this map, very underestimated. Beautifully crafted and does feel very natural, especially the roads. ps: check out tcgs island life cicada its awesome
  10. .Phoenix.

    Isla Duala

    Great update, cheers Icebreakr. OT: Are you interested in DX3, Ice?
  11. Damn Rock those are some sweet updates, it's great you keep this up:cheers:
  12. Thanks for the update and the hard work icebreakr. I'd say wait for the mp event before releasing;)