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  1. hekuball

    help with Arma 3 error message

    thanks, figured it out - just deleted the confg file.
  2. hi Could anyone tell me what is going on here: I'm getting the following message: File C:\Users\Steve\Documents\Arma 3\Arma3.cfg, line O: Config: .: G encountered instead of 1 The game won't start on Steam, I tried deleting local content and re-installing - same message again. It happened after trying to set up facetracknoir. Any suggestions much appreciated
  3. hekuball

    Tanks...are you kidding me???

    The OP has a point, unfortunately it's expressed in junevile internet speak, thus the need for other forum-members to translate.
  4. hekuball

    Arma 3: concerns with latent issues

    Although I don't necessarily agree with the specific examples given, I agree with the overall tone of the thread. If I were to characterise BI as developers based on Arma 3 I would say they were ambitious but entirely inconsistent on the detail, it's a mystery to me how they prioritise some fixes and featuresabove others, I guess it is based on how long they take rather then how important they are. Therefore, not knowing the mind of the developers is kind of frustrating for the community as we don't really know what needs to be modded vs what we can expect to be developed. Pity really, if they put a bit more work into improving the basics this would be hands-down the best military shooter out there, at the moment it's kind of in limbo.
  5. hekuball


    actually, should have said, this is in pvp, no AI. While you pump bullets into someone at 20 yards distance they can 1 shot you extremely quickly with a sniper rifle. The only defence is them not seeing you. If you doubt it, just look at how many players in TDM opt for sniper rifle in close quarters, street to street. That and the MX200 being the favourite weapon. Not good, really needs to be looked at.
  6. hekuball


    Doesnt anyone else find it rather odd that one of the best CQB weapons in the game is a sniper rifle? Im not sure which one, I never go sniper in any game, but all you hear is the shotgun-like boom and you are dead, one shot one kill. Now I appreciate that higher calibre bullets have greater penetration but something must be wrong that in 1v1 at close quarters in the game, an assault rifle invariably loses.
  7. hekuball

    AA in TDM mode

    Been playing TDM on the Hostile Takeover servers quite a bit just to get the hang of the game, anyone know what is required to get more than 2 AA rockets when you have your 1st Spec as Launcher? You cant seem to reload them at ammo crates, do you have to spend money on a second launcher spec? Or the 2nd as the ammo spec? Definitely I have seen players with multiple rockets - ie more than 2 but not sure how they got 'em. Would be nice to knock more of them leet pawnees out of the air.
  8. hekuball

    No Women=Disturbing

    Once they've finished with Limnos I'm sure they'll start work on Lesbos (sorry, couldn't resist
  9. hekuball

    smoke grenades

    Great thanks, thought it might be something obvious.
  10. hekuball

    No Women=Disturbing

    This is an outrage, somebody tell Germaine Greer quick...
  11. hekuball

    smoke grenades

    Really dumb question but never figured this out yet, if you are equipped with both frag and smoke, how do you throw only smoke? If you press the default G it just throws the first in your inventory which is always frag, so I end up emptying my frags so I can throw smoke, obviously thats ridiculous but I am missing something very basic. Odd that you cant cycle thru nades with F as you do with weapons. Anyway, help appreciated as always.:)
  12. Thanks for the gracious responses sofar, I hope you can tell that I'm not trying to whinge, rather just a bit frustrated and disapointed. What would be great and probably fairly easy to do would be if someone (ie.e one of the modders0 would make a video guide to the mod, with newbies like myself in mind. You know, a TacBF version of jester or Dyslecsi. That'd be really appreciated.
  13. can i give you the first impression of a new player to the Arma series who downloaded and tried the mod tonight? One word: baffled. The messages that came up about binding keys in custom menus was the first thing. Because they appeared as the game had just loaded, I thought they were bug-related messages so ignored em. Had to ask in game and was told what they meant. When loaded up the game ans chose bluefor/opfor, was expecting to be able to pick a role but every slot said rifleman. Now, I saw people with various weapons running around but could not figure out how they got them and nobody responded to requests for help via chat. I did check the crates but I had guessed that the whole point of a role menu would make Specs redundant yes? Proceeded to game - S&D. Too many markers on the map - regrup here, there, everywhere, x here. x there, finally figured out that the red circle meant the objective which was an ammo cache. Spent a while getting there, it got destroyed, no contact with opfor, same again few minutes later. never got near an ammo cache. Now, I know that those who are familiar with the series and the the mod will be rolling their eyes in disgust at the ignorance of this post, but please can the mod makers make the interface and the game mechanics a bit more transparent for new guys? I want to enjoy this game but Im finding it quite difficult just to orient myself. Its being touted as an easy, accessible way for players to get to grips with pvp but i just dont feel that it is. Vanilla King of the Hill is far simpler although the TDM nature of it is dull and disjointed.
  14. hekuball

    Realistic damage

    not just an AI problem, I play PvP alot and Ive had this so many times. I pour bullets into a player, he turns round and shoots me dead. I tend to be so shocked I dont have time to respond. Agree with the point that one shot kills for every kill is unrealistic, but surely if you get hit then you are (should be) down and therefore effectively dead as most people will proceed to finish you off.
  15. BLOODY BRILLIANT! I just hope there will be servers running it.