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  1. dogz

    Key Bindings help

    can anyone tell me why my new dvd ver OA wont save my keybinds?
  2. dogz

    Beta build 71275 is up!

    jpinard it looks like you have good attention to detail and you appear to be quite thorough. May I ask why you do not list your HD spec in your system specs??? May I also ask what it is?
  3. apparently DVI cables are like network cables they are bandwidth sensitive/limited... if you have a crap DVI cable it can affect your frame rate... analogue is better http://www.tweakguides.com/Graphics_8.html you have increased the resolution so it will increase the load a bit too.
  4. Rebel... from what you have stated you are now using an LCD when before you were using a CRT? If so you should Google: "Frame rate limited by a factor of refresh rate". eg Max 60fps will sometimes default to 15 or 20 fps (Vsync can affect this) also check your config file, some on here (Alex72) find settings of 0 frames on both to give good results others use upto 8 frames. Otherwise it could be as suggested by GURU... something has changed on your system...eg spyware/ backgound processes... always troubleshoot when NOT connected to a network/internet first. Run Malwarebytes free version with latest defs... it is one of best freeware scanners GL M8
  5. dogz

    Windows 7 stutter SOLVED!!

    tommy great to hear you have had success... to anyone else who has issues the FIRST thing to check is what services/programs are running in the backgound.
  6. that wiki refers to Arma 1.06 not Arma 2... am I missing summin?
  7. dogz

    Setting up "walking" as default

    Kram... just rebind whatever key is your forward key to "slow forward"!!!??? ie swap "forward" keybind with "slow forward" if you dont know what keybinds are then go into options / controls...blah blah
  8. I find it really amusing that particularly in this type of thread... with all that has been proved about how important storage subsystem is. ie(HD/Ramdisk/Flash) People still post "my A2 is slow" etc... but they dont say what HD etc that they have... BTW Wasdie your CPU is very weak for A2 My Q6600 3.0Ghz runs at 70 -90% on all 4 cores most of the time. if you can get at least 9 series quad and get it up near 3-3.5Ghz you will see big gains.
  9. I dont have any major changes/issues with 05 but I used all the betas. I do get a little flashing using nightvision
  10. I dont think you can expect too much with that cpu...
  11. you dont say in what form of the game you are playing but you must make sure the "Artillery module" is loaded for that mission. easiest way to demo is to open the editor and load the module and the "static unit" yourself. If you are playing online/user missions it varies, some missions dont allow it. there is the chance that you have somehow borked your keybinds as well... so as long as your menu options scroll/work the same for the other stuff it should work. ps if you did not know bind a key to "Optics" and it will give you the optical sight for direct fire (mouse button does not always work.) I found some info here:http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=93120
  12. not sure about that.... but one thing that stands out in all the DEV gameplay vids is that they are hires, smooth as silk and no texture popping...
  13. what does a screen from a vanilla server look like and do you have firewall turned off (to test) etc and why would you test trying to connect to a server that you know cant let you join because you dont have the mod?
  14. dogz

    M119 Direct Fire - is it possible?

    NM I had a double bind blocking it...doh!!!
  15. dogz

    M119 Direct Fire - is it possible?

    to quote a key press/bind is only of use if it is the same on his PC you need to tell him what that bind does as an "action"