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    PVP anim bugs - vote if you care

    Or just quit and go back to wow like me, once I get my mage to 80 my priest 80 my rogue to 80 and my pala to 80 the expansion will be out. Then push all them characters 85 in the new expansion. Then my real age will be around 85. Maybe then I will come back to the bis forums and they might of fixed it.
  2. Im pretty sure that Codemasters are shaking in there boots right now then again.... I for one wont be buying this your game engine is outdated and useless in the current era. The support is also similar to your game engine. I can tell straight away that bis is trying to make extra cash again the answers to the questions are exatly what I wanted to see. Might aswell of just answered to everything:- Jennik: I wouldn't expect anything to be changed "drastically"
  3. --DST-- Anth

    Reload animation

    Ive never tested it to tbh but if its true then yes you should be able to see the reload animation.
  4. --DST-- Anth

    Make a new patch

    not really no, it not like theres loads of servers to play on like cod or bf2 with a tiny multiplayer community its hard not to see the servers. There is also addons where you can add your favourite server.
  5. Most people have other things to do... So if it repeats its not really there fault I wouldent sit an read a full thread, just dont have the time in the day.
  6. --DST-- Anth

    Ranking system, why not?

    I would love to see stats in this game its not gonna happen though. Maybe some one will make a custom one.
  7. No its just a move to milk money out of you heres an extra campagin for you idiots sort of like queens gambit and a few extra units and missions. Im sick of it tbh.
  8. I dont play campaigns or bis made missions and if this is all it is then I'm not really to excited or bothered about it. Rather them concentrate on fixing the game. adding cheat protection for one? The game is rife with cheats atm and the signature thing does nada.
  9. --DST-- Anth

    Serious MP scoring bug

    Yeah ive noticed just bis adding great new features
  10. --DST-- Anth

    Patience is a virtue

    Bias I can think of plenty, if bis took some time and effort in the first place it would not need 1 billion patches before its half fixed not that it will ever be fixed.
  11. --DST-- Anth

    New Player's Guide to Online Etiquette

    Now I know how to irritate people in game! Thanks
  12. --DST-- Anth

    Why does CTF feel different...?

    Like what game? tell me please which game is like flashpoint? Do you also want your soldier to get tired and sleep in real time and if you dont then he just stops moving until he is rested in real time. That would be really fun wouldent it? I mean just because its real does not mean it has to be changed to be exactly the same what im stressing is realism is not always that fun!
  13. --DST-- Anth

    Making a plane on fire when spawned?

    should be in here http://forums.bistudio.com/forumdisplay.php?f=93 Have you tried setdamage 1?
  14. --DST-- Anth

    CRcti@Angry@sge "MOD"

    Broken links
  15. --DST-- Anth

    Why does CTF feel different...?

    Your right its not the actual corner camping that is the problem for me its how slow my animations are breathing, aiming are to counter act the corner campers. How I would love to see arma like that ofp video, im praying ofp2 will be like this and will leave this game behind. *BTW mac the only people I seen on ofp that were any good at standing and shooting was some of the RS guys everyone else used to crouch and corner camp.