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  1. Can i somehow disable the AI to use Prone? I know about this command loon1 setUnitPos "UP" But then they will stand all the time, i want them still to be able to crouch. Just disable the prone for the AI.
  2. Is this possible? Want to link to my Workshop in my briefing, so when i click on it i will be transported to my workshops homepage. However, is this even possible to do? Wants this because i want to tell player to go there to get the newest update of a mission.
  3. So, im working on a old mission i have and are trying to make it playable again. However, before i could call my UAV how many times i wanted with this script: camUseNVG true; // set side colors private ["_colorWest", "_colorEast"]; _colorWest = WEST call BIS_fnc_sideColor; _colorEast = EAST call BIS_fnc_sideColor; // set transparency for colors {_x set [3, 0.73]} forEach [_colorWest, _colorEast]; true SetCamUseTi 1; [ markerPos "obj2", // Target position (replace MARKERNAME) "Suspect village, look for hostages", // SITREP text 700, // 400m altitude 200, // 200m radius 0, // 0 degrees viewing angle 0, // Clockwise movement [ // add Icon at player's position ["\a3\ui_f\data\map\markers\nato\b_inf.paa", _colorWest, getPos Tim, 1, 1, 0, "Jack", 0], ["\a3\ui_f\data\map\markers\nato\b_inf.paa", _colorWest, getPos Jallert, 1, 1, 0, "Sawyer", 0], // add Icon at enemy/target position ["\a3\ui_f\data\map\markers\nato\o_inf.paa", _colorEast, markerPos "Obj2", 1, 1, 0, "Suspect Village", 0] ] ] call BIS_fnc_establishingShot However, now when i try call it second time, it just results in a black screen that won't dissappear. Is there any fix to that?
  4. Still no one? I can't finnish and repack the mission until i get a fix for it. I have searched everywhere for it. Please, anyone know whats wrong?
  5. Anyone that can help? Question is quite simple. How can i call "intro uav" multiple times? Second time always gets to a black screen
  6. Okey, so i noticed when i opened a old mission that objects that i had placed like wrecks and things didn't fall anymore, they just stuck in the air. So are props like wrecks not simulated anymore when placed in editor? They are just stuck in the air not falling, before they were falling down on the ground but something seems to have changed
  7. Probably, the mission that im editing and have this error with is long before the EDEN update
  8. Thanks for the answers guys! I will soon test your latest reply. The problem is that i had alot of objects, like heli wrecks, apc wreck and towler wreck that i had above water level, and i wanted it to fall down to the bottom simulated, as it was before. Now they're just floating in the air where they were placed. Not using physics just floating in the middle of the air not falling into the bottom of the water. I guess they must have been made simple objects as you said.
  9. Hello! Working on a really good idea i got yesterday. Problem is in this mission, that i want to disable the ability for me and my group/m8s to loot other players. Just use the things they have and use the things they find in boxes. But can't find anything about how to make that work. Anyone? In short terms, How to disable squad/group to loot killed AI players?
  10. Can someone explain how to make it really work? I figured out how to make it follow a unit, just Sync the "Livefeed - Init" to You, then sync "Livefeed - Source" to the unit you want to follow and to your "Livefeed - Init" But what is the Livefeed Target all about? And how do i start it and shut it down at some point?
  11. Anyone knows a script that works for a Mission? I tested this http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=21300 But getting error on line 67, unknown variable hcam_cam when closing the camera - alt + *. So anyone that knows another script that can do the same but that works?
  12. I have tried the most things i can find. Looking through Multiplayer framework (At which i don't understand a shit) and trying different things. But how am i able to make a script execute on all clients? This is my Suitcase.sqf deleteVehicle suit; ////This deletes a editor placed suitcase, works fine on both host and client deleteVehicle c2; ////This deletes a Chemlight placed in editor. This however won't delete if Client is the one starting the script. Weird since client can delete the Suitcase? ///// This is FHQ_TT TaskTracker. This needs to be executed serverside, however. If the client is the one opening the script, then nothing will happen But if the Host open it works fine. How to fix? [ west, ["Hidden Task", "Find the hidden suitcase on the wreck (This objective is one of the hidden tasks. There are 3 hidden suitcases, try find them all). Well done!", "Hidden Objective: Find suitcase 1", "", "Succeeded" ] ] call FHQ_TT_addTasks; ["Hidden Task", "succeeded"] call FHQ_TT_setTaskState; This gets executed when aiming at the suitcase via this this addAction ["Take Suitcase","Suitcase.sqf" ,[suit],1,false,true,"","(_target distance _this) < 3"]; Think i may need to use publicvariable somewhere, but how would i do that if it helps? Please anyone, help me.
  13. Thanks, would never figured it out without an example of it! The only thing i get now after this change is (This is in the script aswell) _per = _this select 0; // Person who had the addAction _ldr = _this select 1; // Person who used the addAction _act = _this select 2; // ID of the addAction Now is says _act is zero divisor But has the Id of the action changed then? If i have _unit RemoveAction 0; Then it works perfectly. Why?
  14. Hmm, tested the code this addAction ["Take Suitcase","Suitcase.sqf" ,[suit],1,false,true,"","(_target distance _this) < 3"] call BIS_fnc_MP; Still doesent seems to broadcast it when client uses the action. Don't get any new task. Also, this is the errorcode i get for the chemlight (called c2) when client uses Deletevehicle on it (in the script). However, as i said it works on the Suitcase (called suit in script). Have no freaking idea how it should look like. If its to messy to do i think i skip the whole multiplayer thing..
  15. So i would simply put it like this then? this addAction ["Take Suitcase","Suitcase.sqf" ,[suit],1,false,true,"","(_target distance _this) < 3"] call BIS_fnc_MP; Also, why doesen't them chemlight dissappear but the suitcase? Getting error on it when client execute the script
  16. Hello, doing some mission bug testing. However, is it any command so i can do the same as If (task1complete) then {hint "blabla"} but for another player and not me? Like Player2 If (task1complete) then {hint "blabla"}
  17. Thanks guys. However, when using publicvariables, it seems it doesen't work. If i use publicvariable "task1complete" and then after if (task1complete) then {hint "works"}; I don't get anything.
  18. How would i do it? To go in to the problem a bit more. I have a security check in my mission. From beginning, i have Check1 = true Check2 = true Check3 = true And for every task the players make, it sets it to Check1/2/3 = false If any is of the "Checks" it true in the end of mission, in a trigger it will then kill the players if they has skipped the task/checks.. It seems to work great, unless they stop and use "Save & Exit game" and then resumes it. Then the Checks that have been set to false (to not kill players), will only be made for the Host of the server, not for the other player (Player2. Which then bugs the mission as it kills everyone in the end because Player2 didn't sync the "Checks", only the host.
  19. fortun


    R3f no longer script based? Wanted to integrate it with the server without any needs of the host or clients to run anything but the mission.
  20. Hello. For my mission, im looking for a good Revive script. It seems there are few of the sort i want. I want it to have: *3D marker in game (As BTC Revive) that shows where a injured person is (A3 Wounding system icon doesn't work, also Farooqs doesen't have it). *Support Revive. I don't want any respawn at all in it. (With BTC it seems you can't use without respawn). *Be able to Configure so that you can revive with FAKs (First aid kit). (Farooqs revive doesn't do this) *Be a working Revive script that isn't full with problems. Have tested as said, Farooq revive (Does not support Icon/3d marker in game and also can't use FAKs to revive). BTC Revive (Needs to have respawn enabled which is a dealbreaker for me, otherwise it would be perfect!) and A3 Wounding system (Bugs in it aswell as doesen't support Ingame/3d marker/icon). Anyone that knows of a stable revive that has those mentioned above? I don't asks of much but does not seems like it is any available that does this things. BTC would be perfect if it weren't for Respawn dependency
  21. Seems to be a bug in this script. When doing a simple restart while in-game (Press restart button) to reload the game, it end up in a error. Tested in both the example mission (untouched and changed to disable respawn), same problem. Also tested in my own, same problem. (Only using CBA + JSRS 2.1 addon) http://i.imgur.com/GhGomYo.jpg Seems also like you get an error when changing to 2 in this command If i have "G_Unit_Tag_Display = 2;" then i get an error "[bis_Fnc_mpexec] function g_fnc_enablesimulation does not exist"
  22. Thanks! Used it alot in arma 2. However. Doesen't seem to have a 3d ingame icon as BTC. Only a marker on map. I have tested with BTC, many different settings, can't get it to work. When your "unconscious" time goes out, you simply respawn.
  23. Getting a error when loading mission with this: decription.ext, Line 96: .RscTitles: Member already defined. How to fix? * Seems to be conflict with Tajins Helmetcam. Hcam.hpp. Seems like it uses the same "class RscTitles" in beginning. How to fix? Think i got it working after combining it. However. I get no 3d tag, also, the "heal" icon you get when aiming at your player is the original icon, and if you press it, then you just do a normal heal. The player is still needing to get one more First aid kit before he can do the "A3 wounding system" heal. Is this right? The only marker is on the map that i get.
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    =BTC= Revive

    Anyone. How could i do so only the revive is available? Everytime a player dies and i not revive him, he can still choose to respawn. I have "BTC_disable_respawn = 1;" but it doesen't help... Heres my code ////////////////// EDITABLE \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ BTC_revive_time_min = 120; BTC_revive_time_max = 200; BTC_who_can_revive = ["Man"]; BTC_disable_respawn = 1; BTC_respawn_gear = 1; BTC_active_lifes = 1; BTC_lifes = 3; BTC_spectating = 2;//0 = disable; 1 = units group; 2 = side units; 3 = all units BTC_spectating_view = [0,0];//To force a view set the first number of the array to 1. The second one is the view mode: 0 = first person; 1 = behind the back; 2 = High; 3 = free BTC_s_mode_view = ["First person","Behind the back","High","Free"]; BTC_black_screen = 0;//Black screen + button while unconscious or action wheel and clear view BTC_action_respawn = 0;//if black screen is set to 0 you can choose if you want to use the action wheel or the button. Keep in mind that if you don't use the button, the injured player can use all the action, frag too.... BTC_camera_unc = 1; BTC_camera_unc_type = ["Behind the back","High","Free"]; BTC_respawn_time = 30; BTC_active_mobile = 0;//Active mobile respawn (You have to put in map the vehicle and give it a name. Then you have to add one object per side to move to the mobile (BTC_base_flag_west,BTC_base_flag_east) - (1 = yes, 0 = no)) BTC_mobile_respawn = 0;//Active the mobile respawn fnc (1 = yes, 0 = no) BTC_mobile_respawn_time = 30;//Secs delay for mobile vehicle to respawn BTC_need_first_aid = 1;//You need a first aid kit to revive (1 = yes, 0 = no) BTC_pvp = 0; //(disable the revive option for the enemy) BTC_injured_marker = 1; BTC_3d_can_see = ["Man"]; BTC_3d_distance = 30; BTC_3d_icon_size = 0.5; BTC_3d_icon_color = [1,0,0,1]; BTC_dlg_on_respawn = 1;//1 = Mobile only - 2 Leader group and mobile - 3 = Units group and mobile - 4 = All side units and mobile BTC_objects_actions_west = []; BTC_objects_actions_east = []; BTC_objects_actions_guer = []; BTC_objects_actions_civ = []; if (isServer) then { BTC_vehs_mobile_west = [];//Editable - define mobile west BTC_vehs_mobile_east = [];//Editable - define mobile east BTC_vehs_mobile_guer = [];//Editable - define mobile independent BTC_vehs_mobile_civ = [];//Editable - define mobile civilian I only want the mission to be able to revive, and not respawn. If no ones revive, the player should be !Alive. As it is now, when the timer runs out, you can choose "Respawn base" even though it should be disabled? And if pressing Respawn, then i respawn in bottom right corner on the map in the sea..