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  1. With out a doubt it's just the LOTRO forums. Pity.
  2. My God. This thread is the limbo of the internet. There. Contributed.
  3. bascule42

    sooo.... its 1st of april

    This is one of the best April fools japes Ive ever seen, and that includes fun involving whitewash, newts, and a whole tree branch lodged through someones (open) window...and as such I vote for BI April fools to be extended until, I dunno, some serious day in the ne ar future...whitson, lent or ramadan perhaps. ...:moto: ....?
  4. bascule42

    sooo.... its 1st of april

    lmao...good one!!
  5. bascule42

    Happy patch day!!

    Happy 1st of Apr..?
  6. bascule42

    sooo.... its 1st of april

    I think there are too many now...
  7. Particulary interested in the cross compatablility with Arma 2.
  8. bascule42

    BI Developer's Blog: An interesting new entry

    Just for a laugh I did find this: Caner John E Z MD 520 36th Avenue East, Seattle,WA, 98112 Just some random doctor in Seattle...
  9. bascule42

    BI Developer's Blog: An interesting new entry

    My moneys on a map of Karzseghistan/Marzgan....there.:o And that helo...and maybe some other stuff. Perhaps the space needle thing was just to, well, needle us.
  10. bascule42

    BI Developer's Blog: An interesting new entry

    MAZARGAN, Karzseghistan (AAN) - Vrana Corp confirm future ARMEX tradeshow Old News from ANN Website. Video. 5th EDIT: Vranacorp channel activism & non-profits listed. (Fromm ANN article) - "Organisation of Protesters Demanding Reform (OfPDR) ))JAC is an airport designation code for Jackson Hole, WY (JAC). EDIT the 4th: The ANN article was Written by Jackson Irvine , Jackson Hole? EDIT:Lonestar in there first from ANN. Further EDIT: Looking at the map of security operations in the Green Sea region, we can see that Sharpur is infact in Karzseghistan, with Marzgan, where Vranacorp held it's ARMEX trade show) being a coastal port city/town...fits with the YouTube vid. Sharpur -= Sharper Focus? Maybe a new map of Karzseghistan? Even More of an EDIT: Seattle Space needle...fuck knows?
  11. (Havn't posted a for a while on this thread)...Was just wondering: Who's behind the RedRiverChannel on YouTube then? Saw the sub to my own channel - had me going for second. Thought CM were just being very cheeky. Good job, whoever it is.
  12. bascule42

    Merry Festivus

    \o/ \o/ \o/ Merry Christmas to all the Armaverse \o/ \o/ \o/ B42
  13. Yes, ES II & ES IV were top notch games. Hope RS V breaks the mold of dumbing down...oops, sorry appealing to a wider audience. Looking forward to it greatly.
  14. "Product files not found"...in sprocket downloader, and a .html file for the direct download. Not ready yet then...no biggie. Can wait.
  15. Re the gameplay vid: "..hopes to address [the issues] that made the first 2 games in the series inaccessable". First two games??!! Wtf. Theres only one word to describe journos like that. Cunt. And that's the word. Lumping CWC with DR. Lazy good for nothing c***! RR has totally failed to annoy me to the degree that FPDR did. But that arsehole has managed it brilliantly. I hereby submit my nomination for "C**t of the year 2010" to the dude from Machinima previewing Red River.