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  1. Is somebody out there which machine performs one day ok, and the other day it is stuttering, despite no changes in the startup parameters? I have this problem and i think it has do to with my CPU...?? I can see right after launching the game in the start sequences with the menu in the foreground...if the scenes are running smooth, its ok, but sometimes it is stuttering every 2-3 seconds....strange thing.
  2. Monday comes my GTX 480...will give me a boost, hopefully.
  3. Pranne

    Performance: Arma2 vs OA. Inconsistant.

    I have the same problem...sometimes it runs ok, the other time it is stuttering, slow, you see that at the opening scenes in the menu at start. I play around with the CPU affinity in EasyToolz, executing Arma at Threads 0-7, leaving 8 for use for other background programs....this usually helps for me. The next time, it is slow again, i had to play around with the Threads over and over again, until it works. Yesterday i had this problem again, and i see despite using Easy Toolz, only 3 Threats of 8 were used by 100%...i am not shure but i remember it sometimes use 4??
  4. How is the GTX480? I have a GTX295 now and i plan to buy the 480, i think it fits better in my system.
  5. Pranne

    ARMA 2: 1.07 Patch Released!!!

    I wanna say thank you for this patch!!:) For the first time, i can enjoy ARMA with no stuttering, crashing sound and lags and whatever problems it has in the past. I hadn´t planned to to buy Arrowhead because of this problems, but yesterday i moved full of enthusiasm to get my Arrowhead. Thanks!!!
  6. Pranne

    360 degree rotation of cam?

    Thanks Guys!!
  7. Can someone tell me how i can rotate the cam freely around my soldier in 3rd person mode? Thanks!
  8. Ok guys....i reinstalled the machine from the beginning, with fresh Win7 and drivers...will reinstall ARMA2 this night and i hope it will be somewhat better than last time.
  9. Very fine. I have a I7/950 and i CANNOT disable this.
  10. I still have this problem with sound. As long as i stand in the field, everything ultrafast, but when iam moving, the sound is beginning to crash and the game is stuttering for unknown reasons. It is OBVIOUS to me the sound problem is causing the stuttering, but WHY??
  11. The fascinating thing is it occured only while moving. When i turn around, its ultra fast...no problem with performance so far. I changed down/up everything, but the stuttering still occurs and make a fantastic game unplayable. :-(
  12. Hm. Don´t know what to do..this is mystic.
  13. Pranne

    Windows 7 + arma2

    Can someone tell me how i can switch of Hyperthread? There is NO such option in my BIOS!
  14. Finally, i have my new system since September, see signature. ARMA2 is very fast, when iam standing in the fields, i can rotate at high speed an i have ultra performance. Problem is: When i am starting to WALK, it begins stuttering, movementis interrupted and the sound is messed up.
  15. Can the soundcard even cause stuttering of the whole PC? I have: Dell XPS 703X, I7/950, 6 Gb RAM, GTX295, X-Fi Soundcard.. Problem is, when iam STANDING in the field, its very fast, even with all graphic options on high. But when iam starting to WALK, frame rate crashes down for unknown reason, every single step is messed up and the sound is going weird.