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  1. Piss off, mate, pardon my language, it is not that they don't have money at all. It feels like they just want to cash in again and will leave the bugs for what they are, meaning, the same average product as Arma 2. Ever heared of Indie developers, they produce high quality stuff on very low budgets. Besides that, BIS has known for years about these bugs, and they are still not fixed. There is no excuse, really!
  2. Well, that is not really the argument here, Placebo, many years these complaints have been going on. Creativity and technology allow for these changes. The case is that BIS didn't put the effort in there to amend the product. There is really no excuse! Especially not budget, I think BIS should man up and just deliver. Else, BIS will always stay a second tier developer. And my guess is that that fact is not BIS business goal... ---------- Post added at 11:59 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:57 AM ---------- Why the F would you defend BIS? They need to fix the issues, especially when they release a new product. For now, it will just be an Arma 2 clone with all its bugs with some additional features...nice, but I want better than that! And I'm surely not the only one. And if BIS would preform, maybe they can crawl out of the second tier development stages. Stop talking like a fanboy, grow up and let them deliver a good quality product instead of a semi decent bug ridden piece of software, which is just half done.
  3. Looking at the trailer...I see the same disappointing explosion effects...I don't get this...all is quite well developed, but the physics and AI remains garbage. And then to consider one core is dedicated to the AI. Why aren't there improvements made. It is not that there is no interaction between the community and the developer. Another example about details in the trailer...when the UAV image is on. You see a parked armoured car (enigne block white...rest no color as it is not hot) and the armoured car which passess by shows no heat signs at all. These little things destroy the illusion of reality. Don't get me started on the physic effects when the hellfire hits the armoured car... BIS would do good by having a look how DICE manages to deliver top quality in the immersion factor. To all fanboys, I want a "perfect" Arma II OA, not just a copy of all the mistakes we have seen in Arma 2. It is sad to see that there is soo much love for this franchise but soo little is done with big issues. AI and physics.... Maybe Arma 5 will deliver. As to the sounds...they sucked also in the trailer. My feeling is that this will just be another Arma 2, but with some addons, nice, but certainly not great! A true shame!
  4. p75

    JCOVE Lite for free

    Did anyone notice that the FLIR in the US version is not working? I got a call from my nephew who installed the us lite version (before anyone starts stating he needs to be in the army, stop, he is), it is all white.
  5. Any clarification on: Coming Soon....? Are we looking at a May 2010 release?
  6. I think we all second that!!! But seeing the cockpit of the apache ah-64d in flight with the standard layout of fixed screens is an indication that render to texture won't be included. A damn shame if you ask me as it would allow for some real vehicle simulation instead of the arcadish one we got now. VBS 2 doesn't have it and unless someone in the military decides they need it, my guess is we won't be seeing it in A2:OA, a damn shame, but it is what it is. I will say Bohemia does about 90% correct, but slacks the last 10%, which would pull the game above average. Missing things are: realistic AI (the video interview is a perfect example), improved destruction/exploision effects, render to texture... Instead they focus on the sound engine, which was not perfect in A2, but was more than doable and modable by the community. Things like realistic AI, improved destruction/exploision effects and render to texture are more needed in my view. And it is a damn shame they put their limited means into the sounds engine and not more critical aspects of the game. The mod community had already improved the sounds to a higher level...Besides that, they didn't really rewrite the sound engine, they probably just took the one from VBS 2, which 100x better than the one in A2. Seems Bohemia is just not learning from the feedback they get. I expect a mediocre game from OA after the novelty wears off with the same errors and irritations as before. It seems that the last 10% to make the game perfect is what is lacking in Bohemia's toolkit. It is grand in its setting, but lacks the details that make a product excellent. Truely a shame...!
  7. That is abit ignorant. If a filmcrew wants to show off your product you make sure it works properly. The fact that the AI don't react on the rocket and even keep walking to it is destroying the game! I worry about that, as the previous installments had the same issues. It seems Bohemia hasn't learned from its past mistakes yet. It is the same as in VBS2, and that sucks. So, lets hope they fix the AI, else you have a good simulation up till the point you start firing, because the AI fail to react. This is a very serious issue!
  8. It looks okay, but..... DID ANYONE NOTICE THE AI? WHEN THE APACHE SHOT THAT TANK WITH A HELLFIRE? NO REACTION AT ALL FROM THE AI (WHO WERE A FEW METERS AWAY FROM THE TANK)...WORSE...THEY EVEN CONTINUE TO WALK TOWARDS THE EXPLODED TANK... THAT DESTROYS SOO MUCH OF THE GREAT REALISM WHICH IS SET OUT...PLEASE BOHEMIA FIX THOSE KIND OF ISSUES... Besides that, it looks promising. I hope someone can throw up a translation. My guess is the game is set for May this year. Having played the Battlefield Bad Company 2 BETA for the pc makes me realize that Bohemia must improve the death animations and explosion impacts. It adds soo much to the content of the game. There are alot of things Bohemia does right, but the finishing touches (as the example mentioned above) seem to destroy the world where Arma 2 plays in. It is like the guys do 95% and then call it quits. I also hope they modelled the enemies AI to their counterparts in real life, meaning that they fight in an ambush style of attack. Oh well, we'll just wait and see. Judging from this video I'll be happy with the product, but I'm sure the novelty will wear off and I whished Bohemia would have put in that final 5% to make it an excellent instead of just a good product. It is all in the details! Will Bohemia have learned from Arma 2's failures? To be honest...if I look at the AI as seen in the video...I'm sad to report that they didn't as of yet :(
  9. It better takes them some extra time, it can only help the product. I hope on improvements. Doubt we get things as render to texture, but hell, we can hope. The Afghan like mountains will be sweet. I didn't like the village generator which I saw in the video, it looked like the thing in Soldier of Fortune 3. And that didn't work either, but perhaps BI can surprise us all and deliver an experience far above Arma 2.
  10. p75

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta

    I'll be testing BFBC 2 for the pc. It looks pretty decent, both the single player and multiplayer. The destruction and AI effects are out of this world. Depending on your squad it even can be tactical. But BF is usually just a fun shooter. I like their animation system, there is something for BI's development team to learn from, makes one wonder if BI had Dice's budget if they could pull off that quality level to details? OA for more tactical engagements, I do hope BI improves alot in OA.
  11. Sure, figured out what was wrong, its a driver's issue with the windows I'm running. Fixed it, now I have the same as DM. It's alot better now. ---------- Post added at 08:36 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:35 AM ---------- Scnd that!
  12. I'll give it ago, thanks! I'm running an ATI HD4890, maybe it is an ATI issue? ---------- Post added at 12:26 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:12 PM ---------- Adjusted the settings, picture quality certainly improved. But if I choose white hot, the surroundings are also hot, meaning buildings and such. On your picture the buildings are black and the tank white, which I would expect. Maybe it is an ATI issue.