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  1. I cant seem to Alt and tab back to desktop when in the Editor , does anyone else have this problem or is their another way around this ?
  2. Painless

    Brutal FPS droping

    Turn view distance down to 2500 or less, and select high shadows, i have the same GPU and a q6700, im running everyting high at 1680.
  3. Painless


    Try this Set texture detail to normal, set video memory to default or high,worked for me gameplay now is v smooth no stutter . and still looks great.
  4. @ 2nd Ranger Thanks mate thats spot on! ive managed to get the static working,is there away to get the screen to flicker or move up and down? . thanks in advance
  5. Hi How do i go about enabling static or interference effect for intros, like the (OA & PMC ) show case movies , ive messed about with ppeffects and filmgrain modules but to no avail. cheers
  6. Painless

    ArmA2:OA Beta Patch Build 77706

    Love the new vegetation but i get a massive perfomance drop while using this ATOC=7, specially when using scopes, is there away of lowing the ATOC setting? thanks
  7. Yeah times are hard mate!. my heart bleeds!!
  8. Painless

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 73643

    Choppers while flying start to seesaw and move up and down erratically , when piloted by the AI. anyone else come across this? same happen in the last patch aswell.. btw thanks for your efforts Bis ..
  9. Ive just upgraded from at gts250 to gtx460 and ive gained about 19fps everything on high .. delete your confige file and restart OA, then in the graphic option reset to default, then have a play about with the setting that best suits your system
  10. Painless


    Yeah ive finally found them in the Explosive's Stash, but the IEDs are also listed in the backpacks under empty, so you can just place them in the map as you would with a backpack,but they dont show when you place them on the map?
  11. Painless


    Thats what im trying atm, i've found the IEDs in the empty rucsacks catagory but when you place one the map its invisible,and cant be used or detonated via the scroll menu..
  12. Painless


    Well ive tried all the factions,and moduls but still cant see it .very strange..
  13. Ive got BAF and just been messing in the editor,tried placing an IED and it's invisible can't see it on the map, anyone else come across this?
  14. Painless

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    ive downloaded that file and placed it in windows/system and still no joy, and i cant find a sprocket folder
  15. Yeah i agree, hopefully they'll iron out some of the performace issues with Zargabab and Takistan sometime soon . at present i play on Chernarus with the current beta patch runs v smooth on my system @ 25 to 30fps with no jumps or stutter, but the large towns and built up areas are a No no at present.