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    Swedish Army Mod

    Fast island deployment^^: He almost made the parkingspace... http://www.nt.se/img/2009/8/22/5468446.jpg ---------- Post added at 09:35 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:17 AM ---------- I would love to see stridsvagn S (s-tank), a favorite... The only tank that's take a dump when it fires ;) Or this tank
  2. Baxalasse

    STEAM troubleshooting

    I also get this all the time i join a server...
  3. True, i stand corrected... Edit: But why cant they enhance the current engine and bring that into AH, i mean just the AH content alone is worth my money (even if i just seen some glimpses).
  4. [quote name='W0lle;1413861 Will they somehow automate the inlcusion of ArmA II content for those that have it to encourage people who own it that Arrowhead will be just a huge expansion pack for them? Jennik: This is difficult to say now' date=' as Arrowhead will feature a newer and enhanced version of ARMA 2 engine. [/quote'] I thought Arma 2 was the enhanced engine!? Feels like buying beta products from this company, again...
  5. Good job, im loving it! No performance drop noticed.
  6. Baxalasse

    Did Steam just release a hot fix for 1.03?

  7. Baxalasse

    ARMA II Community Update

    What he says, with emphasis on updates for steam, that must be improved! And cheers for info!
  8. Are you serious? Even BF had that, looks more and more like a Bad Company clone, witch means there is no "Arma VS Operation Flashpoint 2" debate... I was hopeful for this game to be a real alternate to Arma in realism. What is JIP?
  9. What I haven't seen in video for OFPDR: - Vehicles, I have yet to see a proper in-game video of driving/utilize vehicles...where are the planes!? - Destructible buildings.
  10. SLI working? Missing custom configs?
  11. Ok, thought super clocked meant I did it myself very custom-custom. Do this test. Download Evga Precision, to monitor gpu temps and fps, if you not already done that. Then start arma with -world=empty and monitor the temps and fps just standing in the Arma meny. I get ~240FPS and my temps start to rice fast. Check how far you get until you BSOD . My limit is ~78C, on both cards, then i get lockups/CTD's. BSOD usually is hardware failure, haven't had those yet. If you dont BSOD in the menu, try set stock memory speed and retry you BSOD scenario. BIS should really enforce a FPS limiter when in the menu...
  12. Try without the Super Clocked in your SLI configuration, and memory OC ...
  13. I wrote "the Arma 2 folders as they", sorry for trying to help out, wont happen again!
  14. And then others cant hear me with in-game VOIP? Because sometimes it feels like im talking to a fruits.
  15. Baxalasse

    Arma 2 Community Issue Tracker

    Aim better! ;) Sorry couldnt help my self, remove this post if inappropriate!
  16. What is wrong with it? The only concern i have with it is that you cant create your own groups, if the mission dont have that feature. And that very few/none uses it. Could it be that it takes resources away from the game if eveyone uses it!? Think its a mystery, VOIP is essential when using vehicles.
  17. Have to agree, its damn hard finding a game where you feel like your in a unit/army/squad. Why do people still use teamspeak instead of in-game VOIP? And when they do, use TS, they can absolutely not answer back in the in-game VOIP...
  18. But that wont remove your configs and savings in "C:\Users\<UserName>\Documents\Arma 2 Other Profiles" (windows 7)... You can rename the Arma 2 folders as they will be recreated if missing.
  19. What specs do you have? Check you GPU temps, mine went up ~5C with this patch. It sounds like heating/power issues if your comp shuts down, but who knows...Try removing the case cover, check that fans spin-up etc. I use EVGA Precision 1.7.1 for measuring, if your have NVIDIA card(s).
  20. Baxalasse

    Patch 1.03 Stability Survey

    Have you tried without mods? There is a thread regarding this...
  21. Baxalasse

    Patch 1.03 Stability Survey

    I had this when running SLI on XP with NVIDIA SLI Patch for Arma 2, once i installed the latest drivers (dont remeber version) it went away. I see you are using AMD/ATI so this solution wont work for you, but you might want try different drivers as a last resort...
  22. Baxalasse

    1.03 frustrations

    Haven't seen any mayor bugs myself, however game performance could be better I think. But there you go, in PC-world every person has a unique setup/attitude to maintain there system, and this is the troubleshooting section. Just hope people know when testing new patches they need to reset there custom configs and remove any mods....
  23. Baxalasse

    Patch 1.03 Stability Survey

    Seems that some of the problems reported here are mod related, is BIS responsible for compatibility? If not, Placebo, you should notify in the first post that "voters" run the test without mods...
  24. Baxalasse

    1.03 frustrations

    As I understand it, the CPU in this game is not utilized enough, read that from another expert like you in theses forums... I find it disturbing that customers need to install a non supported OS to get this game to work properly! However a newly installed OS always give you some performance so I wouldn't hit the drum for buying W7 just yet. I didn't notice any mayor gains in performance going from a 2 year old XP installation to W7. ---------- Post added at 09:41 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:34 AM ---------- Also people have a tendency to do there own "tweaks", not uncommon that fan speed is lowered. Then after reinstalling (all back to default) they think something magical has happened.