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  1. Hello ppl. We are recruiting snipers for our team and have made a testing mission for our officers to test and evaluate the skills etc of the recruits. We have had some ppl asking for this so we decided to release it so other teams can use this also. I guess you are free to use it as it is or modify it but please keep the original maker tag and UrL. The test is recomended to be followed in the correct order (explained in the ReadMe file) This training Camp is created and designed from real intel and experiance from a real US sniper (DisMa77) playing AA. And from a teammember enlisted as Special Forces Ranger Unit in K-4 Arvidsjaur Sweden. The mission is designed so you can evaluate how the recruit is behaving, shooting skills and SPecOps experiance /skills. Download Here: Click here to download some screens. enjoy ppl. /N.sipher
  2. Looks really great. I will buy it Midle east island/scenery is really something i miss in ArmA2 so this is going to be great. Keep up the good work.
  3. n.sipher

    Tuturial for mapmaking.

    as i sayd.. it dosnt make the conversion.. I have tested many times.. restarting visitor and buldozer many times. no conversion. :(
  4. I have been trying to follow this tutu.http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=62725&highlight=Visitor+tutorial and ive gotten pritty far. but there is alot of stuff that i think is outdated. is there another one anywhere? as many ppl i cant get the bulldozer to convert the png´s to paa. simply dont do it..It creates a "layers" folder but not converting to paa.? thnx
  5. n.sipher

    Visitor 3 Quick Tutorial

    DOnt know how outdated this tuturial is.. but there is really some problems here.. Where can i get the newest visitor.. all screens from that software in this thread seems outdated and.. the bulldozer dosnt convert the ong to paa. have tried everything and im positive the paths are correct. i downloaded visitor 3 from the wiki.
  6. FIXED... Another server admin had installed Sentinel weapons addon. deleted it and then it works.
  7. dDont know if there is only my server that behaves like this but when trying to play the Devestation on my dedicated server all users get an error trying to connect . the error is saying: "You cannot Play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. sen_weapons is there something else i need to download to be able to play the mission `?? thank you. looks awsome.
  8. n.sipher

    1.03 server.exe

    LoL the last sentance. :) i know what you mean and as i said i understand that BI is a small developer and i did play the First OPF games and tested arma1. As i said the ARMA2 Game is amazing, but this was really a bad way to go. and as with many admins here with me (i mean cmon we wouldent do this if we didnt like the game and what BI does) we get really upset, i mean now we know the patch is realeased but from experiance with other games with much much bigger econmy and developers the updates can take months and i think many of us admins saw just that. i know atleast i did. but all is good. the patch is released now and it seems like BI pulled it of and as far as my knowledge goes they have worked there asses of all night to fix this wich shows some effort. although it was a really bad mistake from the beginning to not release.. Or hey.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should say it like this: The mistake was: Not to announce that the Dedicated server patch will be relased 10-30hours later then the game patch. Only that would have made things so much easier. i appoligize for my harch comments and if i offended anyone but see it from the "Paying admins" point of view you can atleast get some idea.
  9. n.sipher

    1.03 server.exe

    What u mean ungreatful.? you have no clue what you are talking about. Server admins around the world are paying alot of expensive hosting for there server just to be 0players for a patch thats supposed to fix things.?? whats ungreatful? if i was a "single player" i wouldent say anything couse there are "Ingame servers" out there that you can play on' date=' or i could play single missions etc. Yea i just saw that but hey over 30pages. wouldent it be easier to annouce it in the public? that would realy help to stop this forum being bashed to death.. LOL.. and the post "Hi everyone, the dedicated server exe will be relased later today hopefully" dosnt say anything new. could mean anything. Hopfully they will release it today but you never know. nothing will amaze me after this. One good thing is that it cant get any worse than this so its only up after this.. hehe. :P
  10. Just wondering if there is someone who would be intersted in having some sort of rank for there dedicated servers, just like Counter-strike etc. im plaing on starting up such a project and if anyone who has MYSQL, PARSER, PHP, etc knowledge is interested in joining this task please PM me. The server log files dosnt have much info so i dont think this would be such a hard task. From what i can see now in the logfile there are atleast some info that could be used to make some typ of rank website "alá" Hlstatsx.com only problem i see right now from this is the identification. as someone could enter with the excact name and play and that score/rank is combined to one name in the DB.. Although the name perhaps could be connected to the PID wich is located in the logfile also. so anyone who will be interested in either helping out :) or having this option to there server please feel free to comment your suggestions feedback?
  11. n.sipher

    1.03 server.exe

    Any news on the dedicated server release 1.03??? this is crasy.. BI. cmon. i now u probably are working ure asses of with everything thats buggy, but to release a Patch without the update for the server part???? Cant belive this is true. Especially not to warn ppl in the changelog/release info that if you update u cannot play on 1.02 servers. I looked in the server list today and there are only about 6servers hosting the 1.03 version wich probably are ppl runniing the server from inside the game. If this game ever going to hit some ground in the gaming world you will have to sort these things out before throwing out a patch. We the dedicated gamers that really see the game for what it is. "Amazing" feels like we get fxxxxx!"#!cked in any possible way by you developers when yu do something like this. Although it seems like STEAM got there shit toghether with the update becouse last night i was just about to start my game and it automaticly started updating thur my steam account. and only downloaded about 200mb. Although if i had new the 1.03 would screw up my online gaming i couldent have stpoed the update anyway since STEAM does the update automatic. Cmon BI. Release the dedicated server or a fix/command/script whatever. you are loosing gamers every minute this isnt released. I mean the reason ARMA ever was big is becouse of the Multiplayer and online community and now it "ONCE AGAIN" it feels like you are taking a piss at the community... Problems can always hapen and buggy stuff also but this was probably one of the stupidest things i have ever seen from a developer. EA-Games dont even do stuff like this. and they pulled some really stupid shit out there. im sry for my harch attitude, but from having a server with 30ppl online almoust 24/7 untill now where not a single person is online except for ppl trying but get booted couse the server is outdated.
  12. Hello m8! this is really great.. although the file cant be downloaded any more. anychance of just put the code here in the forum. something wrong with the download page as it keeps getting me an error for 2days now. ;(
  13. n.sipher

    Server Admins and Hosts Please Read

    Hm. lol. cmon man. you need to step down and take a break. you need to get yourself your own server and play with your mods. Our server and many others will not change just becouse of that you just said. About "Who Cares".. LOL.. so you think its ok to cheat if only you cheat and no one else does.. ?? If we set the keys to work for domination, when the server changes mission to a PvP mission it still uses that same key. Not possible to change that for different missions/maps. So get your own server and play with yourself. stop bashing us Admins/server owners. I have nothing against mods/soundpacks etc etc. But in multiplayer mode when players fight eachother or for points etc. Mods dosnt belong unless its an official and everyone uses it. Our server have alot of players, and from the logs i can see about 2-3ppl every 24hour that gets booted becouse of wrong soundfile. Thats a pitty but i guess they change back to regular as soon they notice how many servers dont allow it. Or why dont use the "Arma Launchers" that are out there where you can just activate the mods on the fly. Vanilla is the shit:yay:
  14. n.sipher

    Evolution Missions

    oki... so i should go with V.07 then i guess? Also do you guys know any other missions that are the same size as domination and evolution. similar atleast to them?