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  1. Tried the dev build, it has definitely improved, the pauses are a bit shorter and longer time in between but it still hasn't gone.
  2. Any word on when next release is due? By your wording, I'm assuming 99% of servers run it?
  3. Good to hear I'm not the only one, I guess I just don't get to ARMA until they get it ironed out. Don't know if it helps but I also use TrackIR 5.
  4. I've been all over google for the last few hours looking for someone else experiencing the same problem and can't find any. Problem is, Every minute or two ARMA3 completely locks up then unfreezes about 30-45 seconds later. I've tried re-installing video drivers to no avail, problem only cropped up recently with no changes to my system. The ONLY thing that changed was installing ARMA3 (through Steam) onto a new SSD using the install path change inside of steam. System is as follows: ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 Intel Core-i7 3770K OC to 4ghz 16gb RAM Gigabyte HD 7950 Steam installed on a HDD along with all other games, ARMA3 installed on seperate SSD using Steams built in directory change during install. Performance otherwise is brilliant, always 60+fps.
  5. Baldman


    Awesome. "Does it break gameplay" is what I was getting at. The way playing the vanilla campaign with ACE does.
  6. Baldman


    I mean are the missions built around the fact that ACE engagement ranges are much longer than vanilla engagement ranges or was it just updated to allow the use of ACE units.
  7. Baldman


    Looking forward to playing, sounds like my kind of campaign. Is it based around ACE engagement ranges?
  8. No crashes or errors using BAF, PMC and ARMA2 CO. Played through Ground and Pound a few times, my thoughts below. So far, a few minor gripes. 1. Ranks are all fubar. Squad is made up almost entirely of Captains :). Doesnt impact anything but it irks the ever loving shit out of me when people do it for some reason, lol. 2. The TWS takes away from the atmosphere of almost all missions immensly. I would recommend replacing it with a NV scope of small magnification. It takes away form the work you put into the mission and turns it into a game of 'shoot the white bit'. Let us see your mission and let ACE2 create the atmosphere for you, that is what it excels at. Everything good is taken away when forced to view the mission through a large magnification or a TWS. 3. The large ammo/weapons dump in ground and pound, for me personally, took away from the realism of the mission. I just don't see myself being inserted into an LZ then bump into an armoury of weaponry. It took from the realistic atmoshere for me personally, but thats just my opinion. 4. Chopper rides can be very exciting, try recording a formation then using the replay as your chopper ride. It adds 100x to any chopper ride in game. 5. I had a niggling issue with some IR strobes not turning off. Almost like some were set to on at the beginning of the mission and some were off. Ordering them off turned ON the OFF ones and OFF the ON ones :). If that makes sense. Now that the minor bad stuff is out of the way, great mission. Good length and a good, plausible amount of side missions. Its a good showcase for ace features which, considering the amount, you managed to implement very well with minimal to no errors. The locations were well placed, there are quite a few tactical options to take with the selected landscape and the pacing of the mission allows the slow, methodical players like myself, as well as the faster paced guy the opportunity to do things the way they like. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Overall, well done mate.
  9. Will definately DL and try this a bit later. I'm making an ACE2 campaign myself.
  10. I have no combined ops option either. I just double click the OA selection then I'm presented with a menu that allows me to choose whether I play OA or combined ops.
  11. Baldman

    [CAMP] Joint Operations [BAF]

    Any plans to fix the ranks? I don't know why but playing with 4 Majors and 6 Captains in a squad really irks me :). Other than that, fantastic. I played with ACE2 and the campaign was a very different beast indeed. Far more difficult and required alot of force maneuvering to succeed.
  12. Im holding out on downloading these until we have some units to give them to but the weapons look awesome, best quality Aussie gear I've seen, top notch work guys. Looking forward to the unit release.
  13. The whole thing seems a bit silly to me. Don't get me wrong, I'll be picking it up and playing the hell out of it like everyone else and I love the new features but it seems like they're just trying to avoid the inevitable anger from the community that releasing another title with a few changes here and there would bring by labeling it a "Standalone Expansion". I'd be interested in knowing exactly how compatible the ARMA 2 units will be with OA. He wasn't exactly forthcoming when it came to answering how ARMA2 and OA would work together. Couldn't they just let us enjoy ARMA 2 for a while, let the community get some addons rolling out then Announce Arrowhead when they were willing to actually show us something? Thats the only issue I really take with how they handle their games. They announce far too early and then they wonder why people get pissed when they change/remove features and refuse to give us anything to look at. Just keep your lips zipped and give yourselves a solid chance to work on the game. Once you have it at a stage you are proud of then announce it along with some content for the community to have a look at and go from there. Its just silly announcing games when they're at the stage of "JoeBob had a great idea for a game last night and it will feature x,y and z."
  14. I'm a little concerned about people asking for mountainous terrain. In my experience the mountains just become unusable real estate, taking large portions of the map out of play for scenarios. I think a Tonahl African-esque map is the best for creating a mix of environments and usability when it comes to creating scenarios. The AI just can't handle mountains, large hilly areas give the benefit of high ground that the AI can actually use. Going African also allows for the mixing of plenty of terrain types on the one island as well. In that case you can have desert, large open grassy/bushy areas, hills, villages and cities without it becoming silly. One thing I have always wanted is open plan villages. A village of huts with plenty of space between them for firefights. As of now, the only thing resembling that idea that Ihave seen is villages that look like they've been created by a city planner with neighbourhood layouts, basically just a regular small town with huts in place of houses.
  15. I'll second that request. In the campaign I have 2 squads with 1 unit each, kind of useless to me if I can't reinforce them. I've tried transferring units from my own squad but it doesn't allow it.