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  1. Mc Speedfreak

    Steam sucks want physical copy

    i would consider purchasing Disc versions too - but steam or sprocket are really putting me off. shame
  2. Mc Speedfreak

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    There you go. Just a small silly vid to bring across the idea. No editing at all done there. Shame it doesnt record surround sound. wukjb1CJRJ8 Thanks AnimalMother ::)
  3. Mc Speedfreak

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    i am aware of that. he said in the release post it was not OA tested. so that is what i am doing. :)
  4. Mc Speedfreak

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    i have and know my way around tonns of audio editing suites. if it is just about editing the sounds maybe i can be of assistance? unfortunately i dont know where to start with making the mod ( assigning the sounds etc), maybe you can point me towards some information resource/tut?
  5. Mc Speedfreak

    RUM Assets

    oh wow, didnt even know about this file yet hehe. but i found no sign of any RUM message in there.
  6. Mc Speedfreak

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    while trying to find an error with a scipt i came across these in the arma2oa.rpt file: as i said, i am testing your mod with OA on its own.
  7. Mc Speedfreak

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    just got another msg, you may already know about this: noticed some riccochet sounds are a bit... wierd. judge for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsQ4ESQhKbI
  8. Mc Speedfreak

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    ok, had another extensive bash and noticed this: upon starting ARMA2:OA with no further addons when placing a Stryker MEV in the editor: Staring a mission i had worked on previously with loads of addons i get this message: (i dont get it without your mod loaded) though it does play fine. i did get some other error msg's but of course cant recall which and forgot to note them down.. duh. the AH-64 sound appears to be too loud overall. i had one flying over the town and it was louder than the gun of the Bradley i was in. - dunno the first thing about how to make a sound pack but my guess would be the distance fade out isnt steep enough if you follow. the black hawk and merlin sounds (i presume they use the same) are quieter than my footsteps and with a AH-64 in the area you cant hear them at all. i LOVE the overall atmosphere in a firefight. the hand held weapon i leave up to people that know what they are supposed to sound like but i am seriously impressed by the overall impact / immersion you get with all the different sounds and especially the distant echo sounds. what else... oh yes, i dont know about the authenticity of it but standing beside an automatic rifleman when he fires, all i hear is the supersonic snap. should this be like that? btw my audio setting are like so: i am using a Teufel Consono 25 soundsystem. will post more feedback later on :) edit: just remembered one thing i noticed last night, all tanks, the engine sounds , outside, seem extremely quiet. i like the turbine noise off the M1A2 but thats very quiet too so overall they could be louder.
  9. Mc Speedfreak

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    GREAT JOB! Tried with ARMA:OA on its own. i love the angry AH-64 sound, the little bird too. the UH-60M MEV seems way too quiet outside though. front/side/rear and top that is. the sound from below is quite nice though it could do with a boost in the low frequency spectrum (that boomy whooping/slapping noise is kinda missing) havent tried all the weapons yet will do that tomorrow :) AH-64 rocket explosions seem a bit too loud at distance though. i love the walking sounds so far :) sorry if i seem critizise too much, i am a sound engineer myself and an audiophile so i am kinda picky with sound mods :) wish i had the time and resources to make one myself, but all i can do is provide input unfortunately. oh before i forget: If you could seperate the ARMA 2 vanilla weapons and vehics in another pbo it would be perfect so people could just leave them out should they only have OA. I am getting a error message calling for vanilla weapons but it seems to be only the message.. all else appears to be working fine. will post more fedback tomorrow. Loving this so far. keep it up :622:
  10. Mc Speedfreak

    OA Out of memory error

    Hi. I had the same issue and fixed it by increasing my Swap file size. here's how: open the windows start menu right click on Computer select Properties in the System Window click on Advanced System Settings at the left of the window a small window opens with the Advanced Tab active - select Settings under Performance (the top most option) another small window opens go to the second Tab (Advanced) and click on Change... under the Vitrual Memory Option you will see yet another small window. now uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drives select the top most drive in the scroll field (should be C: ) check Custom Size enter the same number in both Fields (Initial Size and Maximum Size) [The value should be 2.5 * the ammount of your RAM - e.g. 4GB system RAM * 2.5 = 10000] now click on Set to confirm the setting. OK out of all those windows, you might have to restart Windows. Thats it. The 2.5 times thing seems to be a general recommendation when it comes to windows performance. It has been since WIN98 - dont ask me why :) but when i adjusted this ARMA stopped crashing - and i dont argue with results. Edit: Of course this means you need to have the required ammount of free HD space on that partition. Tip:It can help immensly to have the swap file on a different Physical drive than the game since the virtual memory file is constantly being accessed as is the game folder.
  11. Mc Speedfreak

    RUM Assets

    HI there. LOVE your work! Specially the arty... just .. wow :) of course i have a couple of problems / questions though.. -Is there a way to increase the accuracy for the laser painted arty? they seem to fall short by 10-30 meters which seems to make the laser redundant imho. -along the same line: the A-10's drop gbu's but only recieve target calls via map click. Laser target would be awesome there. -i cant seem to get the attack chopper working.. at all. i did not change anything in your script, just copied and pasted the files into my new mission folder and ctrl-c / ctrl-v all items from the editor map. - arty works fine, so does the transport. the a-10's are a bit temperamental though in general seem to listen :) except for the 3rd plane.. which seems to be circling around somewhere. when i call for CAS i get the radio dialog but theres no sign of any AH-64. granted, i just got back to arma after a years break and as usual it takes me a bit to get back into the flow of mission editing and scripting :) but any advise would be greatly appreciated. keep up the great work!
  12. Mc Speedfreak

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    i dont understand point2.... all modern consoles have identical hardware as any PC out there... AFAIK the PS3 is supposed to have a more capable Graphic board then the xbox, which wouldn't surprise me, considering it came out about a year later... however, the last official news i saw... will try to find link... stated Arma2 will be released for next gen consoles... which would indicate xbox 920 (orwhatevernametheyfind) and PS4...
  13. Mc Speedfreak

    How to have more than 8 players?

    how many units are "playable" in the mission?
  14. Mc Speedfreak

    why bis cant make games

    lol QED... just what i thought cool vid though...
  15. Mc Speedfreak

    init line

    the term "line" is a bit outdated with Arma2.. nowadays it is more a "Init Box " :)