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  1. ^Th0mas^

    ASR AI Skills

    How is the the work going? Anyone else testet this on Arma 3 Alpha? Its very fun :)
  2. ^Th0mas^

    Stupid AI Tricks

    The vanilla AI in this game still sucks. Download ASR AI Skills for ArmA 3 here : http://arma-sr.bzbit.com/category/arma3/ This will improve the AI a LOT. I think this version is currently under testing by Robalo, but still, try it.
  3. ASR AI is released for A3 soon anyway.
  4. Witch mod do you recommend for better sound FX? Im looking for something more realistic, maybe screaming/shouting soldiers and different sound effects overall. Better visual effects would be nice to :)
  5. ^Th0mas^

    ASR AI Skills

    Will the first A3 release be pure port online, or will you add some improvements over the last version for ArmA 2?
  6. ^Th0mas^

    ASR AI Skills

    Love it, thanks!!!
  7. ^Th0mas^

    AI Improvement

    Yes, if BIS took the best from these mods and combined them to any official, the problem would be solved. Really, why arent they doing this? So we can report the bad ai so they can fix it, but they cant use good ai created by modders?
  8. ^Th0mas^

    AI Improvement

    Why can`t BIS use some of the AI already created by modders? TPWCAS fixes so the AI take cover and/or run away when supressed. ASR AI makes the AI take cover behind corners, bushes, trees and on.. SLX makes the AI drag team mates to safe areas so they can heal.
  9. BIS, I miss work on the AI driving and path finding. It`s been long since I last read something about tweaking this issue.
  10. ^Th0mas^

    ASR AI Skills

    It was the saved games, thanks... For some stupid reason I didnt think about that.
  11. ^Th0mas^

    ASR AI Skills

    Also, after playing a few maps with ASR_AI, I now cant play these maps if I deactivate ASR AI and switch back to vanilla. I just get that the maps cant find some ASR AI config files.
  12. With ASR AI Skills? I got the idea somewhere that you like the old Group Link mode the most.
  13. ChrisB, are you using any AI mods on the ArmA 2 AI videos on Youtube?
  14. Or just make decent AI that handles the driving? I had no issues with the driving in Operation Flashpoint, but the reason for that was the driving was more scriptet than dynamic. I know its still a beta, but there has been almost zero improvements over the first games, and this is starting to be a big deal. Its a war simulator, and we should expect ai that CAN drive. A AI driver that keeps banging into a stone 100 times kinda ruins the fun in battle. Also, when im in a fire fight, its actully not that fun when a allied car runs me over. ---------- Post added at 05:24 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:21 PM ---------- I made a thread in the general ArmA II folder about one year ago. The developers actully commented on fixing the driving, but I wonder when its happening. I have now bought the disc versions of ArmA II and OA AND the Steam version of the same game, along with the deluxe version of the A3 alpha just to donate more money to the developing.