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    3 FPS Bug and Random Crashes

    Hi Ladies and Gents I can play arma between 30 - 40 min before a massive FPS drop and then black screen. I have to go into the task manager and end the task to get out of it. So here is one of the error's i got out of the .rpt file 0:38:00 DX11 error : CreateTexture failed : E_OUTOFMEMORY 0:38:00 Virtual memory total 4095 MiB (4294836224 B) 0:38:00 Virtual memory free 303 MiB (318050304 B) 0:38:00 Physical memory free 8545 MiB (8960262144 B) 0:38:00 Page file free 18656 MiB (19562356736 B) 0:38:00 Process working set 2962 MiB (3106267136 B) 0:38:00 Process page file used 3431 MiB (3598442496 B) 0:38:00 DX11 error : CreateTexture failed : E_OUTOFMEMORY 0:38:00 Longest free VM region: 9240576 B 0:38:00 VM busy 3993878528 B (reserved 155910144 B, committed 3837968384 B, mapped 148217856 B), free 300957696 B 0:38:00 Small mapped regions: 34, size 143360 B ErrorMessage: Out of memory (requested 15529 KB). footprint 2379816960 KB. pages 131072 KB. And here is another one 23:43:25 Virtual memory total 4095 MiB (4294836224 B) 23:43:25 Virtual memory free 335 MiB (352313344 B) 23:43:25 Physical memory free 8100 MiB (8493957120 B) 23:43:25 Page file free 18888 MiB (19805749248 B) 23:43:25 Process working set 2946 MiB (3089674240 B) 23:43:25 Process page file used 3386 MiB (3550838784 B) 23:43:25 Longest free VM region: 13172736 B 23:43:25 VM busy 3960127488 B (reserved 156782592 B, committed 3803344896 B, mapped 161103872 B), free 334708736 B 23:43:25 Small mapped regions: 36, size 151552 B ErrorMessage: Out of memory (requested 15219 KB). footprint 2373984256 KB. pages 131072 KB. Both are very similar and I am lost as to what to do next. After reading I'll try the maxMem and report back
  2. i3eefy

    Australian M1A1 Abrams

    Hey Python.au I don't want sound rude for the addon but just to let you know, we don't have any desert Abrams left is Australia. If you need I can get you some photos for reference, if you plan to expand on it?
  3. Can you release your TrackIR template to the public. As you seem to know how to get it working perfectly.
  4. Hi Sickboy I have 2 questions 1: In the Game Manager window I see 2 different versions and I click "Get Latest" but nothing happens or is it because I already have it? 2: When I perform a CRC check I get allot of ticks in the match column but their are also allot of unticked one's, what can I do about this? Thanks for your time and a fantastic Updater
  5. Man that looks sweet. Cant wait for all of this mate. You and the rest of your mates who are working on this, keep up the awesome work.
  6. i3eefy

    AC-130 Script for ARMA2 (0.3)

    Awesome work Prototype. I do hope you get the ok to release it. LurchiDerLurch I think I might have got the rearm AC-130 init to work but I will test tonight after work. Thanks to both of you Gentlemen for all your hard work
  7. i3eefy

    AC-130 Script for ARMA2 (0.3)

    Yes mate I have the addon installed and I did place the logic but what do I have to do to get the AC130 to rearm? In the readme it says within 50m and I'm unsure on what that means? Cheers for the help
  8. i3eefy

    AC-130 Script for ARMA2 (0.3)

    Hey guys this might seem like a dumb question but how can I initiate the rearm logic?
  9. Sorry mate its both the standard ARMA2 and OA. Ok maybe I was looking at it wrong but this might sound stupid. Do you have to animate the doors and have the ramp down to load it?
  10. Hey Mate I would be more than happy to help out with the testing if you still want testers. other than that keep up the great work and look forward to hearing from you again. Cheers
  11. Sorry guys I've tried to find a solution to this and I still am having problems with it. How do you load the MOAB into the C-130 or Gnat's B-52? I placed the MOAB within 25m of the C-130 and nothing. Cheers in advance
  12. thanks mate I just hadn't heard anything in a while. thanks for the little update. its just good to know that its still in the works. to you and the team keep up the fantastic work and look forward to the release
  13. Hey soul Just asking if their are any updates on the project. Cheers mate and keep up the fantastic work
  14. I realize its not a car mate. I was just trying to explain it better thats all. Anyways I thought I would ask the question as it would help me in training so that I would get used to it. Thanks to all for the replies anyway.
  15. Hey Guys and girls Now my problem is I want to change the controls on the M1 Abrams so that when I reverse its not logic to steer right the tank goes right. So you have to turn left to go right in reverse. Any ideas and help on this would be great. Thanks again
  16. Thanks Myke Ya the M1A1 has no logic when reversing. Its like when trying to reverse a trailer and to make the trailer go left you have to turn the car right. Its a bit shit if you ask me that the M1 does that. Anyways thanks for you answer. Cheers mate
  17. 100% agree with Macadam Cow. Hey callihn, if you have nothing nice to say and respect modders then f***off. The work hard and tirelessly to bring these mods to the community as quickly as possible, so just respect them for what they do for us. EcOGunner keep it up. Same goes to all modders out their, and thank you for all your hard work
  18. Hey all I'm really new to all of the config and scripting world but I'm tinkering around at everything to learn. My question is, when you take off in a plane and you hit your default button to retract your landing gear, how do you get that happening in a new addon instead of selecting "Gear up" in the action menu? Is it in the model itself or in a config file?
  19. Found the gearRetracting = 1; so that needs to be changed to 0 I'm guessing :Edit: LoL, I changed all the code lines and now they dont even show up in arma
  20. Thanks for all the help Gnat. Im about to test the modified files and I'll come back hopefully with success. Edit: No such luck mate. ill keep trying but thanks for all the help and the code. I'll keep you posted
  21. lol thanks to the sarcasim anyway I was looking through the config and saw that its defined by the user action. So all I need now is help with/or were to find the default animation source and i should be good.
  22. Cheers Konrad1 Thanks for all the hard work mate keep it up and look forward to using it.
  23. when its released. its people like you that piss off modders and then they don't do the mod and everyone suffers, these things take time. :mad: SO WAIT TILL HE IS HAPPY TO RELEASE. Im loving the sounds mate, specially like the M1A1 as I'm a tankie and they sound real. Sorry to sound like a ass-hole but modders put allot of time to give us free things
  24. Hey guys I've searched the entire forums from top to bottom and I cant find a program that allows me to convert .bin files to a readable text document. I've tried total commander with the plug-ins and no luck. can anyone guide me on how to go about this. I also have tried renaming the .bin file to a cpp and or txt but its so blood hard to read it in this view. Thanks for this in advance.