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  1. It's not overheat problem. Temps are in acceptable levels. Edit; Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that atleast my video memory settings are in "default"
  2. Pretty much same exact setup as you have, expect with 8gb ram, and without beta-patch.
  3. metsapeikkoo

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    I'm no expert or anything like that, but those sounds could probably use little bit bass you know?
  4. I got the exact same problem with my Asus 6970 (modded 6950). I don't have problems getting back to game after alt-tabbing but when it throws me into the desktop for no reason particular there really isn't all that much I can do about it. Gets kinda annoying when you're flying an aircraft above a relatively busy airfield. And for some reason people don't really appreciate when you just denied the whole airfield by crashing your plane in a landing approach into the middle of the runway.
  5. metsapeikkoo

    Arma II and OA Mike Issues

    As far as I know, nothing. I have exactly the same issue as you do.
  6. metsapeikkoo

    War with Iran.

    Nope, but what they can possibly even do with it? Come here with a robot and stab me in the face?
  7. metsapeikkoo

    Has anyone done a mech?

    Definately would be nice to have a mech as a vehicle, specially considering all the cool UI stuff you can do. Oh yeah, and FLIR ofcourse.
  8. metsapeikkoo

    WarFX Particles

    Mee ny sivari muualle itkemään ja rölläämään. OpticalSnare Well, have a good time in there will ya?
  9. metsapeikkoo

    Arma 2 OA 1.53 Suggestions

    Add option to have "crosshair" separately for grenades and rifles. Like, different crosshair-options. What I mean is that when you turn off the crosshairs, you can't really use grenades since you can't aim them at all due to the lack of crosshairs. You don't have crosshairs in real life, but you do know how to throw a grenade in real life without the crosshairs. In OA you can't. Also, make ArmA 2 units more compatible with OA units. Like, thermal cameras for T90 for example.
  10. metsapeikkoo

    failed mission erases all your saves

    Maybe BIS just screwed up with the UAV's? Oh wait, ofcourse they didn't, its always the players fault.
  11. metsapeikkoo

    Operation Arrowhead Undead Mod not working

    Maybe.. Maybe it might be that U-Mod is not compatible with OA. Which you would have known if you could have bothered to read the godforsaken readme file. But noooo, ofcourse you didn't, had to make a thread in BIS forums and all that!
  12. metsapeikkoo

    Apache looked Target but cant Hit it! (Bug?)

    That "feature" is not destroying the gameplay. Maybe you should learn to play then?
  13. metsapeikkoo

    For crying out load...not even a keyboard guide!

    How about checking the options?
  14. What is this mysterious AO version you are talking about? Arrowhead Operations? But yeah, I'm fairly certain that there is going to be a OA version of CSM2 in the future. (Don't quote me on this since I'm not part of the dev-team.)
  15. metsapeikkoo

    BIS, what have you done to lighting?

    Hmm, I kinda thought that OA looked bit better than ArmA2.
  16. metsapeikkoo

    Will I be disappointed again?

    Well, if you are unable to read what it says in your screen, then I would dare to say that you will be disappointed.
  17. metsapeikkoo

    co 09 Outpost

    co 09 Outpost is a very simple mission where you basically just need to kill all the attackers. No, seriously, its really that simple. I just wanted to make a simple mission where you must try to survive the enemy attack. Oh don't worry, you do have a great defensive position; its a tiny village on top of a hill, and enemy doesn't have any tanks or air-assets. So what could possibly go wrong then? I mean, you do have ammo and medical supplies available to you right? Download from filefront Download from Armaholic
  18. metsapeikkoo

    Windows 7 -64 Bit

    Running sprocket OA with Windows 7 64 bit. Running boxed ArmA 2 with Windows 7 64 bit. Both are working fine.
  19. metsapeikkoo

    Tried Demo - buggy, game worth it?

    Well, I do doubt that it did take actually two months to learn to how to play this game adequately. I mean, specially if you are playing in MP. In MP, learning process is pretty much this; you watch what your team-mates do and do what your squad leader tells you to do. People I have encountered in ArmA 2 MP have been mostly quite helpful towards new players. (Well, as long as you behave that is. And remember to check the options/keyboard-configurations.)
  20. What? You're using keyboard with your elbow and tongue now? Maybe you should learn how to configure the controls? Haha oh wow. No.
  21. metsapeikkoo

    Arma 2 OA 1.53 Suggestions

    AI vehicle (tracked) pathfinding; I noticed a whole armored column being stuck because they couldn't climb up a steep hill. And they couldn't be bothered to find alternative route even though they obviously weren't making any progress towards the waypoint. Wheeled vehicles seem to be doing allright now, driving on the right side of the road instead of driving in the middle of the road.
  22. metsapeikkoo

    ARMA 2: Total War

    So, this is a mod request and this is not in a mod-request thread right?
  23. PP is kinda killing the performance. By disabling it I gained about 30-40 fps more. Q9550 HD4890 1GB 8GB RAM.
  24. Why on earth this wasn't in vanilla game? Or did BIS think that this couldn't be done in arma2?
  25. metsapeikkoo

    Deadfast's Translations

    Sorry for the off-topic post, but I just can't take OA's campaign even remotely seriously. Everytime someone mentions Aziz, I start thinking about Aziz the combat fighter and start laughing. Thanks for the translation Deadfast, much appreciated.