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  1. Ah yes very valid points. The pathfinding could certinaly use some improvements, as well as crashing into trees, which I must admit, seems to occure less often now then it used to.
  2. I think the AI is actually very impressive. They use cover, bounding, flanking, suppression etc. I think the reason why the AI can seem very stupid sometimes is because to really get the full potential of them they need to be heavily managed. Of course, there is the odd hicup here and there as well. Since release, the bugs are still there, but there no game-breakers anymore and a lot of the annoying things like the chat bug (the player would perform the action while you typed) are fixed as well. Perfomance I have found to be ever-so-slightly improved since release but still very intensive. To be honest, look at OFP: DR I can see why it is. a hardware-intensive game. The graphics are 10x better than OFP: DR's If you have ever played arma 2 on the absoulte max (including 200% 3d resolution) you will: 1) have a slideshow to look at 2) appreciate how authentic it looks. For example. Take a look at the banner of the ausarma website (link in sig), that was taken in-game completely uneditied (apart from cropped to fit the size).
  3. cm

    Does anyone still play ARMA2?

    I think you'll find most of the people who play do it with organised matches. Pub play for arma is far from desirable from a tacical point.
  4. cm

    Finally enjoyed Arma 2

    TG is definately a fantastic server and although i always have a massive ping over there they are always very enjoyable games.
  5. FLIR, backpack, afghan theme is all good, but the game really needs to be polished for it to become really successful. 9/10 complaints of this game are about the bugs. Hopefully some kind of community AO beta will help iron them out sooner.
  6. Thanks crash, really appreciate your work :)
  7. Just wondering if releasing the betas to the public has made anything more efficient? Is it easier to find/track/trace bugs now? Is it easier to see what kind of impact the changes have? Are you able to experiment more? and of course, is it saving any time? I suppose the only people who can really answer this are ohara, maruk etc. Just wondering really, please don't lock :pet5:
  8. deadfast you are meant to be a mature BIS community member. Wtf is with all this arguing you've been doing with space for the last 100 pages. @ all Can't we just discuss the game without the sarcasm, flaming, "you're a troll" tripe. I honestly think this should be closed until the game is released. The thread is turning into a typical OFP: DR style flame war. Grow up. All of you.
  9. cm

    A little help for a newbie.

    Just download the latest 1.04 patch and that's it. It is necessary if you want to play multiplayer and reduce bugs (so yes, i would say it is necessary). And by the way, you have chosen quite a complex game to be your first :)
  10. join a clan/squad or whatever. Team-work and tactical play will be 100x better than any kind of pub play.
  11. I agree, one thread per release and EVERY change logged. Even if they are unlikely to make it into the final patch you can always remove it from the changelog later.
  12. I realise that BF BC2 does not have the depth of arma, but the good thing is it doesn't try and be something it's not. It looks like a very fun and immersive game with some awesome effects and physics work. The game looks great (especially the destruction of pretty much anything) for what it is - an arcade shooter.
  13. WOW that BF BC video was fucking awesome. I'll be picking that up for sure.