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  1. I tried searching for this already in this thread but can't seem to find any reference to it. I get a Sound ACE_Heartbeatscalar not found every time I use the latest version in the editor - anyone know how to fix this?
  2. commiejoe

    Project RACS

    First off Project RACS has always pumped out good stuff and it's good that you wld427 have decided to take some time off. This said there is a glaring error with the UH1N addon the seating capacity is wrong! The UH-1N has a carrying capacity of 15 in real life!
  3. commiejoe

    AAN - ArmA Naval Units

    Great stuff as usual, but as some others have said how do you get units to start inside the hanger? Moveincargo doesn't work
  4. commiejoe

    Project RACS

    I found that you can no longer eject (Action is removed??)from your planes at least from the F-16s, haven't bothered with the other planes. Also the Hilux with M240 is that something that requires QG compatibility? Â Because it looks like the technical that they made in QG, not saying it is, because I can't be bothered to spend money on basically what is a minor content patch.
  5. How do you get your assistant gunner to deploy tripods be it for the HMG or AGS?? Â There doesn't seem to be any option to do this via the action menu. Also is it possible to release weapon name and magazine class name lists?
  6. First congratulations on getting this done considering what it is. I have spent hours mucking around with things in the editor and making tank/plane/infantry skirmishes. Here are my suggestion(s) to date: -Pilots and tank crews added -I think that the artillery cannons need to remain static objects, as the kick back from firing said weapons is enormous. You basically can't properly simulate a cannon firing out of a bunker as the gun will eventually move itself out of the building due to the kickback. - In the BF109 F4 there is the main MG, the bomb, and then the secondary cannon (It doesn't fire for me) Other then that keep up with the good work!
  7. commiejoe

    V-22 Osprey Tilt Rotor

    Great stuff as usual. I did encounter some problems (don't know if it's due to my horribly old computer that barely runs ARMA or something else). Anyways, I tried to use your preinstalled parachute script but for some reason could only activate if I "got out" of the Osprey while in Mid Flight, this makes things interesting as my parachute decides to deploy inside the aircraft. Also in a totally different matter I was able to kill myself by setting the ramp position to 0 while trying to exit the aircraft while landed.
  8. commiejoe

    Mapfact releases 3DE-Project

    Is the expansion pack Queen's Gambit required or not? Just checking because it is not really clear if it is required.
  9. commiejoe

    Avgani Iraq

    Loving this map. One thing that would be nice is if the walls on the roof of the police station were a bit shorter to allow for people to shoot down from them. Loving the little details that this map has too!
  10. commiejoe

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.14

    Woodland Units should have been full fleshed out like the USMC counterparts. I know the sandbag issue and the bridge issue have been addressed yet I still find that they can be issues. I tried a couple of quickly made skirmishes and noticed that unless the sides are even the defenders behind the sandbags still prefer to go prone or even go around the sandbag barrier to fire back and also the AI attacking still is unable to clear the area effectively as they will move right passed a defensive position only to get shot in the back. I also noticed when using South Sahrani that for a vehicle to successfully cross a bridge it would require very specific set of way points or else it would take a less direct route. I tried this on Sahrani in the Main City and the vehicle ended up going across one bridge then going around another bridge. One thing which should have been fixed and which still doesn't seem to have been addressed is the fact that Ai will engage unmanned (yet in their mind still enemy) static objects the same with vehicles. I have noticed that they will continue to expend their ammunition as well as grenades at objects that pose no threat. To the point where they will kill squadmates by throwing grenades.
  11. commiejoe

    USS Nimitz (CVN-68)

    No it works, just make sure that your plane is position around the middle of the carrier by the bridge? (I guess you can call it that) and you should get the arming menu to show up.
  12. commiejoe

    Anti-Aircraft BRDM-2 & Stryker

    It's great other then the slight problem that you can't seem to target it. So when I am flying and I am getting AA missiles fired at me and can't shoot back seems a bit unbalanced!
  13. commiejoe

    F/A-18E/F Super Hornet

    One thing I have noticed since I believe your first release is that when the plane crashes or explodes in mid air (Which is rare thanks to the chaff/flares) that the pilot and gunner/commander do not remain in the plane. They seem to just magically appear on the ground and do a death/falling animation.
  14. commiejoe

    Resistance Units

    I noticed the SLA crew cap unit made it in this patch. Keep up the good work. Also I am sure you know this but if you need any more inspiration just go find any version of madmax!
  15. commiejoe

    F/A-18E/F Super Hornet

    I know other's have some issues about the plane but I have to say I like it. However there is one thing which is kind of funny, and that is getting the liferaft even when you eject over land! Other then that I am sure that there will be progress made in further versions! Keep up the good work and the dream for proper jet fighters in Arma!