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  1. Arma - 3: Antistasi A Dynamic Sandbox Mission for Resistance, SP, MP Coop and Infantry Lovers the REAL Arma Experience Hello Everybody! I am very pleased to publish my masterpiece. In Arma - 3 Antistasi (Arma 3 - Resistance, from Greek) you play the role of Commander Stavros, fighter of the FIA forces, which becomes the leader of the attack ground forces in Altis. The whole island is in AAF hands. Starting from scratch, you need to build up your forces, with a progression on logistics, manpower and weapons in order to conquer the island. Focused on SP and Coop. This is a mission made to play with friends, clan training etc.. Just connect and play the way you want! Mission features: Totally dynamic: missions, enemy and friendly assets, positions, etc..Around 18 Type of Sidemissions, including convoys, defense, rescue, logistics and much more to come!Theatre is all Altis: The whole island is your battlefield, decide tactically and strategically where to attack or defend.Resistance logistics: You need to gather resources, on whatever way, to equip your squad. You will have to earn every single bullet. Load ammoboxes content to any truck. Unlock weapons from BIS Arsenal as you progress in your scavenging.Civilian Support: There's a Civil War in Altis. Your actions will affect Civilian perception of your side, which affect to the territory you control, how many assets and manpower you receive and much more.World Power Support: Each faction is searching for support from external parties (NATO and CSAT) to win the war. Achieve a nice support from NATO and you will be able to act in coordination with them.Enemy AI Commander: AI reacts to your movements and manages their economy.Friendly AI Management: Some functions which will make easier to deal with your AI squadmates.Enemy Comms: Destroy Radio Towers in order to disturb enemy communications and make it more clumsy on it's response. Use them to intercept enemy communications.Altis changes: Altis gets destroyed along the war.AI Improvements: Some additions to AI, like using smoke for cover or while dismounting, surrendering, rappeling, paratrooping, use of fixed positions, airstrikes, NAPALM use and many more.Undercover Operations: Same as a traditional Resistance Soldier, you have the possibility to be just one civilian more, get into the enemy zones and strike them in the back. Persistent Savegame: You won't loose your game progression on mission updates. Experience the typical "Arma Combined Arms Experience".As random as possible: There are not two missions exactly the same. Anything may happen, anyway, anytime, anywhere.Third Party Scripts: UPSMon (Kronzky, Monsada and Cool=Azroul13), Addon Free Stat Save System (zooloo75), Tags(Marker and Melbo).INTEGRATED Optional Mods: TFAR, ACE3, RHS-AFRF. Integrated means the misión makes special use of those in order to give them more value than the one they already have. In other words Integrated > Compatible. But there is no MOD requirements. Official Website: http://www.a3antistasi.com/mod There you may find all media resources, manual, download links, donation, Official Server info and much more!
  2. Hello, As it seems Mandoble is not active, and OFPEC offline. So, I have no chance on looking at this fine piece of code... I want an heli landing on rooftops, but, of course, placing a helipad on certain height does nothing. Mando's solutions was very complex AFAIK.... Help please?
  3. Im totally oldschool :( There is an Antistasi discord but I never join because I understand very little on how to use it. Will contact you by PM
  4. barbolani

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    @Grumpy Old Man, you havent done @pierre MGI tricks about grouping the vehicles in that vid. Pierre's trick worked for me in both editor and script spawned, I suggest you to try it.
  5. barbolani

    [SP/CO8] A 3 - Antistasi Altis.

    with knowledge, about 4 hours
  6. barbolani

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Hey pierremgi If I got your point, the grouping thing is what may make the difference, going to test. Have you tried this with scripted - spawned vehicles and waypoints? EDIT: I succesfully made it. @pierremgi is truth. It is not totally broken, it is just super tricky. Apart of what he says, what you cannot do in scripted environment is to provide waypoints before the whole group of vehicles is spawning. Sometimes they need like 1 minute to start moving, but in the end, they do.
  7. Hi all! I know that kind of event handler does not exist, but since the "AUTOCOMBAT" AI feature exists, it is definetly something BIS should implement to avoid disabling it and looping around unit current behaviour and switch it "manually". I want to take advantage of some UPSMon feature which orders AI to set in STEALTH, and, in that case, add them a supressor and make them use it. Is there any Smart way to do this avoiding loops? Thanks in advance!
  8. AFAIK the purpose of an EH is not only having fast response and perform actions right before a state change but also avoiding loops to check the state change. Anyway, no worries, it was just an idea!
  9. yes yes except if your waitUntil is placed with an sleep because you dont need an ultra fast response, just a check lets say every 30 seconds...
  10. That Will definetly comsume more resources than a loop, even when you make a super - idiot boolean check on animchanged….
  11. barbolani

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    I swer I made the same thing you did with the same results tan in the first case....
  12. barbolani

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Well, maybe we are going a bit off topic. I work in the IT industry, and I can say any serious oftware development reaches EOL of some product on two cases: - Company no longer exists or the product is used very Little. That is definetly not the case with 4 million licenses and the latest public news we all have read. - Another product has been published. Aka Arma 4. It makes no sense to me seeing a company which stills sells well the product just to discontinue it, even worse in a feature that DID work.
  13. barbolani

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Thats definetly bad news for two reasons: - I state again convoys at some point worked. If not now, I can bet reverting things does not require the same processess and resources than just creating the whole thing. If they even lack of that... - BIS I suppose Will exist for a someday Arma 4, which, in regards of this it Will have the same problem. Fixing this in advance and having people happy is to hit twice in a row.
  14. barbolani

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Hollidays? Bugixing department strike? :)
  15. barbolani

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Still no response? Not even "hey you are wrong, this is working perfect, I cannot reproduce"????
  16. barbolani

    Script obfuscating

    This. Antistasi has around 110.000 Steam subscribers + 2 years of oficial servers and community. And managing that takes more time tan developing itself. Fortunately there are some community Friends managing some part of the tasks. Few tips: - AFAIK any kind of sqf code is, in legal terms, porperty of BIS. - Obfuscating it to avoid nobody use your misión is not the way, just make what fn_Quiksilver did if you want to focus the community in one server or plain and simple: don't publish it. - But if you only aim is to avoid someone pick parts of good ideas to do stuff (with credit or not) I must say you have done the same: did you born knowing sqf and how Arma AI behaves, and what to do to achieve everything in Arma? All your knowledge comes from just checking the commands list? Cmon. We all are adults here, don't lie, and your ideas, no matter what, are not that great and there are hundereds of ppl here (not me) that can do them even better. Your merit is in the creative side, not code wise. Anyone can unpbo Antistasi (read the disclaimer in init.sqf) and see, modify and even some people tried to just "make their own versión" which BTW lacked of total functionality in the end because I have been just faster developing and bugfixing. It's your hard work what makes you "owner" of the code.
  17. barbolani

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    I can say some time ago in the past, convoys were working delicious. Not sure what's happened in recent patches, but, what worries me is the total lack of response from BIS on this. They made something that worked, not now, and nobody says anything...
  18. barbolani

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Hi! Really sorry to bump this but it seems very strange how the thing seems broken and nobody, nor the beloved Devs replying. I just tested creating a few cheap cars / trucks / apcs, add waypoints, first waypoint SAFE, COLUMN, leader limitSpeed 50, the rest with some setConvoySeparation 60 and forcefollowRoad true and happens... nothing, they (except the leader) just dont move. Nothing scripted, nothing complex, pure editor and waypoints. Someone????
  19. I thought about the "FIRED NEAR" etc. EH, but if the unit hasnt done anything but spotting you, those won't fire. That EH would be a fine addition which will allow things such as: - Situational music scripts :) - On switched to "COMBAT", check under certain conditions and switch to stealth (for example, tank detected). - Similar process to make the AI assemble / dissassemble supressors. And other cool things which I lack of imagination but others sure can add.
  20. Check this command: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/disableAI Obviously you won't want to disable most of the features on the AI but some of them make some CPU comsumption and may not be needed (Supression, mine proximity checking etc.) My experience is AI behaves well with up to 100 AI simulated. If you need more and need AI properly behaving, then you need a HC per 100 AIs. From there, the more AI, the more dumber they Will be.
  21. barbolani

    Revive Feedback

    Check out Antistasi revive, maybe it's hard to port, it uses a combination of vanilla revive + some enhacements for AI created or taken from here & there. It's not that hard to make an AI script compatible with vanilla revive. It's a matter of having control of the handle damage the vanilla uses and modify it a bit to call an external script which just checks for AI availability + doMove the AI + simulate AI healing. What is a real pity is that main command, setUnconscious, makes the AI ignore whatever other status of the patient. One could just simulate a vanilla revive totally compatible with AI by just allowing the AI heal the patient in the same way it usually does with a non unconscious unit.
  22. barbolani

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Hi! Maybe (probably I'm wrong) but it seems the current public versión all the driving AI tweaks seem… vanished. I coded convoys for Antistasi Tanoa just using the new commands and everything run well, few waypoints, convoy cohesion, safe, convoy tend to go well, stay on roads until engaged… wonderful! The only issue I found is bridge crossing, it seemed to fail like 50% of times. Now when I ported it to Altis I've been forced to make a total rework of the script. Using the supposed-to-be working params just made only the convoy leader to stay on road and follow waypoints… until it reaches some bridge. In order to keep them in roads I had to make one group for each vehicle, so forget aout cohession, info sharing, etc.. Am I wrong?
  23. Hi there! I am experiencing FPS drops on Antistasi MP servers. #Monitor 5 reports stable drops to 4 FPS and such which only get fixed with a restart. It Works with three HCs Okay, I checked everything, no .rpt fails, checked some CPU - intensive functions to be not looped (BIS_fnc_safePos may flood a server if called constantly, I've seen that), checked all while and waituntil commands to have some sleep delay, I diag_logSQFscripts to see what scripts are running and all of them are loops on the sleep line, even with very few AI spawned. So I'm a bit lost on how to debug this. Is there anything else to look for? Thanks in advance!
  24. How many AI you have? You may disable AI features which maybe are not required for your scenario.