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  1. I second that as my eyes are getting shot these days and the bright styles are hard on the eyes
  2. bk1276


    try this out its old but it is still the basics . http://ofp.gamepark.cz/_hosted/brsseb/tutorials.htm
  3. bk1276


    is there any chance that one of the cams will be the berlin brigade cam
  4. bk1276

    [WIP] MCU-2/P gas mask

    pictures still not showing
  5. bk1276

    C&C - Tiberian Era

    this looks really promising
  6. bk1276

    Where can I get the tools?

    out to Chortles did you manage to get the licensed_data_packages - "Huge Data Packages" option working in steam
  7. a big thank you to Günter Severloh and the rest of the team that brought this game back to life. 1. I had the disk version and just bought the steam version there for ease of install with AO . A3 2. I cant be the only one that did that. 3. maybe DS will site up and listen if they start to see sales rise from a dead game
  8. bk1276

    Where can I get the tools?

    reference "licensed_data_packages - Huge Data Packages" every time I try for the data packages all I get is a 9mb update has any one else got the same problem or a solution
  9. the Take On Helicopters & Hinds DLC Bundle -80% sale on bistore . is that available on steam or is there a separate one for that or is that bi download only. ( I already have it but would like it in with the rest of the games on steam for ease of install and storage )
  10. maybe that's the hole point to go down the paid DLC ROUTE
  11. there may be a spate of others out there but yours wins hands down an allinone package in my mind less compatability errors between mods/addons keep up the good work and I do hope you release this
  12. im getting the same error only on CWR2 . operating system is win7 64 bit sp1 up to date
  13. bk1276

    Arma 3 - Pre-E3 Livestream Hangouts

    Kable_ the mediafire link is comeing up as error File Belongs to Non-Validated Account
  14. as far as I know all m2s in british service that I have seen were left hand drive even the manual shows left hand. but that could be just B.A.O.R it maybe one for the community to answer. and ref generic I will try and sort that one out
  15. thanks for the reply scars09 full config and the full mosel cfg I hope you are or any one else is able to help bk