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  1. binkster

    Basic Income, a new human right

    I cant believe what some are saying in here... Did anyone ever take economics? Free=Inflation. Right now the US Fed is digitizing (printing) money over 85 billion a month with the bond buying program. We have become dependent on this bond buying program. I wonder whats going to happen when that stops? I saw an article the other day that said more people are on food stamps than are working full-time... Just 10 years ago $100 went a long way in the grocery store. Now $100 doesnt buy crap.... INFLATION We cant even keep up with our current problems. This makes me think that liberals are creating more poor people for their votes... Just like the "Obama Phone". Our government thinks owning a cell phone is a right. If you tax the rich anymore your going to take away any ambition to be succesfull. I do agree there needs to be a good ballance of socialism/conservatism but not our current government. So for you people that think a basic income should be a right... You should really look into economics
  2. binkster

    December 2012 status update

    I have a feeling that there might be a deal on the table to take a so called island off the game.... Just a guess though...
  3. binkster

    Test about test

    Possible ingame browser or ingame forum?
  4. binkster

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    He paid 14% because he had already paid taxes on the money that is actually making him money. One way of looking at it he is getting taxed twice. Just because he has money doesnt mean he is evil. I also saw where Mitt gave double what he paid in taxes to Charity. Why do people think the government can take more money from the private market and do what they want with it? Im in the middle class and I thank the 1%ers everyday. They made it big and have money. That is their money and they should do what they want with it. Redistribution is the worst idea ever. Why does the government think they can controll money better than an individual.....
  5. binkster

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Ron Paul has some good points but his foreign policiy is crap. Thats one reason why myself and many others will not vote for him.
  6. I think you will see a switch to natural gas before electricity. My work truck is a normal 3/4 ton truck that runs on Natural Gas and Gasoline. Only problem is that you have to start it with Gasoline and let it warm up because the Natural Gas tank is 3500 PSI and when u go from 3500 to 0 it freezes with a cold engine.
  7. binkster

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    I dont think anyone could have said this any better!!! I feel the same. I used to be amused by his post untill the liberal conspiracies started showing itself.
  8. binkster

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Lately the media has been good at neutralizing each one and can controll who is on top.
  9. binkster

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Just because someone is a Republican doesnt make them a conservative. Not all share the same views. For example Mitt Romney and his "Romney Care"..... "Government health care" which is not conservative.
  10. binkster

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Most conservatives believe in cutting espenses/spending. Not that all Republicans are conservative but the big question would be who is a real conservative out of the candidates.
  11. binkster

    War with Iran.

    I would love to see your Source for this..... Do you even live in America? You sound just like a liberal.
  12. binkster

    TOH-Mark Benchmarking Mission

    With an OC of 4.2ghz Atoc still default. 5166
  13. binkster

    TOH-Mark Benchmarking Mission

    I didnt mess with atoc and I still havent overclocked yet :)
  14. binkster

    TOH-Mark Benchmarking Mission

    New system that finnaly came in. Texture Detail - Normal Objects Detail - Normal Vysnc - Disabled HDR Quality - Normal PIP Detail - Disabled Antialiasing - Normal Terrain Detail - Normal Shadow Detail - Normal Anisotropic Filtering - Normal PostProcess Effects- Disabled Cloud Detail - Normal Object Visibility - 5791 (Default) Shadow Visibility - 250 (Default) Cpu - Intel Sandy Bridge 2600k Ram - G-Skill 8Gig 1866 GPU - Evga GTX580 OS - Win 7 (64) Resolution - 1680 x 1050 Score - 4599