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  1. Would like to see the BISIGN and BIKEY included if possible.
  2. blanic

    Mitilini Island

    Yes I have had the same issue trying to use signature checks on the island. I was going to put it on a COOP server, but when I tried one of the bisigns did not match. It was the Mitilini bisign and it acts like the wrong one was uploaded. If you do reupload this please ensure you include both files as just creating a new bisign will not match what we have, so there needs to be a new pbo and new bisign. Thanks in advance.................. ---------- Post added at 22:29 ---------- Previous post was at 22:25 ---------- I found the problem, the date of your BISIGN is different than the PBO date, meaning it is the wrong PBO actually that was uploaded. When you sign pbo's it creates a new bisign and new PBO, both should have same time and date, which these do not. That is why there is an issue.
  3. will give it a whirl thanks ---------- Post added at 12:44 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:33 AM ---------- nope when player disconnects that i used to set the value, it creates a OBJECT NULL still. I set it so every 10 seconds it would check to see if the value was null but its not working.
  4. If you make a variable public and it is assigned as a player ID and that player disconnects, it makes that a OBJECT NULL for whatever reason, I have tried to run a server script that checks if it is null and to clear it but it is not working. Any ideas how to get the server to check if the value is null empty scalar whatever and then correct it? This is some of the code that i have for the server to check but its not working while {true} do { if (isNull somepublicvariable) then { somepublicvariable= 0; publicvariable "somepublicvariable"; }; };
  5. blanic

    Random Marker name

    one thing that is wrong i found but not fixed it as i am working on it is _marker1 = createMarker format["%1", _marker1Nam],getPos _vehicname ]; its missing a [ but i put it like this and still nothing _marker1 = createMarker format[["%1", _marker1Nam],getPos _vehicname ];
  6. PS Second Alkar Cammer comments, AMAZING
  7. Thani, let me give you some advice, mind your own business. I was just asking when he was gonna release not pressuring to do it before then. And there is no need for you to respond.
  8. Martin you said you were going on vacation but releasing it before you do, what day can we expect it?
  9. blanic

    Flashbang, Yay!!!

    FAMEMATT from A2L you should give up, i looked at what you did and the error is so basic its not even funny. No I will not correct it because you clearly have no idea what you are doing and i am saving you time by just leaving it here.
  10. how would you initialize this in game, not adding it to the vehicle itself? ie adding it somehow to the init, if you DID NOT know the name of the vehicle but type of vehicle?
  11. haha your using chernarus revolution, at least you could say that you copied that instead of posting something you didnt create.
  12. blanic

    Scuba mod/sea plane

    Anyone able to make a SCUBA mod? Or find the old scuba files as they are not around
  13. well what i put doesnt work so, im still at square 1.
  14. Icebreaker your messages are full clear some out so i can send you the ending i found to see if correct.
  15. but do you think it is close to what i posted? its not working to get them into the vehicle.