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  1. Is there a possibility to update Arsenal where we could have collapsible categories for each mod to cut down scrolling through so many items? I think it would be a great addition to Arsenal and make things easier for those of us that have a lot of gear mods installed.
  2. bugkill

    Tactical Wrist

    Will the forearm tactical map come in Black and OD Green as well to go along with the multicam? And is it possible to give more spacing between the Forearm tactical map and wrist watch? Not much at all, but like an inch or two up the forearm. Also, are you going to have it set up where we could wear the Garmin, wrist watch, and the forearm tactical map at the same time like in the pic or will they come in multiple combinations? Your work looks great and looking forward to the release. I've stopped playing until the release of your addon just to set everything up and being fully satisfied with my units.
  3. bugkill

    CAG/Delta Force Faction

    Great work on the units. Is it possible that you could add battle belts to some of the operators and leg holsters? Just a way to add a bit of variety to the individual models. Edit: Just saw that the Author has addressed this request.
  4. bugkill

    Tactical Wrist

    Bro, I can't wait for your update. Been wanting that tactical wrist coach for a long time.
  5. bugkill

    JSOC Tier1

    Thanks, Road Runner. Appreciate all your work and I'm pretty sure that all of us hope that we will get the opportunity to enjoy your work in the future.
  6. Damn, having flashbacks watching that vid. The sound is pretty accurate.
  7. bugkill

    Hidden Identity Pack v1.

    Nice addon. I can see some Ghost Recon: Future Soldier units be made.
  8. bugkill

    Skeeko's U.S. Army

    @skeeko1337, I really like your retexture and looking forward to the release. I was wondering if you will or if it is possible that you would have a ranger green camo vest included with the multicam versions? I think ranger green would go very well with your units, including coyote tan.
  9. bugkill

    Backwards Hat

    Great job. Any possible way that we could get this with the headset?
  10. bugkill

    US Army Special Forces DCU

    I really dig your DCU addon and it was a much needed addition to the units. I was wondering if you would be willing to create some units with a Khaki/Tan tops with DCU bottoms and vice versa? I think it would be an awesome update.
  11. No, my justification is that his units should be sterile as default, but he can have the hat available if mission makers want to use it. His addon is called Private Military Contractors, not Blackwater USA. I'm pretty confident that most guys who will be using his addon would prefer that the Blackwater hats not be with the default units, but would be fine if the hat is available for use by assigning it to a specific unit in the editor or config.
  12. Blackwater is no longer called Blackwater, and I never seen a Blackwater employee wear a blackwater cap while in country (Some may have back at base, but I never seen them wearing one when I was on patrol and came across them from time to time). I've seen them with various ball caps, but not the one that has Blackwater on it. Also, it is better to leave it off to make the units sterile so the mission makers can have the freedom to call them whatever they want (PMC or SOF). There were various PMC companies over in Iraq and A-stan, so I feel it would be a bad idea for him to give his units any identification to a specific company or unit.
  13. Great work! My only suggestion is to get rid of the Blackwater symbol on the caps and replace it with flags or other symbols, and to also restrict those pattern shirts to only the bodyguard units with only a small size plate carrier, light vest, or bandolier.
  14. Great work! Got a question, do you have your weapons broken down in classes where it would have different variants with different attachments, so I can assign them to AI units? ****NEVERMIND***** Found it in the readme.
  15. Any chance you can throw in a m4 with that pistol suppressor? Never hurts to ask.