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  1. ahmedjbh

    Ambient combat - Needs work

    Hence my point. You shouldnt need to have to add a script just for something to work. Not everyone is comfortable or has the time for scripting, but most people would benefit from having a more customisable ambient combat module.
  2. Hi, This feature is great, but could be so much better if we just have a little more options, eg intensity, type of forces, which teams, etc. I know you could edit this in the pbo, but it should have more customisability in the editor.
  3. Hi, I am definitely getting A3, but I am planning to get a new pc in a few months, mainly for A3, so I was considering buying the A3 alpha now and then using steam to put it on my new pc when I get it. Is there an activation limit for the steam version of A3? Regards, Ahmed.
  4. Game engine Building doors should make a noise when opening or closing - currently silent.
  5. It needs to be optional. Just like when you get in a vehicle it should be an option to have mouselook (mouse controls vision not vehicle movement). As I and a lot of people currently, just into a vehicle, then have to press alt twice to do this. A considerable number of people dont even know you can do that, they just assume your stuck looking forward.
  6. Yes, I too am fed up of having my games ruined. I work full time and have 3 kids, I get very little spare time, and if I am playing a game and Im 1 hour in and a hacker ruins it, its upsetting. I hope more time and energy is budgeted on this issue. Ahmed.
  7. I understand your opinion, I guess the best way forward is for there to be an option.
  8. The VON settings now, make the VON sound seem to take me out of the realism of the game. I think the high quality setting should be used for direct only. The other settings should be made to sound like a radio, in the sense that its lower quality, but also it should grab some sound from that players surroundings. So for example if I use direct to a person next to me, he just hears a clear version of my voice (as you would expect in real life). Now if I use group channel to talk to my friend in another area, he should hear me as if Im using a radio, and if there is gun shots near me, he will hear that as well coming from my radio. If I was on a chopper and used my group channel to someone on the ground, they should hear my voice, but also the sound from inside the chopper.
  9. ahmedjbh

    Annoying visual issues

    My game has always looked like that youtube video, regardless of beta version or settings, I just that was normal. Are you saying you can set the game so that you dont notice lod changes?
  10. ahmedjbh

    Why the silence in marketing this game?

    people arent stupid, if the game is good, they will come.
  11. I have noticed the same, on Dayz it means nights are now deadly. Im not sure if this is a "feature" or not, but certainly now, as soon as the sun goes behind a tree or just down, then its pitch black. Perhaps this is how it is supposed to be, and we just got used to seeing at night without the NVG?
  12. ahmedjbh

    Sound Hardware Acceleration?

    Sounds need a lot of work, even bf1942 had better sound engine. You just cant process the raw sound anymore, that doesnt cut it.
  13. ahmedjbh

    Too much muzzle flash and reload animations?

    I think they looked excited, way better than A2. Especially the particle effect in the muzzle flash, just like the youtube video posted on page 1. Go BIS :)
  14. ahmedjbh

    Operation E3

    I liked the video overall, I am really excited about Arma 3. But.... Now that the graphics and physics are so good, seeing the bodies fly around after the grenade launcher hit them just looks wrong. Its definitely a step forward from before, but I think in VBS the damage modeling already includes losing limbs etc, and that fits in with the rest of the game.
  15. ahmedjbh

    How to turn off new mouse steering?

    I agree, I have said this in the past and it was popular then, and is infact the "default" way in most games. Head is moved with mouse, keyboard controls vehicle direction. You can do this now by double tapping alt, but its annoying to do this every time you enter a vehicle. Its this level of polish arma needs if it wants to go mainstream. Regards Ahmed.