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  1. Has anyone noticed that there some script commands refering to a 3d-editor? E.g. setEditorMode getEditorCamera
  2. Internal project name: Farm Wars Official public name: FArmA Players: 10 CDF vs 10 INS Game mode: RTS Description: This is the technical sequel to the *cough* award-winning */cough* RTS mod "Wine Wars" for ArmA 1. :D As a young entrepreneur of start-up cow meat factory (CDF), you are thrown into the cold water of the chernarussian cow meat market. There has been a monopoly on cow meat for years, established by a local company (guerrillas). It is time to break the iron grip and bestow the population with a free market! It won't be easy, as there will be weapons involved. The locals will defend their monopoly with hardened steel and the newspaper are already announcing a new competitor (INS). Features: -Both sides will be only able to build crappy security guards and vehicles -High tech import from oversea. You have to sign an import contract and choose a limited number of high tech unit types. Those will be available for import later. Your unit choice will determine your strategy! -Ability to breed cows in the cow shed at the base or on the pastures (faster growth and better meat quality but at a high risk) -A cow factory to meatgrind the cows -A supermarket in the base to sell the meat at a constant low price. This is a safe income source -Supermarkets in town with higher, volatile prices, depending on supply and demand. Selling a lot of meat at the same town will make the price per meat unit drop. -You can manually transport the cows and the meat or tell the AI to do that. -Stealing enemy cows (cow napping) possible -Only one base can be build, but you may have a rebuyable MHQ, which can be used as a mobile respawn. -Sophisticated commader interface -Own units (in the player's group) can be selected and ordered by mouse, just like in a regular RTS game. -Camera in RTS mode will be bound around the HQ and the MHQ. After an expensive upgrade, you will be able to put the camera everywhere. -Victory conditions: Money victory (earn $x before your competitor does), destruction (destroy the enemy base) Screenshots: Videos (double click for HD): F43Vuv0oeRc&fmt=22 KWVKzD1Yoto&fmt=22 PoiY_D8So1I&fmt=22 3GcCBmuAmjg&fmt=22 UdEbxVY3WCM&fmt=22 RKBfZWgUVxQ&fmt=22 2nJ92ZXQMew&fmt=22 Download: Note this is still an early beta. If you are joining in progress and you don't respawn properly, then go to the priest in the southeast corner of the map. He will grant you eternal life and you may spawn properly again. Mission: Farm Wars 0.4c Addons: Farm Wars Addons for 0.4 Serverkey for the addon: Bikey File Official discussion forum: http://farma.eutf.org/ Changelog
  3. So I have secretely worked on my second installment of my RTS engine, trying to avoid those pesky bugs by totally altering the game concept. Kingdoms is a three sided (optional) real time strategy game, with the US, Russia and the resistance forces as the three opponents. Three kings fighting for the small country of Chernarus. The people in the various towns have already chosen their favorite king and are ready raise the flag in their town. First, let us talk about the resource system. Gone are the cows, which you know from Farm Wars. The three main ressources are gold, iron and stones. Gold is the player currency, with which you can buy units. Iron is pretty important too, because you need it to produce the units in the first place and stones are needed to construct buildings. Those three main ressources are gathered at randomly placed resource sites: The thing is, those resource sites aren't marked on the map until you have discovered them. To help you with this, every Mobile Miner is equipped with an ore detector, which will show you the distance to the nearest resource site. You can mine any of the three resources at the resource site, but you have to make a choice. For example, if you want to mine iron at that giant rock, you can only mine iron at that site for the rest of the game. Even if the enemy is destroying your Mining Camp and building his own there, he won't ba able to mine anything else but iron there. To sum it all up, you need to build a Mobile Miner, drive it to the resource site, transform it into a mining camp and finally choose the desired resource kind to be mined. After that, supply trucks will transport the gathered resources back to base for further processing. The castle is your HQ and it will serve as a storage for the ressources. All the ressources are being transported to the castle first, before they are distributed to other processing buildings. As I have said before, supply trucks will do the transport jobs for you. Those supply trucks will automatically spawn at the castle as needed, as long you have some citizens in your castle. Citizens are the first minor resource you need to know. You need citzens for the supply trucks, you need citizens to be changed into soldiers and tank drivers. Those silly citizens are the backbone of your settlement. Citizens are "produced" in the settlement tents. Those tents are also needed to raise the population capacity (pop cap). Each new tent you build will have a chance to spawn a citizen every 30 seconds and will raise the pop cap by 20. You can't have more units than the pop cap. Once those citizens are spawned at the tents, they will run to the castle and are transfered into the castle's storage. In case of emergency, you can spawn them at the castle again to distract the enemy for free. They will be armed with a slow loading and very unprecise smoothbore musket. So, after you have gathered some iron, it will be transported from the castle to the armory. The armory can either produce light vehicle parts, heavy vehicle parts, aircraft parts or weapons. Once again you have to make a decision after building an armory. The iron will be transformed into one of those minor resource kinds, depending on your choice. After production, supply trucks will automatically come and collect the products, which will be stored in the castle for further transportation. The next step is the garage. Here you can make your next choice. The garage can either produce light vehicles, heavy vehicles or aircrafts. Note that you can build as many buildings as you like. You can have several garages prducing all kinds of vehicles. The garage will need the appropriate vehicle parts, weapons and citizens (crew members). The vehicle parts and the weapons will be combined into a finished vehicle. Once you have a finished vehicle in the garage, you may pay some gold and immediatly spawn the desired vehicle from the garage. The barracks are working similar to that. Barracks will need citizens and weapons as resources. Both will be transformed into a soldier with the rank of a corporal. By paying some gold, you can rank those soldiers up which have two benefits: higher ranked soldiers have better skills and better weapons. Basically, you can buy riflemen, grenadiers, mg gunners, at soldiers, aa soldiers and snipers. Depending on the available ranks at the barracks, those spawned soldiers may have different weapon loadouts. A sideremark: soldiers at the highest rank will be medics. Imagine an AT-Soldier with selfhealing capabilities. An alternative way to generate gold is by occupying towns. The map is divided into 9 sectors. Each sector will have two towns and two resource sites. If you conquer both towns, you will gain control over the sector, thus enabling you to get tax income (gold). Another benefit of controling a sector is the removal of the fog of war. The fog of war will prevent you from looking everywhere with the RTS camera, just like in other strategy games. Back to the towns: each town will have a randomly selected favorite side. Let's call it loyalty. If the town likes you, they will spawn friendly citzens when you are near that town, which will conquer the flag and hellp defending the town. In case of an unfriendly town, they will conquer the flag for the enemy and you will have to fight your way to the flag. Each town will also have a randomly generated population count, which will grow over time. More people means more gold but it also means they are harder to control. You probably need to garrison some troops in the towns to keep them "happy". This will bring us to the next topic: happiness! Each town will be happy, if their favorite side is occupying them and unhappy, when a disliked side is marching through their streets. There are two happiness values, the pure happiness, and the happiness value including garrison bonus. If the pure happiness value is dropping below 0, a friendly town will change loyalty and chose a random enemy side. If the same happiness value is climbing above 75, a hostile town will change loyalty to your side. The happiness value including the garrison bonus is depending on the kind of troops you have in the town. Each soldier will get you a +0.5 bonus. Each light vehicle (wheeled) is worth 2 bonus points on the happiness value and each heavy (tracked) vehicle will give you a 10 happiness points bonus. If the happiness value (incl. bonus) is above 25, the pure happiness value will climb by 0.5 points, else it will fall by 1 point each cycle. If the happpiness value (incl. garrison bonus) is dropping below 0, a rebellion will break out. Depending on the (un)happiness value, you will have to deal with weakly armed citizens or javelin carrying soldiers. Those angry citizens will try to recapture the flag for one of your enemies. The thing is, if you have a happiness value of -50, this will turn into a happiness value of +50 once their favorite side has gained control of the town. Main target is the enemy castle. If you can destroy it, you will defeat that side. Because it is the only objective, the castle got a huge boost in hitpoints. You need about 5 LGB worth of damage to destroy it. I could also imagine other game modes like capture the flag, where you have to extract the flag on the castle's roof to win the game. So, this is the basic layout of the game's mechanics. The mission itself will be released when it's done.
  4. ILS Pro II 1.01 for ArmA II (by TiGGa) This script will somewhat simulate the ILS (instrumental landing system) in order to manually land at an airport with low visibility. The easiest way to use the script with your missions is by adding an action menu entry to the airplane. As in the previous version made for ArmA1, you will get a somewhat primitive display of the glideslope's position. In this version, you will also see red bright rings which are following the glideslope. Those rings will currently spawn at a distance of 6 km to the airport, but you can change that in the script file itself. Once you fly below 5m, the script will terminate and all the rings will be deleted. ----------------- Example: If you want to setup the ILS script for an approach on the runway 33 of the main airport of Chernarus, just write the following in the init line of the plane. this addAction ["ILS","ilsproII.sqf",[loc,airport,"Chernarus","Rwy 33","ILS"]]; "ILS" - This is the action menu entry name, which is displayed to you. "ilsproII.sqf" - This is the name of the script. loc - This is the name of a game logic, which you have to place at the end of the runway. You have to rotate the game logic, until it matches the direction of the runway. airport - This is the name of another game logic. Place this one at the touchdown location of the runway. The game logic has to face the opposite direction of the first game logic. If loc is set to 330°, then airport has to be set to 150°. "Chernarus" - This is the name of the airport, which will be displayed. "Rwy 33" - Name of the runway. "ILS" - Same as the first "ILS" entry. -------------------- If you are looking into the script file, you will see three lines of code, which you may alter. _angle = 3; _numberofcircles = 20; _distanceofcircles = 300; _angle is the approach angle in degrees. 3° should be good for a smooth landing. _numberofcircles is the amount of rings, which will be spawned in the air. _distanceofcircles represents the spacing between the rings. Download link (@Mods: This screenshot is smaller than 100k)
  5. I really don't understand the difference between agents and normal units. As far as I can see, createAgent doesn't require a group. Does anyone have an example?
  6. It is all up to the mission maker, whether you can play the mission or not without the expansion pack. It is he alone, who will decide, whether he will use the new addons or not, just like he is deciding on community addons. We shouldn't blame BIS for splitting anything, because this is our very own decision. I'm really anticipating the new contents and engine upgrades and will probably make a version with and without the OA-Addons of my missions. Problem solved. :D
  7. TiGGa

    Articulated vehicles?

    I have tried to do a scripted solution which works great... on absolutely flat terrain. It wouldn't align properly on a hill and backing up only works if you don't do a too sharp turn, else the two vehicles will touch each other thus preventing you to move any further properly. I hate the third dimension. :D
  8. TiGGa

    Time of Day desynchronised!!

    The time can be synched with no problem via script. The server just needs to keep recordof the time in a variable, which has to be broadcasted to JIP players where a client script should update the time to the correct one. :D
  9. Read carefully. He said that this key isn't working in 1.03 anymore. :D
  10. TiGGa

    How do you do the quick side-step?

    The evasive forward animation worked before patch 1.03, in which the soldier is doing some cool sidemove. Doen't work for 1.03 somehow.
  11. Just update the playerarray right before the if-check.
  12. I have experienced that in MP. LockDriver works in SP, but when playing it MP, you still can switch to the pilot's seat, even though the lockDriver command is in the init line of the plane.
  13. TiGGa

    Why is my gunner going rogue??

    This is some kind of feature which is also present with tank gunners. If they spot enemy infantry, they will automatically switch to their MGs and engage. Imagine a situation where a stinger soldier is targeting you but you didn't notice. If you want to use rockets, switch to manual fire.
  14. There is no action to sit on a chair, but it can be done with scripting by using the right animation and then attaching the soldier to the chair.
  15. I think smooth stopping can be archived by having the camPreparePos and the camCommitPrepared in a loop and repeatedly calling those script commands.
  16. TiGGa

    team kills 1.03

    This is not an 1.03 specific problem. It was already an issue before that.
  17. If you ever wondered, why some missions are stuttering regularly in v.1.03, it is because of the time acceleration scripts. It seems like setDate is needing a lot longer now to calculate the sun's position in the new version, thus causing severe image freezes. For now I would deactivate any scripts using setDate.
  18. TiGGa

    RTS - Farm Wars

    It is comming...
  19. I think some of you are confusing the "Hide body" action with the "drag body" action. The hide body function was introduced in OFP for special forces members. Dead bodies will sink into the ground and get deleted after that.
  20. Another bug has occured. After respawn, you seem to be in captive mode. No enemy is shooting at you anymore.
  21. write: moo = [] execVM "Respawn.sqf";
  22. TiGGa

    RTS - Farm Wars

    The pilot has to disembark, because you cannot stop a plane otherwise. A manned plane will always have the urge to take off immediately. And about manning the plane, have you done a ctrl+rightclick?
  23. Wouldn't it be wise, if future addon makers would create their addon vehicles for all three sides? Like creating a USMC faction for the opfor and the blufor and the guerilla sides.
  24. TiGGa

    RTS - Farm Wars

    You mean "semiautomatic", not semipublic".
  25. TiGGa

    RTS - Farm Wars

    Yes, that's the problem. I made a script that was trying to do that, but seems like it is not working at all. Happens, when the server is creating a unit and joins it to the player's group. The unit indexes will be messed up after a reconnect. That is, everyone is unit number 2 and so forth. Creating the unit directly in the player's group would solve that, but then I have troubles with moving crew members into the vehicles (locality problem). If I keep the unit creation solely on the client machine, then I will have troubles with managing the waiting queue. Either way, this requires a major rewrite, which I'm doing now. A completly foolproof unit creation method.