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    Arma 4 a look to the future

    You're probably right...Who is to say....Ironically enough I was banned from the forum for my last post ( the one saying slavery is bad and women should have equal rights...🤔) and I had to contact BI to dispute it. It was overturned so atleast common sense prevailed. I seriously doubt that the developers have some weird misogynistic agenda. I think some of the player base might be a little toxic and there might be an overzealous moderator here or there. I otherwise don't see it as a conspiracy against women....from the developers. I typically only seeing a few members of the player base making these arguments. TBH it seems like a weird thing to argue over. It seems the argument is that its not realistic to have women in combat roles. Please look at this for perspective..... Bannerlord is a realistic medieval sim type of game. You can have male/female and any type of race of character that you want. Its also not realistic to have a Black man leading white armies. Yet not one of these same people would dare make that argument. At the end of the day people want to play as a character that represents them. Nobody should tell a person of color that they cant create a character of color because its unrealistic. Why cant we give women the same respect? Yes, and let me demonstrate.... This looks like a few families gathered around. This is just a bunch of dudes. I don't know how I can convince you that there are family elements in the second picture......its just a bunch of dudes.
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    Arma 4 a look to the future

    I never once said we should be fine with everything because it is 2021. There are some arguments that have no place in today. For instance I'm sure we can all agree that an argument for legalizing slavery is a 1700 argument and has no place in todays society. The argument against adding female character models in video games is a 1972 argument. We don't live in 1972 and we shouldn't have the women cant perform this or that role....type of argument. That argument was already resolved ..at least in the United States. If you are from a third world country and still see women as property or as lesser human beings...then I honestly don't know what to tell you. Having female character models in video games is not a new thing. They have been doing this for decades. I think the argument is extremely ridiculous imho. We honestly shouldn't be having this type of debate in 2021.
  3. sgt_hawkins

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    I'm pretty easy to please.. I just want female character models. I like creating realistic missions with dark overtones. As a veteran I believe people should see the dark part of combat that nobody wants to talk about. When Arma 3 first came out...I was super excited and I started working on a campaign featuring two families journey to becoming insurgents. Which was going to be based off some real life experiences that I have encountered. I never finished it because the female character assets were never delivered like I expected them too. I couldn't make the story make any sense whatsoever without female units. Regardless of how you feel about female combat soldiers.. the complete lack of female units for me was a deal breaker and I moved on to other games. I have recently checked back to see what progress Arma 3 has made over the years and found that modders finally filled the void. I feel like i can finally make the type of missions I enjoy creating again. Hopefully Arma 3 still has enough of a player base to enjoy them. I don't think female character units is too much to ask for in 2021.....
  4. sgt_hawkins

    Former modders interest to come back?

    Imo Arma 3 is a bit restrictive when it comes to modders and mission makers. I enjoy making missions that are dark and complex. Not just the typical red vs blue army in Arma 3. The lack of females also makes it feel unnatural. In Arma2 I had enemy soldiers setting female civilians on fire and executing the males. It made the war feel real. The enemy felt real. Arma 3 doesn't give me any motivation because it restricts the story that I want to create. The more limitations you put on a game the quicker people get bored of it and this is coming from a guy who played ofp till Arma came out. I think people will come back once they give players more control over what they can do and create.
  5. sgt_hawkins

    Zee Identity Pack

    Great job Zee, I'm excited to see you are working on female civilian gear. Look forward to seeing more of your work.
  6. sgt_hawkins

    Locked doors on enterable buildings

    Had problems replicating this in Tanoa. Then I figured out they were still using the old Stratis [Land_i_Shed_Ind_F] and not the new Tanoa [Land_SM_01_shed_F] in the map. I can confirm the step over glitch is not fixed either....
  7. sgt_hawkins


    I moved to Altis many years ago...Once I realized no females existed I left the island until some showed up....they never did. I'm gonna wait to see if any females live in Tanoa before I make any travel plans. I love designing missions but arma 3 seriously impairs my creative ability. I hate that I would have to base my story line around the lack of an entire gender. At the moment it just doesn't work for me.
  8. sgt_hawkins

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    YES!!! Arma 3 feels like a cheap game when you only see male citizens...I refuse to make any missions for it until a decent female mod comes out.
  9. sgt_hawkins

    First female US combatant commander takes charge

    Good thing she wasn't born on Altis, she wouldn't exist.
  10. sgt_hawkins


    You don't know how excited i am.. I have been waiting on something like this since its release. I make highly realistic missions and the lack of females limited my creativity so I refused to make any missions. Will you be making different facial models? How much diversity can we expect from these models? White/Asian/African? Thanks alot for making this much needed addon.
  11. I'm trying to create a light but without ambient light. I know #lightpoint only gives off ambient light and there isn't really any center of light. I have a scenario where there is a blur effect on players and I got some cool effects going on with lights but I need there to be a light source. I need the players to see an actual light not just a lit up area. Chem lights not really working either because the chem lights give off too much of a dull glow. Ive been brainstorming all day how to accomplish this and the only thing I managed that was semi close to what I am trying to achieve is bomb = "F_20mm_White" createVehicle getPos A1;bomb = "F_20mm_White" createVehicle getPos H1; The H1 would be a invisible Heli which would be attached to a dynamic object that would simulate movement. :crazy_o: Butttttttt The Flare burns out rather shortly. I need controlled lighting. If any of you guys know a better way or know a work around...I'm all ears.
  12. this removeWeapon "itemmap" no longer works. I dont know if the classname has changed or the command. A working solution would be great. this removeWeapon "itemcompass" also does not work..
  13. I'm doing a cutsceen but my unit keeps moving his head and causing clipping issues. What command can be used to keep the units head facing forward but unit can still be functional. When he looks left or right it causes clipping issues.
  14. This is exactly what I needed, thank you!!
  15. I am resurrecting an old mission I made a few years ago.. It seems old triggers don't work like they used to work. (For instance "Commandfire" no longer works on elevated helipads?) I will be able to fix that I'm sure...but the problem I am having is the fire effects..I create a gamelogic and name it Firelogic. Then I create a trigger...("this = [firelogic,15,time,false,true] spawn BIS_Effects_Burn;" )It works without ACE....but I need it to work WITH ACE. Is there another way to create fire with ACE? I just need static fire for the atmosphere of the mission...Large scale fire that is......
  16. HAHA at first i thought you were serious then i realized you were joking......you are joking right?
  17. sgt_hawkins

    Automatic Mod Downloading

    It wouldn't be hard to implement this..Sure some mods are big but you only have to download them once and whenever ACE updates, I don't have to install the whole thing over. This can and should be implemented in Arma 3...The community looses many players because of the complex mod management.
  18. I love your mod...but I have a few missions where you aren't supposed to have certain gear. Is it possible to disable lea on certain missions..or is there a command where certain units cant use lea....Thanks....
  19. Every time you play with someone with a custom face it gets downloaded to your computer and is stored in a hidden folder. I used to know where said folder was....but I can't remember. Anyone remember how to get to that folder? To clarify .....I don't want the location of MY custom face...I want to know the location of other peoples custom faces that it downloads and stores on my computer. Thanks
  20. sgt_hawkins

    Object On Fire

    This still works in vanilla Arma.... ([mygamelogic,3,time,false,false] spawn BIS_Effects_Burn ) BUT, I need it to work with A.C.E. (It doesnt). It just makes a bright light but no fire. Is there another way to create static fire? I'm trying to update an old pre-ACE mission and its not showing my forest fire....
  21. sgt_hawkins

    The trouble with getting people into Arma

    I think the Arma series caters to many types of gamers. Our server plays non re-spawn tactical co-op missions. Others servers play pvp, Most servers have re-spawn missions for run and gunners. I think that the learning curve puts alot of gamers off. You can be the best Battlefield 3,mw3 player.Then try to tackle any Arma game and you will fail. You have to learn how to play this game. I'm sure it gets discouraging to gamers when they feel noobish so they naturally blame the game.We all have seen these same people join a mission and try to fly choppers or planes only to have them crash minutes sometimes seconds after. Naturally they blame the controls. We are a different type of gamer. We have very few games that appeal to us. I love graphics and content as much as anyone but I would sacrifice it for Arma's unique nature. I think we all would. Somebody will always cry about something in Arma. I say let them cry. I love the series... Carry on Bi....Carry on..
  22. Ok I need a answer of how to create a trigger where when you enter the trigger you hear a sound and when you exit the trigger the sound fades away. Is there a simple solution to this?
  23. I thought for sure this would have been asked dozens of times on this forum :confused:..but I could not find not one post..Maybe I'm not wording it right..(sigh) What is the method to make helicopters only usable by pilots...I'm sure the same method is done with Crewman and Armor... I know this was done in one of sharkattacks missions in Arma..but I dont remember how he did it...
  24. sgt_hawkins

    Arma 2:OA Update 1.50-1.54 To 1.55 ???

    Box Version or Steam?
  25. sgt_hawkins

    Arma 2:OA Update 1.50-1.54 To 1.55 ???

    Im guessing I should just wait on the steam patch...before updating ...I guess....