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  1. Sc@tterbrain

    Sprocket Troubleshooting thread.

    After my Spocket troubles I finally got an email from a BIS employee...which was when I learned that Sprocket was an "in-house" distribution program. And of course if I ever buy a BIS product again it won't be directly from BIS and their ill fated Sprocket. Try emailing them directly as Q suggested...nothing to lose at this point. (ever wondered why Sprocket is always advertised on th BIS website?)
  2. Sc@tterbrain

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    So...sending a "Faux" reporter into a crowd of angst ridden, latte infused "protesters" is like soaking someone in blood and throwing them in a cage full of retarded lions...then being amazed as the animals awkwardly maul him? Anyone seen the internal drama on MSNBC lately? Â I know...nobody watches that channel, but when Tom Brokaw busts out that they are a bunch of butt lickers...comedy. Shouting down reporters with a dissenting opinion...its like a bizzaro Hanity show with entertainment value. Looks like "Faux" News now has their alter ego. Election season will be fun if your a cutter...
  3. Sc@tterbrain

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Pretty much explains itself... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7o84PE871BE Priority 5: "I will replace the need for fossil fuels with Care Bear love. Â I will then release flying monkeys from my ass that will eat greenhouse gases and nukes, will poo money so everyone is equal, and will release a toxin so everyone sings "kumbia" in a harmonic wave that will bring everlasting peace to the galaxy...no really." Sorry but the level of this discussion forced me to do it.
  4. Sc@tterbrain

    Warfare Updated! v1.5

    Love it! Just an idea to throw out there. Â More options in the set up screen. These are options that I remember from OFP CTI missions, and might solve some of the requests/suggestions people have made. Â Gives the option, without permanent game-play changes. 1.) No guided AT Missles - FFAR rockets only. 2.) Ground War -Transport aircraft only. 3.) Adjustable max AI allowed in each players squad. Set according to # of players like in RTS or as an option in start menue. Thanks again for the effort! Â
  5. Sc@tterbrain

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.14

    Pleasently suprised BIS...didn't expect that, so well done. I just might actually buy ArmA2.
  6. Sc@tterbrain

    Huge earthquake, impressive military rescue

    Now THATS propaganda,,,clap clap.
  7. Sc@tterbrain

    1.12 beta patch troubleshooting thread

    Well I don't see any posts describing the issue I'm having. When 1.12 came out I played a few games, but have since been playing mostly 1.08 because that's what the servers I play on were using. Now those servers have updated to 1.12. Some 1.12 servers are accessable on my list, but other 1.12 servers have a red X. When I try to connect to them I get a "connection failed." The same things seems to always happen when trying to join a hosted 1.12 game. I know the dedicated servers in question are running 1.12, but why am I able to get on some and not others...most notably the one I want to play on? On a side note, I have seen performance increases between 1.08 and 1.12b on my machine...to bad I can't play 1.12 MP where I'm trying to. Any help appreciated.
  8. Sc@tterbrain

    M1A1 Abrams by Mateck

    Thats a combat weight of 63,086 virtual kg's of goodness. Can't wait to play with that toy.
  9. Sc@tterbrain

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Good find Balschoiw! Very interesting read. Â I won't go into great detail, but there has been a large increase in people trying to use loopholes in laws and state constitutions here in the US. It used to be mostly tax protesters and scam artists, claiming things like the state they reside in is the "state of man." Â But now, in my state at least, criminal enterprises and street gangs are becoming incresingly adept. Â Not sure why. Â Maybe its the proliferation of info on the internet, maybe its the growing and increasingly ineffective government bureaucracy.
  10. Sc@tterbrain

    USA 2008 Depression

    Speaking of "propaganda," your the king. Your just as bad as any other zealot who has so invested in their own faulted beliefs, that reality becomes something you can no longer grasp. Because competing ideologies have been weakened by demagogues, that dosen't make your ideology stronger. Despite the degredation of perspicacity among the masses, there are still enough people left to see your message for the garbage it is. Even if you win in the short run, you still lose. At least that's the track record of what you believe.
  11. Sc@tterbrain

    USA 2008 Depression

    Yes the US Economy is like a house of cards at the moment. Yet some of those cards are built of brick.  If the sky is falling, if the strong points can hold the stack together, for how long, and how to strengthen the stack has been quite the talk of journalists that couldn't hack a business major. Panic is for fools, sound judgement and looking to those that acually have a grasp on the theories that make an free-market  economy (kind of) run is wiser. To bad wise people are rare.  Quoting the news as fact on this topic is about as smart as using wikipedia as a refrence for investing...garbage in, garbage out. Self perpetuating theory I say. I'm gonna go live in a cave and eat berries, or be that guy pushing a shopping cart full of cans & yelling at imaginary hecklers by the time this political "season" is over.
  12. Sc@tterbrain

    The death of freedom

    Good posts! I tried this same discussion on another forum ...and the results were dismal.  It was mostly young Americans who called the movie hate speech, then used the opportunity to bash other religions in the same post. is right.But it’s worse then that.  Ignorance of the world outside what is absorbed through the pea soup of media has turned the minds of westerners to mush. They cheer on and nod to the bobble-head politicians, allowing themselves to be incrementally boxed in.  I say "they" because my mind is still my own. We have already reached a time when our leaders act in spite of our beliefs, doing what they damn well please.  And the idiot masses grin, drool and bow. I have been told not to worry so much, that you can look at the rampant corruption in the early 20th century to see historical "cycles."  I'm having a hard time believing the conditions are so similar. The collision course seems to be set.  And while that future does not bode well for the common "peasant," history shows the repercussions for the elite (or ruling class) to be rather nasty as well. Chops, I have found myself disagreeing with your opinions in many previous topics.  That being said, I would gladly do the same to protect your right to anger, shame, insult, or generally piss me off. That certainly captures the principle of this topic.
  13. Sc@tterbrain

    The death of freedom

    Understood. Â As my original post stated, the topic is about "freedom." Â The example given of the removed website was related to the movie, but NOT meant to start a discussion of the movie itself. Keep on the original topic of "freedom" or this thread will get the lock-down.
  14. Sc@tterbrain

    The death of freedom

    *Edited* Please keep your discussion on the topic of freedom, not on the validity of the film itself.
  15. Sc@tterbrain

    The death of freedom

    Exactly...but... The point is in America, where freedom of speech is concerned, its not supposed to matter. Hate speech is not supposed to be restricted so long as it does not insite violence. If speech is suppressed before it can be gagued by such a test, then you have not even allowed it to be tested. Â Therfore you are in oppsosition to freedom of speech. (IMHO) To supress it out of fear of violent opposition, is cowerdece of the hightest degree. There is no freedom FROM offence in the constitution. Only the freedom TO offend. Regardless, my purpose was to foster discusion and thought on the matter. Â It appears I have done that. Thank you for your thoughful responses. Â I don't have to agree with you. Â I just have to respect your right to have an opinion, and express it. Â That's what this is all about. Unfortuneately, the complicated global environment, tied together through a digital medium, is not something that could have been predicted. (As was stated) But I contest it should not matter. Freedom as described is only made the more fragile by it. And therefore all the more imperative to preserve.