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  1. Ok thanks, already do that so perhaps still the dynamic groups thing.
  2. Thanks Tupolov, to be honest I can't say for sure if we are or aren't using the functionality you mention. It's Alive Insurgency with some slight changes to allow the player side to be AAF (there are some hardcoded references to West and east) or Alive Insurgency fairly much out of the box with just some tweaks like setting default parameters to be where we like them but running a collection of mods and scripts so who knows what's in the pbo's or buried down in the guts of it. Does the Alive logistics reinforce options use dynamic groups? I am just thinking we use it and perhaps that affects this? I did see your post over in the Alive forum's and while I didn't know I thought perhaps our issue was related which is why I asked if there was a chance for a hot-fix. But no dramas and we'll just continue as is until the next Alive patch and hope to see it go away. I didn't quite understand what you meant by "On start = 0 for template" by the way ?? Thank you too to the whole Alive team for their efforts and support. I do some work in the DCS space on scripts for the DCS community so understand somewhat how hard it can be at times. Cheers, Stonehouse
  3. Ok sorry perhaps my mistake. I thought with the last A3 patch BI broke something that Alive persistence relied on? Not being able to dig through every piece of code in Alive Insurgency with full understanding I assumed that our persistency or lack of was due to this. No errors other than the IED one I mentioned, yes war room set up correctly and working previously without issue. Symptoms we see are rejoining a mission after the server has done a save & exit and starting back at base rather than where we were and with default loadouts rather than what we had chosen. If I have it wrong apologies, not trying to dump crap on anyone at all.
  4. Another asymmetric question about the IED module sorry. The wiki notes seem to read that you sync an IED module to the AI commander module and then also place another one unsynced for random IEDs over the taor. I'm finding that we're seeing and error from Alive in the rpt file to the effect that you can only place one IED module. Can someone please advise if the statement in the wiki is correct and the error is in fact a warning or is there a bug in asymmetric at present that doesn't allow two IED modules? Debug seems to indicate that the second is true but I can't be certain. Thanks, Stonehouse
  5. If it doesn't create any negative impacts for anyone, is there any chance of getting a hot-fix for the persistence issue? We're finding that all our Alive insurgency missions don't persist past server shutdown so we either have to leave the server up (which is tricky as it's at one of our member's workplace and can get shutdown for real world reasons outside our control) or basically can't finish a mission. Don't get me wrong we're having fun anyway but it'd be nice to finish a map if we can. By the way, the guy who runs the server wanted to know if it was possible to get a server script do an Alive server save and exit on a running mission? He was hoping to automate some of the stuff and wanted to avoid having to join the mission to shut it down properly. Thanks, Stonehouse
  6. stonehouse

    Refined Vehicles

    I just wanted to check if others were seeing this issue or it's a problem solely at my end. If you compare the performance of the Oshkosh M-ATV series of vehicles with and without the refined vehicles mod there seems to be a big negative performance drop for them when running the mod. I've no idea if this is more realistic or not but the sort of things I am noticing is less acceleration and slower top speeds when driving off sealed roads (which seems strange for an ATV) as well as significantly less hill climbing ability. For instance if you stick an M-ATV on the base on Stratis and drive over to and up the hill to the east of the base you see that without the mod you will drive up to the top without too much trouble at speeds between 15-30kph ie low gear range speed as you would expect. Add refined vehicles and you find that the same slope you went up at 15 kph you will only get 2-5 kph or not be able to climb it at all. Does anyone else see that sort of thing? If others see it then it may be worth RedPheonix revisiting what he has done for this vehicle in case there is a bug floating about or something. It is just that this is almost the main infantry utility vehicle in Arma3 so would expect similar or better performance to the HMMV as I figure that is what it replaces. I really do love this mod by the way and for everything but the M-ATV really like the end results. Thanks, Stonehouse
  7. Just wondered if it is possible to add a particular item to the boxes dropped/inserted via player combat logistics? I am guessing if it is possible then you would do it via the init of the module??? I'm not the greatest coder so if it is possible can someone provide a simple example too please? I guess something else the players on our groups server have commented on is that it would really be helpful to be able to request the air dropped boxes to have a smoke or chem light /flare/IR strobe be attached to the box and be able to nominate them to activate either on landing or say when it gets to 200 m altitude as it is extremely easy to lose sight of it when it drops into heavy woods or very rough terrain especially in low or no light situations. Not sure if that is possible or not or considered a good idea by others but I promised I would pass the feedback on next time I posted here. Thank you to all the people working on Alive it really makes a huge difference to our A3 experience. Cheers, Stonehouse
  8. <edit> sorry disregard post below - just had it happen on an old co-op mission I hadn't tried for months so it can't be an Alive issue only. ie problem is on my end somewhere Just wondering if anyone had any ideas on this one. After about a 8-12 month layoff from Arma3 starting back up again and from what I have seen so far I am having an issue with Alive - possibly Alive Insurgency although haven't tested enough yet - and TS3. It seems that when I hit the continue button from the map as either host or client on an Alive based mission I get disconnected from TS3 and cannot log back in for several minutes even if I end TS3 and restart it. After a few mins I can log back in to TS3 and everything is fine. Non Alive based missions so far do not seem to have this issue. I recall from MSO days that there was an automatic check for ACRE and wondered if it was possible that somehow the current Alive version of this (I think it is still in there and possibly Task Force radio now too??) could somehow be causing the issue? As I said so far non Alive missions and other games do not display this behaviour only Alive based ones and possibly only Alive Insurgency as that is mainly what the group I play with has been doing and I wasn't paying attention when it first happened to me. Hoping to get time this weekend to build a simple non Insurgency Alive mission and test whether it happens then or not. Thanks, Stonehouse
  9. Ok that is strange. All clients log in using the details I sent you and so far everyone has had the same issue as I reported. Java is usually backwards compatible so having a later version usually isn't an issue but taking random guesses is there a dependency on a particular Java version? Personally I have the latest update. Do you think that a clean install rather than an upgrade of A3sync could help? lol since everyone other than you has had a problem I guess if you have any ideas at all on what we might try it would be useful. I can only assume there is some difference between our pc's and yours that is reason for your success and our lack of it as you would have got the same authority as us with that log on so it doesn't sound like an issue on the ftp server side at least. ---------- Post added at 00:45 ---------- Previous post was at 00:26 ---------- Ok I decided to try a reinstall of A3sync. This has fixed the issue as far as I can tell at the moment although to be sure I will need to try to rebuild the repo and then see if I can still properly access the mods etc via A3sync. Not sure what the real problem was but I can only assume that the last update didn't work properly and my (and everyone in my group) have ended up with corrupt installs somehow. Maybe I was not paying attention and didn't start a3sync using admin when the upgrade took place ??? It's still strange everyone else in the group had the same issue though. Anyway thank you for your help Shepard it really is much appreciated. If you want me to provide any info to help you trace this further let me know and I'm happy to oblige. Cheers, Stonehouse
  10. PM sent, let me know if you don't get it or have any issues logging on. .a3s folder and contents are definitely there on the server so maybe it's permissions. Thank you for your help it's much appreciated Thanks, Stonehouse
  11. Hi Major_Shepard, Thank you for the tool and your ongoing support. I'm hoping you can suggest things to try or know a solution to help us sort out the issue we've been having since the last update. We've operated our repository exactly as per your post below since we first started using A3sync months ago and pretty much everything has been fine. We'd update or add a mod locally, rebuild the repo locally and then copy the .a3s folder and updated mods up to the ftp location and the clients could then pull down the changes. However since the last update no status is displayed for the repo and refreshing the status produces no errors but leaves the status as "-". Connect to the repo and you get no errors but the repository content window displays no folders. Doing a check for addons produces errors like serverInfo or sync not found and the suggestion to rebuild the repository. Which we've done now many times, this rebuild produces no errors you can see. Checking the sync seems to work perfectly and declares the repo updated and synchronized. The machine with the local copy is a Win7 64 bit and has the latest version of Java and A3sync is run as admin when I do the build. The ftp location is on a Linux server although I don't have a lot of the details to hand as it's not my server - can get any details you need however. Thanks, Stonehouse
  12. Thank you for the quick turnaround. Much appreciated! Cheers, Stonehouse
  13. I'm finding an issue with the new version of A3sync I'm afraid. When I rebuild the repository I'm finding that folders and files with embedded spaces are getting renamed so that an underscore replaces the embedded space. This is causing a lot of mods to be flagged as requiring download when not needed and I suppose could cause issues with the mod itself if a file named changed and therefore could not be referenced by the mod. Prior version didn't have the issue. eg mod folder @tmr - optics becomes @tmr_-_optics when I rebuild the repository. Repository is on a Win7 box. If more info is needed to help sort it out please let me know. Cheers, Stonehouse
  14. stonehouse

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    It's a CBA bug, I've seen it on Koplic and Daiyou Island etc for the last several months
  15. Thanks ARJay that sounds really good from a lot of points of view as it would mean once things like I44 are ported across to A3 they should be able to be used by Alive with little or theoretically no extra work to make them compatible. I see there was also a comment about any map was ok to be used but I remember that for mso if the map was a mod sometimes you had to define a table of points for mso to "see" - is this still possibly something we'll need to do for some maps if they haven't been built quite right?
  16. Looks fantastic, with the use of categories for unit weighting does that mean that module choosing the actual unit will pick from all those available to the server and will pick up units included from mod packs? Or is there a config table that would need to be edited to include non BI units? Cheers, Stonehouse
  17. stonehouse

    G.O.S Koplic : Arma 3 Island

    Do you mean a map config problem or a config problem with the mission or a config problem with my Arma3 set up? The saved game does sort of resume but I end up on Stratis with the same location setup etc from the Koplic save - which needless to say doesn't work so well as at least half end up in the ocean. I thought maybe this was because there is something wrong with the internal map references eg PA301 error so the DUWS scripts and A3 can't handle it and give a default map, or first or last map in a list. Thanks, Stonehouse
  18. stonehouse

    G.O.S Koplic : Arma 3 Island

    I get this too and it seems to stop a mission of DUWS on Koplic from resuming from a save. I'm not very knowledgeable on this but when I depbo'd the map pbo and looked at config.bin I could see the reference was to pa301 whereas the wrp file for the map is PA301. I'm not sure if it is case sensitive but if it is then this could be the reason for the error. Unfortunately when I rename PA301.wrp to pa301.wrp and created a new pbo Arma 3 wouldn't see the map at all so I assume you need to use one of the map making tools to package it up. I don't know anything about those however and I'm hoping the author comes back to this fantastic map and fixes this plus the problem with the in game map having misaligned textures when it is zoomed out as running missions on it is great fun. Cheers, Stonehouse
  19. Title says it all for those who were waiting for it to be a Steam DLC. Cheers, Stonehouse
  20. I actually found that after the DLC downloaded it failed to install properly and it was necessary to exit steam and then start it again but running it as administrator - I'm on Windows 7. Even then I found that it would work if I ran Operation Arrowhead but if I tried Combined Ops I had to nominate ACR as a mod to get it to show up using the method above. Basically if you start vanilla Operation Arrowhead from within Steam and you don't see the new ACR expansion logo next to the others I believe it hasn't installed correctly. You can also check for the presence of a new campaign called Silver Lion. Cheers
  21. stonehouse

    Purchase ACR

    It is actually now available on Steam. Cheers
  22. stonehouse

    Patrol Operations 2

    Sorry Roy, after looking over the wiki again and the mission.sqm I really can't see the problem. Doesn't seem to be a syntax error but no matter what vehicle_respawn.sqf is not found. Even tried moving the script up to the same level as mission.sqm and changing the path in the execVM statements but no joy. I've sent you a PM. Thanks, Stonehouse
  23. stonehouse

    Patrol Operations 2

    Thanks Roy, will go back and reread the wiki to see if I've messed up and if still no luck will get in touch. Thanks for the great dynamic missions, really a pleasure and a challenge to play. Cheers, Stonehouse
  24. stonehouse

    Patrol Operations 2

    Hi Roy, Got a small bug for you that I believe is an easy one to fix, the sound you get when a task is assigned is now in the media folder but the script is looking in the old location. One other thing that is causing me grief and perhaps you can help with, I depbo'd the clafghan mission (stupidly didn't notice the lingor one) and by editing the mission.sqm pointed it at the new Dingor map. Anyway I didn't really change anything other than just relocating things to suit the southern Dingor airbase and added a MHQ since there wasn't one I could see and now whenever I test run the mission I get "Cannot find mps\vehicle_respawn.sqf" reported 41 times in the RPT file - once for each vehicle/aircraft one the map. I've checked the init string on several vehicles and with my admittedly limited scripting knowledge it looks ok and I've confirmed that the vehicle_respawn.sqf script is indeed in the mps folder and that the case in the init string matches the case in the folder and file name and can't really see any problem. Any ideas at all you might have would be really appreciated. Sample of a vehicle's code: class Item139 { position[]={4208.1348,23.660297,1695.1023}; azimut=60; id=185; side="EMPTY"; vehicle="AV8B2"; leader=1; lock="UNLOCKED"; skill=0.2; init="this setVariable [""check_driver"",true,true]; veh = [this,600,1800] execVM ""mps\vehicle_respawn.sqf"";"; }; There are a couple of other things I noticed in the RPT file that seem to be coming from Patrol Ops, but I'm not sure what they are other than they are related to ca\modules\functions\arrays\fn_selectRandom.sqf and errors in expressions due to undefined variables. Anyway if you need me to send you the RPT and the unpbo'd mission please just drop me a pm and I'd be happy to do so. Lol if it can be sorted out happy for you to add to the set of missions too as it's all your work anyway. Thanks, Stonehouse
  25. stonehouse

    AI Heli Control 1.0

    I had an idea for you to provide an adhoc air transport mission with perhaps less work. MSO has a support module with scripts to allow you to request a cas mission and what this does is spawn the selected aircraft as part of the players group. It gives the aircraft about 10-15 mins to be on the map before it leaves via a despawn. If this idea was used for Heli Control it might avoid some of the performance issues you mention scanning for free AI helicopters and perhaps would let the main part of the mod stay unchanged which would give you less headaches. So I guess you might have a button on the UI to request air transport which after suitable sidechat messages would spawn a helicopter as part of your group and fly to where you've clicked on the map. This would then let you use HeliControl pretty much as it is because it's part of your group. You perhaps could also have a RTB button that would send the helicopter away and despawn it as well as some sort of trigger to do the same if the fuel got below a certain level and like the cas option in MSO have limits on how often you could call it in eg once very 30 mins and how many choppers are allocated for your use. ie if it gets destroyed you have one less but if you look after them they stay available. Additionally also in the MSO casevac module if you radio in that enemy is present at the LZ some escort Cobra gunships or similar are sent with the casevac chopper. Cheers, Stonehouse