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    Artifacts in the Arrowhead Demo.

    Alright so I was playing around with the video settings in game. And by switching anti-alaisaing OFF in ARMA, I was able to get rid of those red stripes... BUT instread I got different looking artefacts and other glitches. See this screenshot to get an idea what it looks like Hmm so what can I make of that? Why is anti-alaisaing having such an effect for me?
  2. SpeedyDonkey

    Artifacts in the Arrowhead Demo.

    Yeah, to me it feels like it's with a certain type of engine or a certain type och technology where these errors occur (and where they occur, they're constant) Do you know of any benchmark test that might be more able to detect faulty VRAM and other parts of the card that furmark misses? Part of why my frustration is that I don't know what to look for. Just now i noticed glitches in one of the 3D presentations under "Graphics" -> "3D" in the Catalyst control center
  3. SpeedyDonkey

    Artifacts in the Arrowhead Demo.

    I did as you said and ran the stability test. The temperature peaked around 86c and stayed there. No artefacts in that test. Just now I uninstalled the drivers and ran "Driver Sweeper" in safemode before installing the latest drivers from powercolors website again. No luck, same problems as before. So seeing that the card passed the temperature benchmark, in combination with the fact that the artefacts always show up immediately should rule out heat as a probable cause for the problems, correct? Is there anything else i could test and try to trace weather this is software or hardware related?
  4. SpeedyDonkey

    Artifacts in the Arrowhead Demo.

    Hey guys, thanks for the input! I tried that benchmark program and it seemed to run fine (I'm not so sure what numbers I should be looking for) How do i lower the settings for my card? I went into the Catalyst Control Center and under the option ATI Overdrive I see the following: High Performance GPU clock settings: 875 MHz High Performance Memory clock settings: 1225MHz Enable Manual Fan Control: (not selected) Current Values GPU Clock: 157MHz Memory Clock: 300MHz All these are on default factory settings, and I have't changed a thing. Everything in the overdrive settings is gray so I can't change a thing even if I so wanted to. Could it be that the factory settings are too high? This seems highly unlikely to me. Especially considering that this same exact card worked fine on the ARMA2 demo a couple of weeks ago. Any ideas?
  5. SpeedyDonkey

    Artifacts in the Arrowhead Demo.

    Ok guys i just tried the older ARMA demo and yep, same beautiful red dots there too! Both are based on the same engine, so In a way it only makes sense for the problem to appear in both versions. But how come team fortress 2 works like a charm? http://www.freeuploadimages.org/images/rnzkzqtsfrp49hb2q.jpg
  6. SpeedyDonkey

    Artifacts in the Arrowhead Demo.

    Interesting, Since i bought the computer it's been to service twice, first it was the RAM memory that went bananas, and then it was the motherboard. Is there any way for me to verify that it's hardware related? So far I've only seen these red dots in this ARMA demo (im downloading the other ARMA demo as we speak) The only other games I've got installed are dirt 2 and Team Fortress 2 and both seemingly run well. Im not saying you're wrong Dwarden, I'm just looking for a way to verify it... :)
  7. SpeedyDonkey

    Artifacts in the Arrowhead Demo.

    I am unable to resize images due to unrelated computer problems. Should I make a new topic for that or are we, as civilized forum members able to discuss both problems in this thread? I would prefer the latter. Thank you very much for your input, I look forward to more of your contributing and joyous messages Mr Adumb. Yours truly, SpeedyDonkey
  8. SpeedyDonkey

    Artifacts in the Arrowhead Demo.

    Nope, havent touched the settings of the card at all. I uninstalled the drivers from ATI's website and downloaded and installed the drivers from PowerColor's website, but no luck - still the exact same problem! Below is a screenshot of the issue I'm faced with: They sort of fade back and forth, depending on the light in the screen. I should've taken one where they're even more obvious but I'm sure you get the point : ) http://www.freeuploadimages.org/images/1pdwdc31tnawchbh85vk.jpg 130 kb
  9. Dear internet, I recently downloaded the new ARMA2 Demo through steam. When I start the game and come to the main menu I see strange artifacts randomly all over the screen. They are shaped like small red dots in the following pattern: . . . . . . . . . The dots in game are closer to each other and there's plenty of 'em! I dont seem them during the loading screen, or in the map editor, but as soon as I'm ingame they shine at me. I haven't seen them in any other game. I downloaded ATI's latest drivers like a week ago, and i have DirectX 11. Specs: Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 Fractal Design Tesla 650W 80+ 500GB Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD502HJ Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Svensk OEM Samsung SH-B083L Blu-Ray läsare & DVD-brännare, Svart PowerColor Radeon HD5770 1GB PCS++ Corsair 4GB (2x2GB) Value Select DDR3 1333MHz AMD Phenom2 X6 1055T plz halp! with love, Speedydonkey
  10. SpeedyDonkey

    What's the best racing sim

    Hi guys! I have read this entire topic now and I’m glad to see so much talk about LFS (Live for speed) Roughly three weeks ago I was enjoying a fantastic race when I had to pit, unfortunately I spun after refueling my vehicle due to the high speed I had in the spin I hit the wall with incredible impact (roughly 150 km/h) As a result of this the vehicle flew up in the air, landing quite near the two green dumpsters seen in the picture below (the car landed upside down). After this event I really started to play around with the idea of repeating this stunt but with all the four wheels on the ground. I fear that landing on the dumpster would tip the car over, or in worst case break the front wing off. So I figured it’d have to land between the two green ones. I’ve been thinking of different ways to achieve this. This first picture illustrates the gap in the fence which is the ideal spot to hit (obviously). Here you can clearly see the path _I THINK_ my car took the one time I actually got there. This is an edited picture of how I imagine it to look if I land properly. And in this final picture you can clearly see the speed which is required to successfully master this stunt. So far I have NOT successful with this, so I’m asking all of you pro’s of your opinion. Also, sorry about the graphics I'm on a laptop. INFO: Track: Blackwood GP Weather: Sunny (NO WIND) Car: FBM thx.
  11. SpeedyDonkey

    I've had it.

    why so serious?
  12. SpeedyDonkey

    Happy Easter!

    It is with great plesure that I wish everyone here a good easter.
  13. SpeedyDonkey

    arabs in arabia

    plz elaborate what you mean. TIA / Yours truly / Sincerely Speedydonkey
  14. SpeedyDonkey

    Ask a moderator about the forum and the rules

    Please don't be such haters. It's not spam. its pure sexy, sexy in a very prude and innocent way. Also worth noting is the fact that the image is hosted in Czech Republic, by the good people of Bohemia Interactive Studios. Lets not pretend to be moderators, mate.