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  1. The "transport" topic reminded me on a feature I always would have loved to see implemented since the old OFP days: When steering a tank as the commander you can switch position to the gunner and you can still via the a,s,d,w keys steer the tank by giving the driver orders. I would love to see the same for helicopters. The keys to get up or go prone could be used to raise or lower flight altitude. You could still have very realistic helicopter flight behavior and inexpirienced players would still find an easy way to steer helicopters. For dedicatet helicopter pilots it would be nice to control the helicopter while being able to blaze away with the turret gun or while manually marking targets.
  2. I like the implementation of the new featurer that allows you to load unconcious soldiers into vehicles! Verry intuitive. Hopefully the feature can soon be used for all kind of bodys, including the dead. This would give missions an interesting twist. You could make it a mission objective that you have to bring all your men home. Nice work!
  3. Spy17


    Good idea to bring this up, hopefully there is time enogh to implement this feature into the game.
  4. Only my opinion, but I would prefer a smaler number of vehicles with full interior, better instruments and better get in/out animations and opening doors and hatches.
  5. Spy17

    Death Animations

    The biggest problems come with bodys ontop of things like watchtowers, stairways ect. Another thing is people beeing affectet by explosions. It would be nice with a kind of ragdoll to kik in in these situations.
  6. The police officers have holstered pistols. Wonder if this is a feature BIS implementet this time...
  7. Spy17

    Men of War

    The series features some things I always hoped to see in ARMA: - real good dammage system for buildings an vehicles - spreading fires - a good inventory system (including vehicles, you can reload amunition manually) - working mines (and mine searching) - a good cover system including cover behind debris. - nice animations for the boarding sequence of vehicles. - indirekt fire for artillery. on the negativ side: - it is a RTS not an FPS (problems with LOS) - in FOW some scenarios where verry restrictive and forced you into a "tunnel" kind of gamestyle by making some objects indistructable . - to manny enemys - short fiering distances. - it is not very realistic that you can completly repair all vehicles The new demo did not show me any bigger improvements of the (great) engine. I hope the scenario design is more open this time. I would have hoped for more realistic engagement ranges and numbers of enemys.
  8. Niiiice!!!!!!!!!! The kogugjev like song together with the god old Hind realy gave me goose bumps! Long range tank engagments... that´s just what I wanted to see! I also apreciate the improved animation for the mounting sequence into helicopters! But the absolutley best for me is to see the Hind cockpit view without any arcadish radar, health and compas windows, now thats a big step forward for me!
  9. I know what you mean! I know the ACE scripters can not do everything at the same time...... I also hope to see a playable version of the MEDEVAC feature soon. It would be the first game (i know of) with this feature an would open up for completly new gamestyle. (focus on bringing all your men out -dead or alive- makes coop players stick more together and gives options for new sidemissions) Love the MOD (including the turning while prone feature) -great work!
  10. If you look at the attaked UAZ it looks like they have new models for destroyed vehicles and secondary explosions. That would be a big step forward. I also dislike the RPG reload animation (like in OFP). Nice to see the BM-21 Grad! Hope they finaly have a working artillery system for it! Looking forward to see it in action!
  11. Great idea with the deployable weapons! The cobra works great with TOW+HF (you can aim at and destroy houses now with both weapon systhems) but I can not get the appaches HF to work like with the cobra. Hope you implement a MEDEVAC (where you can load bodys in vehicles) feature soon. Great work!
  12. Hope your work with a system for vehicle evacuation of dead and woundet is making progress. I finnaly had a chance to play with the mod and it looks verry promising.
  13. Great to see that you you have the first version of the MOD out! I would love to try it out but I am on holiday and can not play. One question: Can you load multiple injured and/or dead persons in vehicles to evacuate them?
  14. Spy17

    plane thrust with joystick?

    I also hope it will get fixed in a patch...