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    Army SF

    "Mainly because everyone stopped asking me to make them" two words.. douche nugget
  2. Listen guys, is there anything the ACE team can do about people joining vanilla servers w/ACE on. It instantly crashed the server. This seems like there should be something on the ACE side that could check to see if it is present without bringing it down. Quite frankly, you guys have created a division within a community that was not present before your release. In Arma1 Your releases were not such a pain to keep updated, administered or running. Get your shit together, you are wrecking what is probably the tightest community in online gaming....
  3. RumpleForeSkin

    Bloody's Flags Pack v.1.4

    There totally needs to be a Coca-Cola flag for that bloody battle in the 80's on US soil. many many tiny paper cups were lost, not to mention the disease spread by the wanton use of blindfolds http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cola_Wars
  4. RumpleForeSkin

    ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead discussion thread

    nah.. they want the game to look GOOD instead.. that goofy assed pointy hat would just ruin it :eek: Go Army!
  5. RumpleForeSkin


    can I get this with a Dharma logo on it?
  6. RumpleForeSkin

    EW Campaign

    First off, Bravo gentleman, I had much more fun in this little campaign then all of my attempts at Harvest Red. Please please keep em coming just like that. The Community now has a new bar to reach in storytelling. looking forward to a second playthrough :)
  7. RumpleForeSkin

    US Infantry - 2008

    it's not complaining.. it's incessant pestering ;P Second to NONE On the Minute!
  8. a new HSF would be the best for you. I recommend the arctic cooling Freezer7 as you won't have to remove your motherboard for installation and i've managed to get a 800MHz OC from my C2D6550 with that cooler, but i would imagine that the 6600 would do better with the higher multiplier and all. Now as far as the 7950 goes, my son has the same card and can't really play arma2 very well. The game is shader heavy and the 7 series just doesn't have the shader horsepower to pull it off well. as far as recommendations go? Well that is really subjective, the new ATI's have been getting rave reviews and offer ALOT of performance for the cost (5770) but since you already have a SLI capable motherboard you might want to go with one of the nvidia offerings (260 at the minimum i would suggest) and have the option to throw another one in there as the prices drop. there's my 2 cents.. i expect change =P good luck! Second to None! On the Minute!
  9. the wait is killing me! you just can't imagine how many times I've hit shift+f and ctrl+space ...it became just how i played the game heh.. Looking great guys can hardly wait!
  10. RumpleForeSkin

    WIP JTD Fire And Smoke

    is there any way to get these smoke effects to wrk for the rocket launchers/ i understand that getting it to go on every rocket would be a performance hit but on the rocket artillery it could be a tactical godsend. If you've ever seen a large rocket fire it leaves a smoke trail to the horizon. the MLRS firing effect is a crushing blow to such an awesome model.
  11. RumpleForeSkin

    Uber Air Combat V1.2 Beta (MP)

    see ma... i can make a difference!
  12. RumpleForeSkin

    Uber Air Combat V1.2 Beta (MP)

    frontpaged on armaholic... http://www.armaholic.com/index.php loads of fun btw.. the only thing i can think of doing would be to raise the viewdistance in the mission as air-combat with only a short viewdistance is a little frustrating
  13. RumpleForeSkin

    Proposals & debate on a new version of Evolution.

    Call me a little picky but could the forces used (whether it be US or RACS) be a cohesive force as in using the hardware from one particular branch of the military. It annoys me to no end that they just mixed and matched the units in arma without any research as to what that particular fighting force would actually field. ( ie Strykers in a freakin Marine unit, cobras mixed into an Army force)
  14. RumpleForeSkin

    38th Infantry Division INARNG

    Curiosity is getting the better of me... What does the C and the Y stand for on the combat patch? I've never seen that patch before (US Army 90-94)
  15. RumpleForeSkin

    ArmA Warfare 1.1

    sounds great but 4 minutes between fire missions? is that realistic? a good gun unit can put steel on target much quicker than that!
  16. RumpleForeSkin

    Heavy Truck?

    I was looking around the tubes and cannot seem to find a HEMTT for ArmA. I'm no modder or coder but I am trying to learn the editor (Thanks Mr Murray! ) I would like to make some missions based on my military experience. I drove a M985 in a MLRS battalion for longer than i care to admit and would like to make some missions based on the boring job of supplying ammo to the glory boys who take the shots. is there a way to get the models from say the CoC OFP mod (ie. M270 launcher, M985 HEMTT) and import them into ArmA?