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  1. Well, thanks for the answers... shame on me! :P I could have sworn that the colors changed allready... played around too much with the dev build! Greets and thanks Ra!dar (Lighting and water are looking amazing btw!)
  2. Good day, after installing the hotfix for 1.58, the water reflecion settings and the new effects, seem to be gone. Before the patch it looked like this in multiplayer, but single player was fine. Maybe it could be "very hot fixed" by adding the line into the "xxxxxx.Arma3Profile", but i don't know the words... Greets and thanks Ra!dar
  3. Well if you vote for it, the possibility of it's comeback in ArmA2 might rise :P Only shadow makes you to see the shape of objects and generates a deeper 3D world (because you can kinda see how the form of the object is trough it's shadow on other things). I hate to have shadow disabled in games, it makes the games feel so flat and gives them a lack of contrast. Without no shadow, there's no light ;) so give the smoke some yin-yang :yin-yang: :D DMarkwick got me about thinking of columns of smoke etc. Casting shadow. It would definetly look great. Would give you an aid to read the dimensions of it and give a deeper environement impression. I know that the graphics is not the most important thing, but i think it would enhance the graphics alot. I think that the beauty of the ArmA2 game (and it's predecessors) are the quantity of all the littel details which interact with each other. But smoke doesn't react very much, it's just there. Smoke reaction to heli downwash and interaction with objects would be great too (now i'm going to far :p)
  4. Well i ment recieving shadows, but casting shadows would be the extra (but maybe it would get too hardware intensive). The main reason i'm interested in that topic is because the only lighting particle effects have, is the static light of day and in the night they can allso be lighted by light sources. Makes it feel strangely disconnected to the rest of the environement. Edit: Check out how it looks if you throw some smoke grenades at night and light parts of it with a carlight, fire, muzzle flash, explosion etc. It would be a nice and easier way to darken the particles in shadow at day (like i described it @ issue tracker) ---------- Post added at 06:25 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:06 PM ---------- I searched my old armed assault movies to show of in motion pictures, how it looks. Here's the first one, second following: Edit: Here is the second
  5. I remembered the shadow detail in particle effects of Armed Assault, which was great but not present in ArmA2 so i reportet it on the Issue Tracker. Visuals aren't the most important thing, but these shadows would get the particle effects more connected to the environement and give much more detail and contrast to them. I think it would be an easy way to enhance the beauty of ArmA2. So please vote if you like and don't if you don't :P Grtz Ra!dar
  6. I played around with beta 819 installed. I had KORD machineguns on one side of a valley, a TUSK tank on the other side and me as a civilian in the middle to watch the lasershow at night. But the weird thing is, when i look at tracers coming directly at me and until approx 20° angle, i don't see them. I don't know if it's just beta but maybe something to look at. Because incoming 12.7 tracer at night scares :D (but you can trace them back to the gunner)
  7. I stopped believing... i think 40% play with crosshair, 35% play with scopes and 25% believe getting drunk in crouched position is realistic :D
  8. Well i have been playing for some hours with the newest beta. Performance is good, no crashes and great action. One big thing i just dislike is still the: If i crouch with a non optic sight weapon, the sights go and sway all around. Everybody is running around with scoped weapons, because everything else is retarded, because of only the possibility standing or prone. Allso it would be great to have more configuration options on weapons: Ak47+scope or reddot, grenade lauchner, DMR without scope (m14) and many more possibilites. Arma2 is evolving :)
  9. "[60522] Improved: Longer view distance for objects when high view distance is used" 1.03: Zoomed out Zoomed in Newest beta: Zoomed out Zoomed in Object details seem to be handled like in Armed Assault now. Looks nice! (I need to tweak now again for perfect performance and look :P)
  10. My experience is that antialialialiasing makes the game kind of sluggish since the newer patches, now i play without it. Besides of that GREAT! all the covering fire makes it more alive! Grtz
  11. He finishes changing weapon and then falls to the ground. The falling whilst chanching is just with rifles.
  12. In Superpowers there's a new weapon buy system, which i like alot! But if i die and respawn, it mixes up what i had before and the standart equipment of the class i am. Here i got an RPK with 3x drum magazines +2frag +2smoke +3PG-7VR. When i dropped out the grenades, RPG's where underneath them. Before respawn: RPK +3xdrum RPG +2PG-7VR Additional stuff after: 1xdrum 2xsmoke 2xfrag I like the beta, AI seems to act faster, but maybe it's placebo again :D Looks like it's going in the right direction! I think there are so many little things new after 1.05 which no one ever saw and noticed, they should release another manual with all the new stuff... It's kinda hard to check out the whole game after every new beta to see what's chanched just because of a lack of communication. The "changing to rocket weapons" animation still plays to it's end even if the unit is dead. Grtz Ra!dar
  13. Speed of sound simulation of rifles firing seems to be gone again, but with it most of the problems with missing machinegun/rifle sounds. I played Armed Assault recently and the sound there is much better because of the 3D EAX stuff. I think they made a step back with the ArmA2 sound engine.
  14. Raidar

    Broken Sound

    After some short testing it seems that the missing sound problem is mostly gone in 59008. Just sometimes i have missing machinegun sounds in the first burst of an AI shooting in the distance, but the second burst is allways ok. I think the "speed of sound" simulation for the firearms is gone too, assuming that was the cause of the problem. Grtz Ra!dar