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  1. Here's a little addOn I made for the OPFOR side. It's based on one of the alternative endings of the Harvest Red campaign, when... The archieve also contains an optional replacement addOn, which replaces the original OPFOR insurgents (ChDKZ) with these troops. Zipper5 has kindly built a demo mission for this addOn too, which you can download from the link below. Enjoy. Version history: v.1.0: - Added some variency between the characters - Improved textures and models - New classes: APC Crewman, Tank Crewman and Pilot - Fixed the faction error caused in the game patch v.1.04 v.0.9: - Initial release Download links: Chernarussian Red Army troops (v.1.0) Demo mission "Loose Ends"
  2. rellikki

    Mission requests and ideas

    If you're looking for a specific mission or just have an idea, you can post it in this thread.
  3. rellikki

    An open letter on basic ARMA:CWA support

    I support this notion. But what I think is also needed is more scripting commands. I think one of the reasons a lot of people wouldn't bother upgrading to CWA is because it really didn't add anything new. Most of the new scripting commands introduced in CWA were already possible with various workarounds and the rest don't really have much practical use. But something like setVariable & getVariable as introduced in ArmA would open all kinds of new possibilities. Those alone would make a tremendous difference in my opinion and wouldn't probably be too unrealistic of a request. I think many other modders would appreciate it aswell.
  4. rellikki

    Help needed with "tracer" object.

    I took a look at Bn880's tracers. It appears that the tracers' pitch is set with the use of the animate command by using the bullet's velocity as sort of a factor. It's not possible to return a vehicle's roll from the velocity of the bullet though, so it's useless in that regard. I haven't tested this but you might be able to figure out the vehicle's roll by comparing the vehicle's position with the initial position of the fired round. Unfortunately I don't really know how to make practical use of that idea, but it might be a good start. Otherwise your best bet would be Fwatch if Faguss comes through.
  5. rellikki

    Help needed with "tracer" object.

    It might not be possible due to engine limitations. The scripting commands to set/return a vehicle's axes were only introduced in Arma. It could probably be solved with the help of Fwatch, but you'll have to ask Faguss about that. An alternative method would be to make the tracers part of the vehicle's model. It might even be possible to animate them with clever use of setObjectTexture command so it doesn't look too fake.
  6. rellikki

    Vietnam: The Experience v0.4

    Simply running the two mods together should work. Put the WW4 mod as the last one in the -mod parameter so the game will prioritize it over VTE (-mod=x_vte;@ww4mod25), meaning that you'll be essentially playing WW4 mod with VTE assests. Although VTE mod has its own config, it's only for the custom menu as far as I know, so you don't really need to worry about it being replaced by WW4's.
  7. BIS released a FAQ which addresses some of the questions you've asked, here: http://www.bistudio.com/english/community/licenses/faq
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    West German Army 1985

    Closing thread. Continue the discussion in the new release thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?184781-Bundeswehr-1985-Addon
  9. rellikki

    Adding new transition animations

    It's really simple. You would have to define your own separate animation set by copying the entire CfgMoves section from the main config with your changes in it into the addon's config, like so: class CfgMovesMC {}; class yourAnimations : CfgMovesMC <the entire CfgMoves section goes here> You will also need to copy the class CfgVehicleActions and class CfgManActions into the addon's config too in their entirety before the animation set entry, or else there will be errors. To enable the new animation set to your soldier class, simply add the following into their CfgVehicles entry: moves="yourAnimations";
  10. rellikki

    Adding new transition animations

    I managed to configure a crappy looking transition animation from sprint to full stop by adding a new entry under class CombatSprintFActions. You need to add stop="yourAnim" there to define what animation is played when the character stops sprinting. After that, you would need to add the connections and interpolations and whatnot in the animation entries themselves to make the transitions smooth, but I don't know much about configuring them. Sanctuary might be the only one who truly understands CfgMoves.
  11. rellikki

    the REAL way to make a silent kill

    Thanks, this will be useful... for scientific purposes. But I don't think this kind of stuff really belongs here. Closing.
  12. rellikki

    Oxygen limit

    We finally managed to finish the mission. The first try we found the chopper by sheer luck but as we were taking off, the renegades shot it down. The second try we actually managed to finish it after a long, painful journey. Here are some remarks: You might be already aware of this, but there are a few quirks with the camp spawning script. Some of the objects are often floating in air, sometimes they spawn on top of each other and from time to time they're in really weird locations like on steep cliffs or in the middle of roads. I also feel like the camps might be spawning too frequently; I would sometimes find up to four camps spawning just a few meters from each other. As a result, the survival aspect is really lacking and it also makes the mission a little bit too easy since supplies aren't scarce enough. Personally I would reduce the amount of camp spawning. I imagine the low view distance is to cover the very frequent spawning of camps, so if you decide to change it, it might be a good idea to increase the view distance too a tiny bit. The instant respawn feature is a little problematic, especially if you died in the middle of an enemy base with no useful weapons. One time one of our players died 20 times trying to get out of the base alive. I'd suggest making the respawn position random like it is at the very beginning of the mission. The convoys don't always spawn properly. One time the trucks wouldn't move anywhere because they were facing odd directions, another time two trucks spawned on top of each other and one them flipped on its side. The artillery script appears to be local to the clients, meaning that it's completely useless other than for the hosting player - the explosions simply don't have any effect on anything. You can fix it by changing the camCreate commands to createVehicle instead. The blood splatter effect seems to activate too sensitively. You'll notice it especially when driving a car - even the tiniest little bump makes your screen bloody. You might want to add some kind of damage value that has to be met for it to take effect. Other than that I think it was good fun as long as it lasted. I'm looking forward to possible updates and whatever else you might be planning.
  13. rellikki

    Mission requests and ideas

    Thanks a lot. Even though Blake converted most of these to FDF which are fairly common, it's good to have the original versions too. There are quite a few missions that were missing from the pack that I do happen to have. Those would be Bridge to Freedom (original version), Coast Raiders, Desperate Measures, Fatherland, Joint Ops, Maskirovka and Midsummer Party '85. If you don't have them, I can send them to you.
  14. rellikki

    OFP videography

  15. rellikki

    Mission requests and ideas

    I'm looking for Blake's vanilla coops, especially 'Rifles of the IRA'.
  16. rellikki

    OFP Addon request thread

    I'm looking for the ORCS machine gun pack. It seemed to be hosted only on the ORCS' website, which isn't up anymore.
  17. rellikki

    Fwatch Request List

    Would there be a way to rise the water level beyond what's possible by simply changing the in-game date, even as far as to flood the whole island?
  18. Put this in the tank's init field: The bolded parts define the amount of dispersion; the higher the number, the more inaccurate they are. You can get the best results by playing around with it, but the value of 10 already gives them considerable dispersion. You can also use this for infantry if you're not using JAM HD for example.
  19. rellikki

    Add "Join In Progress" Option?

    Is the question in regards to OFP: Elite, or did you accidentally post in the OFP: Elite section? If you mean CWA, I doubt they'll be adding any upgrades anymore, with the main focus being on the Arma series.
  20. rellikki

    Does anyone still play this

  21. rellikki

    OFP videography

  22. The bridge objects don't have any defined buildingPos'es, as far as I know. You'll have to put the units manually on top of the bridge with: this setPos [getPos this select 0, getPos this select 1, X] ...where X is the height of the unit in meters. You'll have to play around with it to get the correct value.
  23. rellikki

    Arma Tactics videos

    Dedicated thread for Arma Tactics videos. Please post your videos here instead of creating a new thread for them. I'd like to start with one I just made:
  24. rellikki

    Arma Tactics videos

    A couple of more: This one's a run of the same mission as in the previous video, but with only knives and flashbangs. This one's a normal run of Hold Position, African Town I.
  25. rellikki

    OFP Addon request thread

    No. I wasn't really satisfied with the work at the time and never got around to finish it.