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  1. Excellent, many thanks for your efforts
  2. Just tried this and just wanted to say, fantastic job! I havent spent a great deal of time playing with it yet, but already I "feel" the helo more. Just pulled off some landings on a fairly small roof and the freedom you now get is just fab! I didnt even have to cheat to 3rd person view in order to provide that essential situational aswareness overview. It did require some tweaking of my trackir profile, and I'm sure more tweaks are to come! But great job again mate, thanks very much.
  3. Looks great, looking forward to trying this! **edit** Just realised that it not out yet, LOL. Could I ask whats the timescale for release? (imminent, soon, dont old your breath ;), etc )
  4. Ratcatcher722

    Beerkan Brit Units

    Not wishing to inflame things any further between you two... but I think those are very valid points. I get tired of not getting on a lot of servers because I choose to run certain mods (sthud) but can't as they dont accept any mod keys by default. I would like to run with Brit uniforms without having to faff about all the time.
  5. Ah, got all excited when I read Pugs post, I thought it had just been released!!!
  6. Good point, well presented! :)
  7. Looks very good but would have to agree with Phronk.
  8. Ratcatcher722

    Annihilation [NATO/DEVGRU]

    Thanks for the updates, they sound excellent.
  9. Ratcatcher722

    Annihilation [NATO/DEVGRU]

    Now who feels dumb??? lol. Thanks for pointing out the obvious...its my age! Thats great, many thanks for the advice, will check it out when I can. :) EDIT - Hopefully I'm not missing the obvious again... but could you add a weather variable into the parameters? We would also like to have some of the missions in the larger towns if possible? Cheers
  10. Ratcatcher722

    Annihilation [NATO/DEVGRU]

    Hi lukrop, First off I have got to say I am loving your mission! I'm playing with a friend on the NATO version and so far it seems to be running very well, though am just hosting on my PC and not on a dedicated server, we have had a couple of desyncs but generally it sems to have run OK. My request or question is, can you add an option to change the time of day? Or let us know what I need to alter it. ( I just dont like the look of dawn in ARMA :) ). I have tried to edit it myself and set a differnet time but it seems to be overridden by something??? I also tried to add a UAV operator but he doesnt appear either. Any assitance would be gratefully receieved! As for mods - my friend is currently running clean, I set the game up on my comp and am running - CBA/sthud/tmr ( cuttenly disabled )/tpwcas/TPW. All seem to run wihjtout issues between eitehr of us. Cheers
  11. Hey Alpha-Kilo, Many thanks for the reply... OK, quick update. I just got it working. I think I was leaving too much gap between the unit and the command! Thanks again for your help.
  12. Hi, This looks really interesting, however either I'm missing something or its not working very well. I have installed it fine ( win7 64 with English UK Keyboard/voice ) I have the latest build ( 0.2.1 ). When in game I can select the various units ( 1 - 7, etc ) they highlight and then the text box pops up allowing further commands that I have to click to action. Is that correct? As having read through the posts and looking at the vid it looks like you should be able to give further commands verbally ( assign team red, etc??? ). When I try this I dont get any response other than the text box coming up. Sorry if i'm being a doof! :)
  13. Working! https://www.dropbox.com/s/zefkbrs6ek04hkj/On%20Our%20Own.jpg
  14. Ratcatcher722

    Tao Folding Map

    Hi, Really like what youve done, can you advise how I can do the following: 1: Change the position of the map on screen. I use 3 screens and when I open the map it adjusts to either the left or right of the center screen only. I would like to put it over to the left screen. ( I tried adjusting the value's in the .pbo but ended up just having the whole thing stop working ) 2: Add a custom key bind - shift m works fine, but I would like to add it to a joystick button. I have read through the posts and can't find anything that covers the above. Thanks!
  15. wow thats a weird one. Thank god they havent got planes yet... I too am suffering fromt the sound bug, hope it gets squahed soon!