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  1. Hello guys, I just discovered over Armaholic forums that someone actually ported whole arma2 universe to arma 3 :) the forum is http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=20905 the tutorial link to the forum I did not do anything just relaying the info :)
  2. I got my copy of A3 this morning and OMG BIS really did some loving with arma 3 :) I got goosebumps when lauching the game :P i wonder what the game will like when it will be released :yay::yay: Feels totally different from all previous titles and its awesome. I have tested and i must say the alpha contain less bugs when Arma 2 was launched and is AWESOME. THE GOOD * superb Graphics * Optimized ( i mean more than arma 2) * Amazing units/units/models/textures * Awesome Animations (we had a preview on A2 with Smookie :P ) * diving Master piece :) * love dynamic light & nice laser effect at night * AI is difficult but still needs improvement ( take advantage of the environment and i havent seen the ai uses the different standing instance ingame) * driving is much better but still needs improving * sound is improved and much better. Gun fire has more weight. * nice muzzle effect/ * explosion effect is well designed we can see mud on the screen if we stay to close. Nice small debris during a huge explosion * makes battlefield and COD looks like $%^&£$ :) * AI is not as accurate as in A2. In A2 the AI can e take a head shot 600 m with his ak47 ironsight :( THE BAD/SAD * Same problem as In A2 Terrain textture become horrible from a long distance, kinda kill the charm & the ai seems to disapear in the ground (from far away) * 3d editor (maybe in the finals) * chopper landing still same as in A2. LAME!. The chopper takes too much time to land * environment is just overbright even when i tweaked with the brightness.
  3. BAF and PMC DLCs were made by BIS and yes arma3 DLC will probably be like these
  4. So what you mean that i will be able to purchase arma3 in 29 days ?
  5. the url states 29 Days left and countdown :(
  6. Raj

    Force Recon

    Great work Binkowski :) many thanks for the hard work and hope to see you in ARMA 3 :)
  7. haha would have never imagined that, will definitely give it a try :)
  8. Raj

    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    maybe china too :P
  9. Raj

    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    Great news BIS, will certainly buy ARMA 3. Since the news time really slowed down :( I'm not big fan of steam, but will the game be downloadable worldwide on steam or certain countries only?
  10. Great work guys downloading now :)
  11. hey ardvarkdb thanks for the addon :) reminds me of the ofp days, time passes by too quickly :( Thanks for the hard work n the release :)
  12. Raj

    ExA RG-31 Mk5

    Early Christmas :D Many thanks ExA and Stiltman for your awesome work ;)
  13. Congrats on the release Meatball0311 :) downloading now...2 hr to go :( And many thanks for the little surprise and your effort :)
  14. very nice Lao Fei Mao, do you know the pistol animation names for Smookie pack?