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  1. After the newest A3 Patch the Option for the Keybindings doesn´t work anymore. Think it has to do with the CBA Update. Any chance to fix it? Same Prob with Drongos Air Support.
  2. High TPW! How can i use the tpw_air script only with Addon Airplanes and Helis? Without the tpw_air_helitypes = [] and tpw_air_planetypes (from cfgVehicles), only with tpw_air_extrahelis and tpw_air_extraplanes ? Or maybe a additional Variable would be good: With stock AirVehicles=1 With 3rd Party Addons=2 Both together=3 Greetz Pit
  3. Good Job Naught! Should you sometime get bored, you could create a script for Object-Caching. Maybe. Someday. Would be nice. Pit
  4. Too stupid, my fault. Of course not. thx tpw
  5. Maybe already asked: Is it possible to use the Cars from Arma2/OA (AllinArma involved)? I tried to change the lines in tpw_park.sqf and in tpw_cars.sqf Just as an example. But it didn´t work for me. All what i see are the Cars from A3.
  6. pitpines

    ACE for OA 1.13

    I think I've found a bug with AI Pioneers/Saboteurs. They can´t place/defuse mines via Action-Menu (F2-6-?). Can anyone confirm this? Or am i the only one? Ticket is opened: https://dev-heaven.net/issues/27497
  7. The Buildings of the Fallujah-Map would be great ;).
  8. Have a bit similar problem like kroky with a chopper. i set a chopper with units (allies) inside on the map and give them a couple of waypoints. One of the waypoints is a "unload transport"wp, on a invisible H. Usually it works prefect, the chopper lands, unloads the units and flies to the next point. But when i use GL4 with enemies on the map, the chopper hovers mid air and doesn´t land. After a while, he flies away without unloading, but not to the next wp. When i delete the enemys on the map or switch off Gl4, then it works again. Chopper is not linked with reinforcement or something, he´s just for the atmosphere and has no real relevance. He should simply land. Greetz Pit
  9. pitpines

    Group Link 3

    And HOW to intialize GL3 after DAC is started? "waituntil{DAC_Basic_Value == 1};" in the .sqf, and then?
  10. Another Comment: Tanks (tested here: Panz.III) recognize the Howitzers earlier then vice versa. The Howitzers have no chance here Greetz Pit
  11. Some Comments: i think the reloadtime of the panzer III is too fast, he needs 3-5 sec. for a shoot. maybe anybody knows the average time for reloading? can´t find something in the web. the cannon of the sherman4 has a bad bad sound. the sound of the tigercannon is too quiet important: the infantry-weapons need more dispersion, i hit the enemy with my mp40 or thompson in a distance of more than 150 m. the germans need a medic the combination 31st/ECS-mod doesn´t work (zero-divisor message) but all in all: it makes really fun greetz pit
  12. Have some Probs with BAR-Gunner Helmet Texture. Texture is only white
  13. pitpines

    Ecp released!

    THX Para!