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  1. Its been a few months since I last played A3 but when I saw this terrain I just had to try it - the demo map is already awesome, the amount of the detail is just amazing. Cant wait for the full map. Great work.
  2. pauliesss

    Quick Terrain Builder Tutorial

    Did BIS even tested this before the release ? Buldozer is still not working for me after serveral reinstallations of P: drive using Arma3P... "Buldozer was terminated - Buldozer is no longer responding to messages. Connection automatically closed" And also this whole "figuring out" how things work wouldnt even be necessary if BIS could provide proper documentation for Terrain Builder together with the release.
  3. pauliesss

    Quick Terrain Builder Tutorial

    What is the best way to download/find height maps, or what do you guys use ? I have sat. map but I am having problems with finding the height map.
  4. pauliesss

    NEW Visitor for A3!?

    Well, hopefully it will come from you, because to be honest, I am completely lost in this tool...and its been a few years since I last opened Visitor 3. :D
  5. pauliesss

    NEW Visitor for A3!?

    It would be really useful if someone could make some quick tutorial about how to set-up and configure the new "Terrain Builder" properly, maybe with some small map tutorial, because it is not completely clear from that BI Sim. documentation. Thanks.
  6. What I dont like about the campaign is that almost in every mission you have your own "team", however, the campaign would be a much more enjoyable if you were just a part of some team lead by someone else....I ended up doing most of the missions myself without/or with small help of AI. They usually die fast... :D And about the ending, well, what can I say, disappointing.
  7. I have a problem on the beginning of "Near Gori" mission and I cannot continue with the mission because of this bug: I think I am not the only one: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=17370 and http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=17326
  8. pauliesss

    Slovak Armed Forces

    Thanks guys, here is another one(WIP). :) click for high-res
  9. The Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic Hello community, today I am proud to present my own re-texture of Arma 3 units. This is just a simple re-texture to represent modern Slovak army, nothing major. I originally planned this for Arma 2 but some things went wrong...anyway, here they are for Arma 3. :) Please report any bugs in this thread, thanks. Screenshots (click for high-res) Download links http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19727 Readme Version: 0.1 _________________________________________ Features: - woodland and desert digital camo currently used by Slovak Army _________________________________________ Known issues: - whole addon is based on USMC addon by Sabre, so if there are some bugs, you can expect them here too - both desert and woodland digital camo is not 100% accurate, but I am pretty satisfied with the result - backpacks and some other things are not re-textured yet - boots on woodland units still need some work _________________________________________ Installation: - copy mod folder @PAULS_SVK and place it into your "Arma 3" directory (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3) - add the folder to your launch options, for example "-mod=@PAULS_SVK" - you can then start the game and find the units under: BLUFOR > Slovak Armed Forces > Infantry Desert BLUFOR > Slovak Armed Forces > Infantry Woodland _________________________________________ Credits: Big thanks to Sabre and to all who helped him with his USMC retexture addon, for allowing me to modify his configs etc. Thanks to Saul for "PSD Templates for NATO Soldiers". Bohemia Interactive for creating such an amazing game(again). Enjoy! :cool:
  10. pauliesss

    Tonal Island for Arma 3

    Great news really, good luck IceBreakr. :)
  11. pauliesss

    Slovak Armed Forces

    So, it's been a long time since I released the regular infantry addon of The Slovak Armed Forces and I thought for some time about updating this addon. I've been looking for modern digital camouflage to suit the Stratis and Altis environment and I found the digital mutlicam camouflage pattern somewhere on the internet...only one example of this pattern is available though, but I think it looks pretty decent anyway...what do you think ? :) click for high-res
  12. pauliesss

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Thank you LordJarhead, downloading now! :)
  13. pauliesss

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    The water simulation(rivers) looks amazing.
  14. pauliesss

    JSRS2.0 WIP Thread

    Take your time Dear Lord, really looking forward to this. :bounce3: Hopefully the MX sounds are gooood. :D
  15. pauliesss

    Realistic Wounding System [RWS]

    Nice, good luck with this project. :)
  16. 5th Special Forces Regiment (Slovakia) The 5. Pluk Å¡peciálneho urÄenia, 5. PÅ U (literally 5th Special Purpose Regiment, 5th Special Forces Regiment) Regiment is based in Zilina. Slovak Armed Forces Counter-Terrorism and special operations unit. The military unit is directly attached to the Slovak Armed Forces General Staff, commanded by the structure associated with command of the operations of the SAF GS. The 5. PÅ U regularly trains with western special operations units, including the USA 10th Special Forces Group and the French 1er RPIMa. Since the unit's creation in 1994, 5. Pluk Å¡peciálneho urÄenia has increasingly adopted western special forces techniques and equipment, and has, in recent years, been a participant in the EUFOR Althea, since 2011 within ISAF War in Afghanistan (2001-present). Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5th_Special_Forces_Regiment_%28Slovakia%29 Official website - http://www.5psu.mil.sk Features • Unique digital camo inspired by woodland digital camo currently used by Slovak Armed Forces • Dark green re-textured MX rifles • Re-textured vest, helmet.. • Unit patch, flags.. • Inventory icons for gear and weapons Note: these units represent 5th SF Regiment(Slovakia) in A3-era(year 2035). Known issues • unit loadouts are far from balanced • flag patch on left arm is reversed • holosight is not re-textured Installation • copy mod folder @PAULS_PSU and place it into your "Arma 3" directory (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3) • add the folder to your launch options, for example "-mod=@PAULS_PSU" • you can then start the game and find the units under: BLUFOR > Slovakia > 5th SF Regiment Credits • Big thanks to GDSN for allowing me to use and modify his "MX Black rifles" addon. • Thanks to Saul for "Independent Army" .PSD templates. • Bohemia Interactive for creating such an amazing game and for permission to include re-textured MX rifles. DOWNLOAD http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23244 I really hope you enjoy this addon and as always, please report any issues and suggestions in this thread. :) Thank you, Pauliesss
  17. No, Slovenia does. :) Anyway, as noted in the first post, these units represent Slovak Army in A3 era(2035).
  18. Just a very simple re-texture of Hunter...the dirt and scratches will be reworked. :)
  19. pauliesss

    Isla Duala for Arma 3 (WIP)

    Good to see you back in business for A3 Ice... :bounce3: ice ice baby...A3 vanilla Ice
  20. 5th Special Forces Regiment(Slovakia) addon
  21. Thanks for everything man. :)
  22. Thanks for your support, the MX rifles are rather dark green than black, but I guess it also depends on brightness and contrast settings + the Arma 3 lighting is also not perfect in some situations. I thought about re-texturing the Hunter for start, but I am really busy right now..I am glad I could realease these guys. :)
  23. I was able to solve the issue by disabling Speed Of Sound mod. Then I reverted the mission, saved again at some point and loaded my saved game just fine...strange that a sound mod caused this.
  24. Thank you so much for your support guys, means a lot to me. :) @Foxy: thanks a lot for mirror and news on Armaholic site.