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  1. PRiME

    PVP heaven..for now

    Not sure how you guys can play 80player PVP, I mean at least CQC type like TDM. Maybe it was just a few select missions but my supercomputer go pulled down to 5-10fps during a few gameplay sessions ago in a TDM mission.
  2. Steam is unlikely to stop MEMORY hacks occurring, people who load hack apps in background after game has launched. Luckily ARMA scripting can help with allot of these problems, just need to insert it into each mission. I might look at a system that raises a small pop-up box whenever someone kills more then 2 friendly players or destroys SAFE objects which are marked on the map, and allows people to kick someone off server for 30minutes by pressing a option. Surely it can be done.
  3. PRiME

    =BTC= Revive

    A solution for the revive in air issue is to just have a waituntil command for when the players body is within 1m of ground. Easy fix! http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/waitUntil
  4. PRiME

    Anti Teamkill script

    True, plus coop. Was on a server last night with 30 odd people and 2 of them were spam killing everyone. Was pathetic and ruined the server so I left. I would like a script that KICKs players from server or puts them in a SIN BIN room for a certain amount of time.
  5. Oh, because searching previous ARMA posts indicate that it does work. Perhaps they all didn't know it just didn't work. This is gonna be a real annoyance :(
  6. This can easily happen if the keys have been generated by a pirate group and are in use. Just look at ARMA2, lots of ARMA2 keys are stolen due to key-gens! Dayz hackers often have a library of 100keys for their use.
  7. Cool that seems to have fixed majority of the problems. Cheers
  8. Ok can you fix the number of magazines saved? I will have a look at it myself but atm it only gives you 1 mag whereas before I had 11-12 mags for my weapon. It will need to count those in backpack/vests as well. This is going good, almost there :) Skip my idea, better to check weapons mag type then do a counter for each weapon using if statements. I will try to figure code out.
  9. Tried this in SP editor and I do Save Loadout then dropped a few items including backpack and clothing and then used LOAD loadout and it just put back my backpack and just 1 clip and gun. Seems it doesn't loadup everything :( Actual items left, loadout that was loaded in as you can see in inventory. ALLOT missing http://dl.dropbox.com/u/41627694/ARMA3/loadoutUntitled.jpg (201 kB) ---------- Post added at 00:39 ---------- Previous post was at 00:22 ---------- Ok, A) Doesn't load back clothing B) only loads back 1 clip per weapon, so if I save it with 10 clips and load it gives me 1 or 2 clips for that weapon. Appears to save Weapon and Attachments fine.
  10. Basically I want a player to be able to activate a trigger and that trigger to grab the players name and use it in a script. Seems this function is different to how ARMA2 works as thislist etc etc all show either any or array. Nothing is in those. So it seems the triggers via radio no longer store the name of units using the triggers? At least I all my testing shows this to be true.
  11. Keen for a solution myself. I have got a functional revive script but need the rearm script to complete the job as everyone spawns stock.
  12. Just wondering if anyone has a script made up that saves ALL loadout on dying and respawning? Here's a Snippit of something I have tried already with no effect. // capture player's inventory... _player_weapons = weapons player; _player_magazines = magazines player; // capture player's backpack contents.. _player_backpack_initial = unitBackpack player; if (_player_backpack_initial == objNull) then { // player does not have backpack, abort capturing scripting } else { // player has backpack, capture type and contents... _player_backpack_type = typeof unitBackpack player; _player_backpack_contents_array = getmagazinecargo unitBackpack player; _player_backpack_mag_classes_array = _player_backpack_contents_array select 0; _player_backpack_mag_counts_array = _player_backpack_contents_array select 1; _player_backpack_weapon_contents_array = getweaponcargo unitBackpack player; _player_backpack_weapon_class_array = _player_backpack_weapon_contents_array select 0; _player_backpack_weapon_count_array = _player_backpack_weapon_contents_array select 1; };
  13. PRiME

    The details

    Wow allot of rules and ruler smacking in BIS forums these days :o Anyway I think BIS should look at just seeking a module plugin from a physics company in order to add in these complicated interactions which would clearly take up too much of their time to program-in at this later stage in the project. Many companies are offering solutions to these problems in module form which might be integrated into the ARMA3 engine, that is assuming BIS has allowed for such. Sure it costs money but it solves allot of problems at the same time. If I was to build a game I would be looking for bits of modules and code that other companies were selling in order to off-load the work, if the price was right (most indie module devs offer great pricing). Nothing shameful in using other peoples code if lawfully, just gotta make sure its worth it.
  14. Unsure if this has been mentioned or not but it be nice to have the ability for admins to type #savequit in multiplayer missions so that the mission is saved and can be resumed later.