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  1. Do it like we did with FDFmod for ArmA. A self extracting RAR exe that doubles as an installer which can locate your ARMA2 directory. It will however not add anything to registry and purists can extract it normally just like every other rar file. It should be a solution that fits everyones needs ;).
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I'm still trying to find a good balance for the fresnel effect (highlight). That screenshot was taken in shadow which makes the fresnel effect much stronger. Also I'll try to get the dirt effects stand out more with specular map's blue channel. When done right, the dirt should look very cool :cool:.
  3. norsu

    City Of Elenagorsk

    Why so? What's so special about Chernarus that it can't be created in V3? Also I'd use clutter very sparingly in city areas, muddy ground textures would work much better (2nd pic) :).
  4. Looking good, however I have some nitpicks coming: -Weapon blur is too strong IMO, my eyes were hurting when I watched the video. It may be so in real life but I don't want a headache when I'm playing a game -Sight adjustment. While it's a nice feature I think the interface is too clumsy when you want to quickly adjust the sights. With a real HMG it takes about two seconds to adjust the distance sight but at least in ACE1 I just preferred to correct my aiming instead of adjusting sights. For slow paced long range sniping with static targets the interface is sufficient. Maybe a simple vertical slider which can be used with mouse wheel could do for HMGs and other similar weapons.
  5. Guardian of the forest: M05 Jaeger with black PKM
  6. You can carve in Oxygen but judging from the simplicity of geometry, I'd say the hole is hand made :). Carving tends to give more complex results but it works too.
  7. norsu

    FN SCAR MLOD's giveaway

    The model looks fine for A2 if materials (nohq, as, smdi) are made and configured carefully. ACOG should be taken from A1 mlods however as it looks rather poor in 1st person now.
  8. norsu

    No dedicated server on MW2 as well...

    A parody of the situation: :D
  9. norsu

    Infantry Modelling Questions

    Also remember that the head proxy model has only lods 1.000 and 2.000, for other lods you'll need an actual low poly head model. This can be taken from example soldier.p3d released a while ago. Low poly heads should match whatever head model you choose in unit config. For NAPA units BIS has rushed the job and placed bare heads to lower lods even though lods 1.000 and 2.000 use head with a balaclava, so don't repeat that mistake ;).
  10. True and also not true. Building collapsing fully is hitpoint related in A2 but you can still blast away parts of some buildings depending on where you hit it, like the control tower on Utes. I believe if BIS had the time (and money) they could easily develope a multi-part (dozens of hitzones) destruction system for buildings which could even work well enough in MP. Adding proper physics to it would probably kill even high end systems though.
  11. I have no idea, but the numbers remained the same after resuming or reverting everytime I tried. And I tried many times, even after restarting A2 it worked just fine.
  12. Works for me at least when reverting to a saved game or resuming aborted game. Restarting mission gives new numbers though but I can't see that as a problem.
  13. Do you have class Rotation; at the beginning of model.cfg?
  14. Are they part of damageHide selection? If yes then they will deform when animated. If you want to have the animated parts disappear along with damageHide, you should make them child objects of damageHide or damageVez (turret damage) in model.cfg and make them as their own selections in the actual model. If the animated parts don't need to disappear with damageHide, then just give them their own selections and do the model.cfg as usual. I'm not very good explaining this but hopefully you understood :).
  15. ARMA 2 supports a good number of different textures per terrain grid which should make varying snowy terrain quite possible to do :). As for objects, rvmats can be used to create snowy textures without adding snow to the main texture. So all you seek is very much possible to do in A2. Random numbers would add sections to every vehicle not to mention a script that makes them work. I would rather sacrifice the randomness for better performance. Random numbers are nice thing but they are hardly ever recognised after a mission starts.
  16. There's a new(?) command available that can be used to fine tune the speed of tank tracks. By default track speed comes from dimensions of the track texture which can lead to problems if you want to have realistic tracks. Luckily BIS has overcome this problem with tracksSpeed config command. This command has been used at least on BMP-3 ( tracksSpeed = 0.222; ). For FDFmod Leopard 2A4, which uses 512x512 texture for the tracks, I have used tracksSpeed = 2.0;.
  17. Some more steel from East: (Click for bigger image)
  18. We have updated our website. There's also a new HD screenshot of Leopard 2A4: (Click for bigger image) It's now possible to comment news directly in the front page :).
  19. XA-360 crew fixing their ride (Click for bigger image)
  20. Ah, I never thought of that at all :). And good to hear you are looking into the matter at hand. Could a different setting for foliage detail be possible? I think many players would like to see units and buildings in full detail but reduce the foliage detail a bit (I guess even 2nd LODs for foliage would look great). Something like the "Object Detail" we have now, but for foliage only. Maybe at the same time make individual settings for units and buildings too.
  21. For vegetation BIS uses normal maps with very noisy alpha channels to help the alpha blending of leaves and such. This is what causes the pixellation effect you mention, the actual diffuse texture has infact visible leaves. If you replace the noisy alpha channel in normal maps with plain white, you will see the leaves very clearly. This will however cause lots of popups as the alpha blending won't be smooth anymore. Maybe BIS could improve the vegetation by using something like in Oblivion for example. Combinations of polygons and sprites.
  22. A beast from the past: (Click for bigger image)
  23. Here's how I think BIS did it: The axis (recoilhlaven_axis) is made of two points in memory lod and it tells how long the recoil effect is just like with small arms.
  24. norsu

    Texture problem in A2

    This still won't solve blurred textures I'm having with weapons. For example FDFmod MP5A3 model shows up blurred in O2 and looks just fine in game but FN pistol is blurred in both O2 and in game :confused:. Both use 1024x1024 textures that were made with TexView2.