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  1. Hi everybody. maybe someone of you could help me to find the settings I would like to have. I suppose it is possible to start "apocalypse" on an island with a setting that looks like this ??? - all bases are controlled by enemy - you start with an initial invasion on some point, thus forming a beachhead - subsequently capturing outposts/bases to gain more support points for reinforcements -...while the enemy tries to push you back into the sea (settings from easy to hard) whenever I start a map and altering settings for amount of initial troops - and countries/factions uses I start with an island already partially in control of my side - especially the smaller islands are almost 50/50 in control (with two sides playing for control). and battles are already raging criss-crossing the island since control of bases is spread not concentrated on some parts. btw: Is that meant to be that I can buy upgrades (recruiting desk) without having an HQ present? how do I get the HQ? I just do not understand how it works it seems thanks for any help
  2. Makake

    BD Tracer Lights

    No, unfortunately it seems it isn't. and it does not work with blastcore tracers as well. at least I did not get it the lighting to work with both. I hope the author of this very fine mod reads this and is still involved in modding. I came across this pearl of a fx mod and have to say it would be great if this one gets some attention so that it might be compatible with existing tracer mods - that would truly be great! some other things to mention (from my side): - lighting is great - maybe incorporate an option for size of tracers (short balls or long streaks) to make it independent from other mods - seems that it disables tracers for all other weapons besides machineguns (infantry, vehicle mounted and airial), why this?
  3. Makake

    Bitter Chill-help!!

    I had to skip this one after the encounter at the manhattan fob where you meet NAPA soldiers. First attempt - a T72 and hordes of soldiers gets up the hill and shreds everything to pieces and/or blocks ways in the woods around Second, third and following 2 attempts - a helo drops hordes of soldiers, and a whole army is waiting at the base of the hill and in the woods. No chance to escape the chopper - it is always (!) aware of where you are! this sucks, even crawling does not help. that hind chopper always killed me or my squad members. I never reached one of the surrounding settlements alive. how is this to be solved?
  4. Makake

    WarFX Particles

    newest version looks so fantastic, can't wish for more... except: smoke is floating REALLY fast above vehicles after destruction. as someone mentioned: 2x speed?
  5. Six Updater isn't working anymore for me. Tells me something about redcloth not able to be installed, GUI command prompt shuts down itself without starting the web frontend. no way to update ACE2 with this it seems. any clue or help?
  6. Want to join my experiences with random madness and bugs in this mission? Got to the sentry post of Manhattan and having a chat with the guard. All of a sudden, lots of Chedakis attack from the forest up hill on the other side. The Osprey - as a result - circles the scene and does not stop for about half an hour. After killing the attackers, I went to Manhattan Base. Got all objectives, strange enough: sentry post objective is listed as completed. I didn't do anything - I promise! Using the UAV terminal proved to be useless - message: "UAV destroyed" without any screen or means of controlling that thing. so far so good... Went directly down the hill to khelm. Followed the hints to get my team around the village in different positions to intercept attackers or prevent the guy from fleeing. All of my men are in position and as I approach the town, the bomb goes off (as lots of players also told here), but no fleeing saboteur anywhere! Seems like this mission part is not to be solved in any other way? Finally called Starforce for a pickup to the to Olsha airfield to check for bases. Huge battle happens, but friendly Hind Helo just flys around without offering fire assistance. As I slowly get overwhelmed by lots (!) of opponents all around the field (seems like all bases around sent their guys to welcome my team) I desperately call for an arty strike. guess what? nothing happens - and starforce isn't available anymore, too. Finally got them defeated with lots of time and saves. So I made my way by foot in direction of the mark just west of Olsha - just to check what's about with these marks in the red areas. Surprise: stumbled upon Lagoshina in the barn at the woods. Had to make all the way back to LZ Jersey. On the way got a radio saying that the doctor and the other girl got killed. Above the LZ, a camo net and some tents with one sentry only. Killed that man, got to the LZ, a message comes up that a helo is on the way - no UAZ as mentioned elsewhere. The Hind doesn't land, but the girl makes in on board nevertheless (teleporting device? bionic super jump abilities?). By chance, I noticed that Starforce is available once more. Called for extraction - but something is messed up. The means to point the Venom to a LZ is somehow sluggish and the pilot always decides to land miles away from my selected LZ. As I make my way to the helicopter I get a message that the gun runners have been taken out by friendlies. Good thing - seems I don't have to bother with one less bug-ridden objetive. Selecting waypoint and LZ to gorka: CTD with Out of Memory. Reloading Arma2 and savepoint. Guess what: a radio telling me that an "APC is dangerously close". You could say that! A BMP just rips apart the Venom. That thing wasn't there last time I played! Reloading: no BMP. ok... made my way to Gorka. Disembarked. Suddenly "3" gets wounded and tosses to the ground moaning. Unfortunately he refused to accept medical assistance - selecting first aid does nothing. Reloading: this time and all other reloading "3" is already lying on the ground, what's more: I can't move anymore, not even looking in a different direction. This happens always when I disembark the "reborn" Starforce 21 but never happens when I walk to the town. WTF? Stopped playing by now. Will try to get the rest of the mission completed anytime soon. As long as Arma2 won't stop me from doing this...
  7. Makake

    Manhatten Bug List

    don't know it that's mentioned before. but arty and starforce bug still exist in 1.05. no chance getting arty to work (it disappeared after selecting it), starforce isn't available either. "uav destroyed" message after using feature without ever seeing a dialogue screen. wtf?
  8. I had these issues with the geometrical shapes and missing textures, too. solved it by setting to default video memory and maxmem=2047. I then got another graphics bug with tiny white/light gray squares flickering in a checkerboard-like pattern across some textures and landscape parts. I only got rid of them by drastically reducing texture detail and setting 3d resolution to native screen size with a smaller (!?) interface screen size. weird! they sometimes still show up - but no large artifacts since then. hopefully this'll get fixed by BIS
  9. Makake

    Converted OFP SP Missions

    sorry for reviving an old thread. but there's a very fine everon "russified version" from SAP out there. that looks gorgeous and could be used for these great missions. any chance we'll see old OFP mission on converted islands? the above mentioned is just to inviting...
  10. any reason why I have the objective "find sentry outposts" (or similar) is already completed when I start the mission at the manhattan base?
  11. Makake

    Razor 2 Walkthrough

    hmm, did not read enough of the manual and threads around, but... is collection of the evidence neccessary? I had a firefight in staroye where olegich asks for help (disgusting voice acting btw). all of a sudden a truck appears and a man runs along it. happens to be it's bardak - arrested (first try: cut scene and got killed by shots all around me not being able to shoot back because of scene, second try: let him run behind the hill and then arresting him). mission ends - not able to collect the other evidence. is this a problem?
  12. Great addon. I still have to find a lot of content by myself, so much to explore :) one question though - and don't take it as an insult - is it possible to use ACE 2 with the vanilla arma loading screens? did not find any option yet.
  13. same problem here. no chance getting to hit the shilka before my team gets mowed down. Even if I rush past all the OPFORs to kill the RPG Guy first. My team is either stuck in the forest fighting bad guys downhills (those I rushed past), or moving across the field to the houses (if I decide to handle the bad guys first). No matter what: the shilka moves up to the crossroads at the storage facility to the right and fires at my team. I don't have the time to kill the shilka, since I can't get near enough before someone dies. Maybe it's because of ACE2 - trying that out without it. No, it's not ACE, neither ZEUS AI or GL4. Just bad mission design here :( Exactly. Not going to replay that mission for a thousand times until the shilka decides to stay where it was If there isn't a bulletproof hint how to do this I am going to delete that shilka out of the mission once and for all EDIT: done it. used the editor and changed waypoint of the shilka. maybe this is how it is meant to be played, eh? no way getting past that b**ch without getting my team killed
  14. Makake

    WarFX Particles

    I wonder if anyone of you experiences the same: particle effects and explosions, kick up and fx look great, but smoke is not only a big column at first (then changing to JTD smoke it seems), with yellow fire (arma 2 vanilla fx?) but... makes square shaped rims of the smoke columns. Not easy to describe... looks like the smoke dissipates in rectangles instead of plumes. This happens especially if watching at tank battle from some distance. vehicles are always affected by this when burning. sometimes - at a certain distance - when you zoom in with RMB pushed, those rectangles disappear and show the normal smooth columns. btw. I use ACE and JTD...
  15. already posted in a similar thread but maybe it fits in here, too. I'm getting a lot of monocolored shapes after a minute of playing and it lags like hell. any clue? btw it's a ati 4850 and a P5200 dualcore.