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  1. How do I make it run as administrator if I run it from Steam?
  2. ModeZt

    Graphical glitches.

    Looks like a hardware trouble to me. I've never seen those in Arma3 on standard models. Are you using any kind of mods?
  3. So how can I change the volume of vehicles in config? I've only found basic sliders. For my likeness the sounds of rocket launchers and firearms are too loud and the sound of vehicles is barely audible.
  4. sorry for not creating a ticket in bug tracker. was unable to test properly. but the bug is important and i believe was introduced after 1.60. Markers on the map are visible to everybody on the server even when they are made in group channel / direct chat channel / vehicle channel. Especially related to the one unnamed popular mod. You can usually see lots of markers on the map even when the global and side channels are disabled!! I can even chat with ppl using markers. I create a marker in direct channel and after about 5 mins the marker is visible to other ppl on the server. And they are not within 40 meters from my location.
  5. BattleEye on all the servers with newest beta just started kicking everybody. "Corrupted memory #0"
  6. Did you install 1.60 update for Arma2:OA? How do you launch the beta? You have to start the game using the newly created shortcut "Launch Arma2 OA Beta Patch"
  7. Sorry for posting here. Failed to dig up the thread created centuries ago.. Clinet FPS still depends heavily on the server. Lets take dayz as an example since it's so popular now. I am on a server A with 5 other players and with 70 AI zombies, in the middle of nowhere in a forest and i have 25 fps. I disconnect and join server B with 40 players and 500 AIs in the same forest and i have 40 fps. ( latest beta. CPU load of my core2quad is 60% for the most busy core. GPU load is 55%. 4GB of free RAM ) Do i have to blame BIS or a script-writer? Same behavior is common for most missions (not only dayz). And in my understanding dayz's scrips are quite simple. Far simpler then ACE.
  8. Fix the NETWORK CODE. i don't need no features. i just want multiplayer to work without troubles. and without lags.
  9. ModeZt

    Devs time for a 64BIT version???

    oh shiiiiii... not this again. ArmA2 is 64-bit aware since 1.07. It and can use all the memory on 64-bit operating systems.
  10. ModeZt

    ARMA 2:OA beta patch 75666

    thx for the video. I have same troubles on my ATI HD5870 1GB / intel core2quad9550 /win7x64
  11. ModeZt

    Activate OA online and play without CD

    beta-patch works like a no-dvd. 1) install the 1.54 patch 2) then install the beta-patch http://www.arma2.com/beta-patch.php 3!!!) launch the game whith the shortcut Launch Arma2 OA Beta Patch in your arma2 folder.
  12. ModeZt

    ARMA2 demo updated also?

    There will be a demo of ArmA2:Operation Arrowhead. I hope they'll release it soon.
  13. I have noticed major performance hit when I run something in background while playing. For example Opera browser gives me lags and eats up several fps. I can imagine running 2 copies of the game wont' be good for performance too.
  14. ModeZt

    3d resolution or AA

    with the base resolution of 1920x1200 I can't afford anything higher then 100% 3d res. 133% just cuts the frame rate in half. so I play with 100% 3d res and Normal AA. ati hd5870 has quite fast anti-aliasing algorithms so why not use it? ;)
  15. ModeZt

    New beta build 71548 up

    Correct me if I'm wrong. The memory allocation in ArmA is somewhat tricky. To estimate how much RAM is used by the game you have to look at the total amount of memory used by applications and the operating system, NOT at the amount of memory allocated by the arma2.exe process itself.