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  1. MehMan

    Libyan Air-force ordered to bomb protesters

    Just to stir things up. Communism is an unreachable ideal. How about that?
  2. MehMan

    Oil Prices set to tumble.

    There's more oil for me the burn? F... yeah!
  3. MehMan

    So Some guy in My town got arrested

    Man, I wanna lead a one man rebellion. Anybody wanna join? Well you can't, because you're just not cool enough.
  4. MehMan

    China Hijacks the Internet

    China wants to invade the US. I better go investigate, just let me get my disguise and sidekick. HERRO, HERRO PREASE!
  5. MehMan

    Unidentified something

    Somebody wants you to touch his rod.
  6. MehMan

    War with Iran.

    Yes, but that only spread because there was one dedicated fire extingushing team onboard that mostly died in the first explosion. since then the US navy got super serial about fire safety and every semen is trained to extinguish fires and fire drills are done regularly. EXCELSIOR!
  7. MehMan

    War with Iran.

    Good luck with that. While you're at it, can you send my regards to Santa Claus and the Easter bunny.
  8. MehMan

    Allods Online - Free to Play MMORPG

    This. my expirences with free games have manily been bad. Because they didn't work properly on my rig, I couldn't get it right and nobody cared. So I rather pay for a game and have some support while I'm at it. And I'm not a numpty when it comes to configuring your rig or computers, but still, I prefer my games to be plug and play.
  9. MehMan

    US will soon burn, threatens Pakistan Taliban

    Lawl. Taliban threats.
  10. MehMan

    Do flaps work?

    Yes.(five chars)
  11. MehMan

    International Politics Thread

    The point is that the consant repetition with the IRS was what drove him crazy. No clue on what taxes are in the US, but in Slovenia you get about 1600 out of 3000 gross.
  12. MehMan

    International Politics Thread

    You are joking right?