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  1. FFS_Frontline'43@I44 by FF Studio Download mission v1.02 added: Download mission v1.03 Hi all, we have finnished our MP mission for I44 mod. It is "capture and hold" mission for 1 - 46 players based on Battlefield playing style. Our target was to create MP mission where all players (also enemies) will be close together and not over whole map. Therefore player can capture only neasrest enemy flag (assigned by task) and not flags behind enemy frontline. These frontlines will move during mission (see 3rd pic). Due to this system the battle will placed mainly between axis and allies frontlines. It it possible in params to set AI defend and AI attack - so you can play this mission also alone only with AI. For win the battle you have to capture all 5 flags or reach score defined by param (default: 1000). Mission Info: Typ: Capture & Hold Players: 1-46 Needed addons : Invasion 1944 - DDay (v 2.0) Invasion 1944 v2.1 Hotfix (v 2.1) Invasion 1944 v2.2 Hotfix (v 2.2) Available vehicles/planes for roles: Soldiers - only transport trucks Crew - 1 tank , 2 halftrucks, transport trucks Pilot - 2 figter planes Version: 1.03 - AI attacked even if "AI attack param" was disabled (fixed) - added 1 AI group which will defend thier flag when "AI defend param" is enabled (added) Some ingame pics:
  2. -FF-Faust

    FF Studio Addons

    MehMan's infantry is still not completed and we are not working on them at the moment. Actually we have pause from moding and creating addons. Now we want to make some MP missions for Arma 2, and after their release we will come back to WW2 and MehMan's stuff.
  3. [FFS]coopBarbarosa Me and FriZy have made MP mission called Barbarosa. Its coop for 20 players. There are: Primary missions: Clear Zelenogorsk Clear Sosnovka Clear Pustoka Clear Vybor Clear Airport Secondary missions: Destroy radars Destroy convoy Kill russian general More info (from Diary): - respawn is in our base during whole Operation Barbarosa - for information about actual primary and secondary tasks go to speak with commander in hangar - for respawn helicopter or requesting pickup (send message to players) use satelite telephone in hangar - for scaning enemy area (count enemy units and vehicles) use UAV mobile center next to the hangar - to see briefing of Operation Barbarosa use map in hangar - everybody can fly with helicopters DOWNLOAD [FFS]coopBarbarosa.rar (360kB) -there are 2 missions, 1 for Bluefor and 1 for Opfor Armaholic link Version: 1.04 I hope you will like it.
  4. -FF-Faust

    FF Studio Addons

    upps i forgot to post it here in completed section ...moved from ArmA - ADDONS & MODS: DISCUSSION WW2 TankPack by FF Studio released Addons: - FFS_PzIII.pbo - FFS_CrusaderMkII.pbo Include: - FFS_PzIII - FFS_PzIII (desert) - FFS_CrusaderMkII - FFS_CrusaderMkII (desert) Size: 53 MB Authors: Frizy, Faust and MehMan Require: nothing In editor: as FFS Armoured -> ... Special thanks to: MehMan, PetrTlach and Centerbe This addon is free and not binarized. Enjoy it! :) DOWNLOAD FFS_WW2_TankPack (15 MB) Crusader MkII Full resolution PzIII J/1 Full resolution
  5. -FF-Faust

    FF Studio (WW2)

    WW2 TankPack by FF Studio released - moved to completed section Crusader MkII Full resolution PzIII J/1 Full resolution
  6. -FF-Faust

    FF Studio (WW2)

    You want some news? ...all i can do is just post here some pics Pz III J/1: and Crusader Mk.II:
  7. <span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'>Burning Sands Mod</span> Mod web site: http://bsmod.byethost7.com/ Reopening MehMan's mini mod Burning Sands: Africa '42 by FF Studio. We decided to change mod name from Burning Sands: Africa '42 to only Burning Sands because we dont want to be limited by date. Here are some pics for start:
  8. -FF-Faust

    FF Studio (WW2)

    Yes, we plan to create any allied vehicles of course. We are allready working on Crusader MkII, and later we want to create Sherman M4A4.
  9. -FF-Faust

    FF Studio (WW2)

    thx for comments, yes it looks similar because we use FH as inspiration btw: PzIII has allready functional mgHull and barrel recoil animation
  10. -FF-Faust

    FF Studio (WW2)

    just a photo spam of Pz.III
  11. -FF-Faust

    FF Studio (WW2)

    @BARNS: to be honest, i dont know if its possible to mount/put Johns Flak38 on sdkfz, maybe later we will try something, but priority is mg34 @101st Paratroop: at the moment we are not planning to release his soldiers or weapons because they are not totally done, we want to focus on vehicles now, so they can be used for example in RIP's mod.
  12. -FF-Faust

    FF Studio (WW2)

    Hmm i dont know at the moment, because we even dont have MG42 on it yet . ..but yeah , it would be cool to have more variants. Â
  13. Beautifull pics RIP Â , as i can see you have done a lot of work on this map
  14. -FF-Faust

    FF Studio (WW2)

    WIP of Sdkfz 251/1 (model by MehMan) Full resolution Full resolution
  15. -FF-Faust

    Burning Sands: Africa '42

    i decided to refresh this topic  WIP of Sdkfz 251/1, (model by MehMan) there is no texture for tracks, interior, and some details yet Full resolution