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  1. Mr_Tea

    Music Recommendations

    I´d recommend Tarja Turunen, can`t get enough of this Goddess.
  2. The MG should be the MG3, not the MG1.:confused: Back in the days when i served in the German Army those was one of our "Toys". At least the MG1 is out of service for an long time.
  3. Mr_Tea

    Are you going to upgrade because of ARMA 3?

    I`ll wait for the Community Alpha, at least, if not for ArmA 3 to be released before i do an upgrade or built an new Rig.
  4. Mr_Tea

    Can your PC max out ArmA 2?

    My last update, from an GTX550 TI 1GB VRAM to an GTX560 SC 2GB VRAM, gave me enough power to play in 1920x1080 with view-distance set depending on what fillrate i use. With 150% fillrate i can play with ~5k view-distance. I think the amount of available RAM and VRAM plays a big part on what can be archived. That Hardware together with Patch 1.6 works great.:)
  5. Mr_Tea

    ArmA 3 & AMD FX

    With all the optimization needed, Hardware wise and Software wise, i`ll stay with my Phenom II X4 for some time to come. Maybe replace it by an X6 and add more RAM. But hell no, i won`t switch to an new Platform that fast. Saves me Money, and my nerves.;)
  6. Mr_Tea

    VOTE - "Most Anticipated Game 2012"

    Voted :) ArmA 3 got more votes than Mass Effect 3? I´m pretty impressed, good job by all that voted.
  7. Mr_Tea

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Is it normal behavior of ArmA 2 Combined Ops, that IED`s and such no longer work? I can`t "deploy" them with ACE active, the only thing i can do with them is to put them on the ground via the gear menu, without an option to set an timer or blow them up remotely.:confused:
  8. I canceled my Mass Effect 3 pre-order @ Amazon because of Origin. Origin is not even compatible with German law, as long they tread their customers like that, they can keep their Games for themselves. Arma III will be fun.
  9. Mr_Tea

    Automatic Mod Downloading

    That could be an Firewall problem, once the Program gets permission to run, the UAC should not block it. I´m on Win7 Prof. 64 BIT, UAC enabled, and all i need to do is one click when the UAC message pops up, from there everything works without a hassle.:)
  10. Mr_Tea

    Stealth Kills?

    IRL an Knife is still an deadly weapon, and if no other weapon is available it must be used. The only question is, can it be implemented properly? I hope so. To close in on an enemy can be very hard in an quiet night, but in an thunderstorm for example, it`s very much possible to be archived.
  11. I can`t even imagine, why these Zombie Mods pop up for every game.:confused: So i would not pay a penny for it, sorry.
  12. Mr_Tea

    Big problem with Arma 2 for me.

    With Vista 32 BIT ArmA 2 runs great in Full HD with the 260.89 driver on my 9800GT. Do you have problems with other games too? Edit: Have you installed the latest Direct X, direct draw should work. If not than there is something wrong.
  13. For buying an DLC? No, way.:rolleyes:
  14. Since i still don`t own an credit card, i guess i have to wait for an ArmA 2 GOTY to get the British Troops DLC.:(
  15. Try Amazon, there you should have more luck.;)
  16. Mr_Tea

    Arma 2 or arma 2 oa ?

    I installed OA directly into my ArmA 2 folder, and got Combined Operations from it.:inlove: It`s the best thing any ArmA 2 Player can do.
  17. Mr_Tea

    Will there be an Arma 3?

    Carrier Command is next, as long BIS is working on that every other work has to wait. There will be an ArmA 3, but with a different title perhaps.
  18. Mr_Tea

    War with Iran.

    Not daring to return fire? So some hundred, or more, Rockets per year being fired up to Israel ground do not count?
  19. Mr_Tea

    ARMA 2 OA 1.52 :Bugs

    The In-game Mod Manger is acting strange. When i open the Manager, change nothing, it says the Game needs to restart. Every time that deactivates the following Mods: CBA, ACE, ACEX. When i do change something in the Mod Manger, the changes work, but the three Mods (CBA, ACE, ACEX) get deactivated again. I can only get things to work, when i make changes with the Mod Manager, restart, activate CBA, ACE and ACEX again, restart again, and than stay away from that In-game Mod Manger. I guess that is not how it should be. edit: @ ADuke In my common folder is no addons folder, all files are directly in the common folder.
  20. It`s working again, hell knows why. But the in-game Mod Manager is acting very strange, what could lead into any problem.
  21. I reinstalled the latest CBA V.0.5.1, and there is no change. Made an ACE update with SIX Updater to make sure all files match, to get tis result.:eek:
  22. I moved the Ace folders to an backup directory outside of ArmA 2, now it works again. That`s not how it should be, but for the time being it`s ok.
  23. After i copied the new Ace Userconfig, unpacked off course, to the ArmA2\userconfig directory i got this: Include file x\cba\addons\main\script_macros_common.hpp not found.:confused: With that Combined Operations refuses to start.
  24. Mr_Tea

    A scope zoom-in bug

    Pressing 2x "Numpad 0" should fix it. Try out if it works for you.
  25. Mr_Tea

    Where/how/when to buy ARMA2:OA?

    Me too.:) Ordered from Amazon.de, estimated delivery: June 30. :bounce3: