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  1. Lightninguk

    Missions with parachutes

    thanks a lot that is great
  2. Lightninguk

    Missions with parachutes

    sorry i know this is a noob questions how i set them up to 300 ---------- Post added at 15:13 ---------- Previous post was at 14:37 ---------- ok sorry done it this AddBackpack "B_Parachute";this setpos [getpos this select 0, getpos this select 1, 200]; works well instead of starting a new post can anybody help me with this below next question how would i mark the Drop Zone with smoke during the day and a camlight during the night thank for the input
  3. How would i start a missions were the guys start at 300meters high and have a parachute on to sim a para drop thanks for your infor on this
  4. Lightninguk

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    i like the new version ,with the new look EOS Script how do i stop the zones spwaning enemy when a helo flys over it ,so it only actives when there is feet on the ground in the old version i had to change this not sure were this is in your eos script
  5. Lightninguk

    Kryptek Camo and Gear - WIP

    new screen shot in alpha testing now with Reality Gaming http://i.imgur.com/kPCZ34M.jpg (241 kB) http://i.imgur.com/5vwuJKL.jpg (253 kB) http://i.imgur.com/lqzos8p.jpg (289 kB)
  6. Lightninguk

    Kryptek Camo and Gear - WIP

    nice try by the way I love the camo outsyder
  7. Lightninguk


    also which helos in the beta does it let you helo from
  8. Lightninguk


    what the command to add 30 parachute to a ammo box in the Beta please ,and again thanks for your time
  9. what the in game code to get the large radar station in a missions on a new map and how would I do it thanks
  10. Lightninguk

    Operation Crescent Sword coop 40

    sorry I forgot it had acre in it
  11. Lightninguk

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    it just a missions I am working so how would I make that height check work in the triggers
  12. Lightninguk

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    is there a way to stop the the enemy spawn if a helo fly over the zones thanks as I found it activite all the zones when there fly over them, I would like the zones to be active by bluefor infantry only ,thanks in advances
  13. we at reality Gaming would like to release our versions of missions we play on a sunday , Operation Crescent Sword Vanilla Version below are our Warno Order to go with the missions, we have about 15 missions that we like to share with you that will be remade into vanilla Versions OPORD 000011 TO: Cpt.Lightninguk, OC 1st Rifles ; Reality Taskforce FROM: Maj.Andrews - TFHQ Highroller SUBJECT: Operation Crescent Sword (44th parallel Line) DTG: 051800ZMay05 PRIORITY: FLASH/CRITIC CLASSIFICATION: NATO SECRET ++++++BEGINS++++++ 1. SITUATION The 44th parallel north—which divides the Stratis Peninsula roughly in half—was the original boundary between the Nato and Iranian brief administration areas of Stratis at the end of World War III. Upon the creation of the Democratic People's Republic of Iran (DPRI, informally Iran) and the Republic of Stratis (ROS, informally West Stratis) in 2021, it became a de facto international border and one of the most tense fronts in the New Cold War. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/61/45th_parallel_north.png/250px-45th_parallel_north.png (125 kB) Both the West and the East remained heavily dependent on their sponsor states from 2019 to the outbreak of the Stratis War. The conflict, which claimed over 55000 lives and divided the Stratis Peninsula along ideological lines, commenced on June 25, 2019, with a full-front DPRI invasion across the 44th parallel, and ended in 2023 after international intervention pushed the front of the war back to near the 45th parallel. In the Armistice Agreement of July 27, 2023, the DMZ was created as each side agreed to move their troops back 2,000 m (2,200 yards) from the front line, creating a buffer zone 4 km (2.5 mi) wide. The Military Demarcation Line (MDL) goes down the center of the DMZ and indicates exactly where the front was when the agreement was signed. Since the Armistice was signed, it has been monitored by members of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission (NNSC). Since 2023, members of the Swiss and Swedish Armed Forces have been members of the NNSC stationed near the DMZ. Owing to this theoretical stalemate, and genuine hostility between the West and the East, large numbers of troops are still stationed along both sides of the line, each side guarding against potential aggression from the other side. The armistice agreement explains exactly how many military personnel and what kind of weapons are allowed in the DMZ. Soldiers from both sides may patrol inside the DMZ, but they may not cross the MDL. Sporadic outbreaks of violence due to DPRI hostilities killed over 500 Nato soldiers and 50 U.S. soldiers along the DMZ between 2021 and 2023. . 2. ORDERS 1st/2nd Squad, 1st Rifle are tasked with pushing out W of Nato Headquaters to begin a operation to secure the west side of the island . 1st Squad are to conduct initial patrols through the 44th parallel and to engage any hostiles in the AO. 2nd Squad will be Airlifted to the south of the island and Conduct Combat Patrol thur the south of the island Talon will be on standby with transport and CAS A. Enemy Forces 44th parallel has historically been a key Area supply route and DIS assess that significant numbers of regular Iranian fighters remain operating throughout the area. It is assessed that Iranian numbers are considerably reduced following recent Nato operations; however, recent events indicate a resurgence in support for the Iranian and intelligence reports are being updated daily. Whilst there is no specific threat at this time it is assessed that local Iranian commanders are capable of amassing significant numbers at short notice. Iranian commanders are, however, mindful of Nato air assets and will generally avoid massing forces beyond Platoon level save where specific tasking requires it. B. Friendly Forces RGTF elements in AO: 1ST Rifles , 1/2nd Squads + attachments."highroller/plt command Orca/Darkhorse, Talon Rotary assets Possable Spec op unit C. Weather Sunny, visibility high. D. Terrain High mountains covered in sparse vegetation and small trees to snowline. Scattered settlements in lower valley areas giving way to large and fertile inner valley. 2UP Intent Restore stability to the region, by training and enabling local law enforcement and eliminating Iranian presence in AO. 1UP Intent LOCATE, IDENTIFY and DESTROY Iranian forces operating in AO with minimum loss of civpop and/or damage to property. II. MISSION PATROL.1st/2nd Squad will move by ground vehicles to nato side of 44th parallel and will conduct Combat PATROL through the 44th Parallel and surrounding area.2nd Squad will be airlifted south of 44 Parallel and Conduct Combat Patrol within the area and will SEARCH compounds and farms for signs of Iranian activity. Who: 1st Rifles , 1/2nd Squad, plus attachments + Talon, What: Combat patrol across the 44 Parallel Line When: 051800ZMAY05 Where: In vicinity Parallel Line, East Side of Island. Why: To Remove Iranian Forces from the island. ROE Card Alpha. this is a combat Patrol,. III. EXCECUTION Operation will be conducted in four (4) phases: Phase 1 - All Squad personnel to report in for O-GROUP at Nato Headquater. Phase 2 - 1st Squad will board ground vehicles and move in CONVOY to Line of Advance "Grid 038-047. 2nd Squad will be Airlifted to LZ Bravo Red 1 "Grid 026-006" Phase 3 - 1st will dismount vehicles and conduct Combat PATROL through 44 Parallel Line and surrounding areas. 2nd will conduct Combat Patrol thur Grid 026-006 thur to grid 033-029. ⦠Phase 4 - All Task Forces personnel to return to Nato HeadQuater for DEBRIEF IV. SERVICE SUPPORT A. General: No changes to SOP B. Materials and Services: 1. Supply: Subsistence - no field rations required. Clothing/tools - uniform is MTP, rucks will contain medical supplies. Standard weapons will be used. All Fireteams ICs to ensure that sufficient ammunition is carried. 2. Transportation: via 1st Squad ground vehicles at discretion Plt HQ 3. Services: Rearm/Refuel . 4. Maintenance: We will be checking weapons, radios and equipment prior to issue. 5. CASEVAC. Via Talon Callsign Orca 1. Sling ropes should be carried by CASEVAC Airframe in case suitable HLS cannot be identified. Note that nature of AO can make reinsertions challenging. Troopers requiring re-insertion should wait out for pickup by Talon at Nato Headquater. C. Miscellaneous: People will have their ACRE correctly configured (including grenade throw) D. Personnel: Roll call to be completed prior to 1730Z V. COMMAND & SIGNAL A. Command: Succession of Command: 1.Succession of command. Highroller 6 (Emergency Channel Only - Inactive) Gambler 6 Gambler 2 Gambler 7 Gambler 17 Gambler 27 DarkHorse 6 (Talon) B. Signal Frequencies for this Op: As per:1. ASIPS Radio (long range) CH 1. Operations Net: Gambler Command Elements CH 2. Aviation Net: Talon / JTAC / FAC / FO 2. Dismount Radios CH 1. 1ST Squad CH 2. 2nd Squad Map Data Reliable map data of Stratis is not available at this time. Satellite imagery and terrain data provides useable contour maps but ground navigation will also be complicated by difficulty of receiving reliable GPS signals due to terrain. Ground navigation should utilise fallback system of cardinal points and pre-designated references set prior to each operation. dropbox link https://www.dropbox.com/s/0fygia7ch9wewnd/%3DRG%3DCrescentSword_vanilla.Stratis.pbo we look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy the missions as we did http://realitygamer.org/
  14. could we get a server side key please as our server users keysign only as it does not have one thanks
  15. Lightninguk

    ArmA 3 aircraft sound mod

    So when will any of these planes be release