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  1. Hi guys, just a quick query really. Is it possible to create a custom particle effect image (like this one http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Image:Particles.jpg -- but one you made yourself), and use this from the mission directory rather than having to include it in an addon? Like the way you can include images and sounds in your mission via the description.ext? I'm guessing that _if_ it is possible, I'd need to convert my (custom).paa file to a (flat?) p3d file, like the existing particle effect sheets. Any idea how to go about this? I've tried searching in case there was a previous thread about this, but couldn't find one. Many thanks in advance! =)
  2. Lor


    It's actually defined as an animation of the house model - the animations are named "Lights_1" to "Lights_5". Here's a little code I stole from BIS to turn the lights on in a specific house: for "_i" from 1 to 5 do { _house animate [format ["Lights_%1",_i],1]; }; Here, _house has to be the house you want to light up. I used the following code to light up all houses within a certain radius - but be warned that this is computationally very expensive and probably not practical in a real mission: _objHouse = nearestObjects [player, ["House"], 3000]; { for "_i" from 1 to 5 do { _x animate [format ["Lights_%1",_i],1]; }; } forEach _objHouse;
  3. I've been playing around with it for a while - here's what I have so far: "wetDistortion" ppEffectAdjust [ strength of sharpen edges/blur effect Strength of effect at TOP of screen Strength of effect at BOTTOM of screen Speed of left-right wobble ?? Speed of up-down wobble ?? Amount of left-right wobble ?? Amount of up-down wobble ?? Strength of weird frosted-glass effect (0 = off) ?? ?? ?? ]
  4. Has anyone been able to figure out what the arguments are for wetDistortion? Edit: I found an example of it in the BIS scripts, but can't seem to get it actually do anything, no matter what I change the numbers too: "wetDistortion" ppEffectEnable true; "wetDistortion" ppEffectAdjust [0.5, 0, 0, 4.1, 3.7, 2.5, 1.85, 0.0051, 0.0051, 0.0051, 0.0051, 0.5, 0.3, 10, 6.0]; "wetDistortion" ppEffectCommit 0; "wetDistortion" ppEffectAdjust [0.5, _effectPower, _effectPower, 4.1, 3.7, 2.5, 1.85, 0.0051, 0.0051, 0.0051, 0.0051, 0.5, 0.3, 10, 6.0]; "wetDistortion" ppEffectCommit 5; The two zeros in ppEffectAdjust are "effect power" apparently, so they probably need to be non-zero for the effect to happen, but I can't quite get it to show up. Double Edit: You need to have your post-processing option in Video Options set to at least "Low" to see this one, but the code above does work - replace _effectPower with 5 and try it out!
  5. Create a player unit, then in the initialisation field, put this: this exec "camera.sqs"; That'll give you a camera kind of thing. Use the numpad to point it in directions, mouse to move around, and Q/Z to move up and down. You can get rid of the crosshair by pressing L, I think. Hold shift and a movement key to move faster. I don't think you can use nightvision with it. You can rebind all the movement keys under "Bulldozer" in the controls options.
  6. This looks really awesome BIS - there are some great additions and fixes in this patch, thank you. Thanks for continuing to support this awesome game!
  7. I like to guard stuff. ;_;
  8. Lor

    Up close combat

    If we're talking about realism, I sincerely doubt that any engagements in modern combat (post-Korean war), even SpecOps engagements, have resulted in the use of a knife. I could be wrong, but I just don't think it happens. Edit: Welp, after discussing it with my colleagues, it seems I'm wrong, but not by much. They seem to be cramplastically rare. In any case, time spent on this feature would be better spent elsewhere.
  9. Thank you to everyone at BIS. While I probably won't even be able to use these at my primitive addon-making level, I think this is absolutely a wonderful gesture from you to the community. Again, thank you everyone at BIS. Here's the ArmA, and ArmA2 too! =)
  10. Lor

    Addon Oil Facility

    Hi, welcome to the Addons forums. Here's a link to the addon request thread: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=57329 You can request addons there.
  11. I'm creating a set of medic scripts. When a unit takes damage, I need to know basically whether the damage was caused by a bullet, a grenade, or an explosion. Is there any way at all to do this? The hit event handler doesn't seem to return what caused the damage, and I can't think of any clever scripting hacks. Really, the HUGE question is whether or not this could be adjusted to detect if units are damaged by grenades, or vehicle explosions -- as really, all I need is to tell whether the cause of damage was "bullet", or "explosion". Unfortunately, every solution I come up with would require the ability to check the type of object AFTER it has caused the damage, which doesn't seem to be possible without tracking -every- bullet fired and grenade thrown =/ Anyone have any ideas? Many thanks in advance!
  12. Lor

    AAN - ArmA Navy

    Haha, me too buddy, don't worry. =) Gnat: Whatever happens, I'm looking forward to all of these addons!
  13. Lor

    AAN - ArmA Navy

    That's fine Symbiot, and I respect your opinion. I don't care if someone criticises Gnat's work, but when we criticise anyone's work we must do it constructively. Bdfy wouldn't know constructive criticism if it bit him, hence my rather aggressive response. That might be, and again, I respect your opinion, but what I was pointing out is that Gnat has obviously put a lot of time into creating/perfecting the mechanics of the addon, i.e. the multiple turrets, of different types. That progress is very impressive to me. Well, once again, that's why this is a work-in-progress. When I say they look damn amazing even now, that is of course taking into consideration the fact that they are work-in-progress. We've already seen great quality addons come out of this community, and they'll only get better if we constructively criticise, and keep things humble and friendly. The hovercraft from flashpoint.ru is awesome, and it is definitely the top echelon of quality when it comes to addons, I agree with you. But again, that seems to have finished normal maps, finished textures, it seems to be nearly finished - which is great! But it's unfair to use that as a standard against which you hold other addons that are far from completed. As for the carrier picture - that's just one of the addons that Gnat is working on. Here are two of my favourites: Anyway, I don't want to piss you off or anything, and please feel free to tell me if you think I'm wrong/stupid. I'm just stating my case here =)
  14. Lor

    AAN - ArmA Navy

    Hey look everyone, it's bdfy the Shithead again - come to brighten our day and fill us with his special brand of magical joy. These are OFP ports bdfy, but they are not just OFP ports. Do you understand the distinction there? Gnat is obviously putting a hell of a lot of extra work into these, and in his own words, they are still a work-in-progress. I personally think that even now they look goddamn amazing, and clearly a lot of his time has been spent creating and perfecting the multiple moving parts/turrets that you see on them, which all seem to be working brilliantly. I'll let Gnat reply to the rest of your message. In conclusion, you've once again managed to make yourself look like an arrogant, ignorant, First Class Cock in the space of eleven words. Way to go, buddy!
  15. bdfy: You need to learn what "constructive criticism" is. Every thread you post in you act like an arrogant dickhole. At least if you were constructive with your criticism, people wouldn't be so hostile towards you. (This post is an example of constructive criticism).