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  1. LordNeuro*Serbia*

    Project RACS

    Just a thote on a sa 6. It woul be beter if the rocket r green. I know in r army there painted in green.
  2. LordNeuro*Serbia*

    Burning Sands: Africa '42

    Woow gr8 halftrack. Rely nice job. Sorry for leck of sklis. I m a hug ww2 adoons and era fan. I will love too help in making the addons for it. I hope u will manige too pull it off and finis u fantastic work. Stay strong
  3. LordNeuro*Serbia*

    Windmill structures pack

    Great addons. Any chance of seing thet wwII addons from u pictures any soon? They r looking fantastic.
  4. LordNeuro*Serbia*

    FF Studio Addons

    Yes. Wery good news. Finaly same ww2 addons (vehicle) on arma. I hope thise theam addons will start too come out, and 15.10. is wery close. Keep up the great work
  5. LordNeuro*Serbia*

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    Absolutly fantastic work. Wery good tank. I m wery heppy too see theat a ww2 mod r working togheter and making wery impresiv addons. I hope u will relise it soon. Keep up the gr8 work
  6. LordNeuro*Serbia*

    FF Studio (WW2)

    Wow o may good. Those desert vehicles r just fantastic. Wery good work. I m very jeles on u skill too make thise fine addons. I just hope u will relis soon. Iven just a beta of thise two vehicles. Keep up the fantastic work.
  7. LordNeuro*Serbia*

    Suchoi Su-30 Mk[X]

    Wooow . Gr8 looking plane. Wery good work. I hope u will relise it soon. ANd i hope u will have time too work on same others adthe great work.
  8. LordNeuro*Serbia*


    Great work Vilas. Now plz make same ww2 tanks. Tiger would be nice. And same trucks and cars. Maybe a bmw motorcycle with mg. I hope u will gete the time for those ww2 stuff. Keep up the great work.
  9. LordNeuro*Serbia*

    FF Studio (WW2)

    And the stuff u r making is wery good. I will love too make same ww2 stuff too but i dont have the skill for it. I tray too make a tiger tank from ofp too work and didn make it. It vas for personal use - dont now how the autor is and no permision. Just wont too have fun with it but didnt make it. I hope u will relis same addons oon so we cann have a old ww2 war. Keep up the wery good job and sorry for bad engliss.
  10. LordNeuro*Serbia*

    FF Studio (WW2)

    Great work. I cann weit too same WW2 stuf in arma. There is big leck of ww2 addons. There is beatifol things in work just like yours and i hope it will be in game sun. Keep up the great work.
  11. LordNeuro*Serbia*

    Vilas' addons

    Great work Vilas. And thx for my service veapon Zastava M70AB2. Fantastic work . Keep up and when u finish 85 tipic i hope there will bw same more ww2 stuf, like tank , cars , trucks ad hole palet of ww2 stuf. Chers.
  12. LordNeuro*Serbia*

    Turkish Forces Mod v1.0

    Any news about franciska , r u working on it. I love theat transport and it will fit wery well in arma. Great mod and i hope it will bee more good staff from u . Keep up the good work.
  13. LordNeuro*Serbia*


    Yap it is Vilas work. And i hope thise baby will bw relised soon. I m despertly aweiting the ww2 addons. There is a big lack of theam in arma.
  14. LordNeuro*Serbia*

    Skoda Felicia car from FF Studio

    Gr8 addon. And a gr8 news about making the ww2 addons. Same tiseing about what addon is going too bee 1.
  15. LordNeuro*Serbia*


    Fantastic work. I now u dont heve time but there is a hope u will maybe make same more ww2 armore. Just fantastic work. My fevoret conflict for games. Keep up the fantastic work.