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  1. this is the whole code: so I copy all in editor trigger and name the module BIS_ACM, but when I paste the code and click ok, it shows me an emplty error message??? I dont think codes are the same...
  2. Ambient combat in demo worked for me, but just once, after 15 mins of play, and it spawned small patrol of insurgents. I wondered around for 15 more minutes, and nothing else spawned. Now I found codes for increasing the intensity... but the problem is these are external, and since arma2 demo cannot save missions, there is no folder you can put them in! So is there a way to increase intesity of combat module in in-game editor?
  3. Chernarus already has a similar scenario, map, climate, and angry citizens. And dont make real scenario! Just put SNOW IN CHERNARUS!
  4. nah, jungle or tropical islands would be too crysisish, and savannah too farcrytwoish. arma is not about jungle close combat, imagine rendering thick jungle forests at 10km. maybe for 10 years
  5. If you ask for my opinion, I would like to see some SNOW first! there was a desert on Sahrani, but there was never snow (not including mods and top of mountain on Kolguyev). Chernarus under snow will be nice to see, with a little of added map. Snow warfare and setting is totally different.. I would like to see troops going through thick soft snow, arctic camo uniforms, visible footsteps, and sound (actually silence) of snow covered forests, also there would be no problem rendering grass, because there is no much of it!
  6. Yorke

    Suppress Command

    didn't even know it exists... and logically, suppress and cover would go together. when you shoot suppressive fire at the enemy, enemy should take cover, but looks like AI still doesn't know what cover means. BI needs to work on it, its really hard to implement on this kind of game...
  7. Yorke

    Hello All

  8. nice suggestion, the only command for getting choppa down is dissembarking, and thats clearly stupid... if you could just order him a like a "LOAD" waypoint, to fly near ground until you get in.
  9. well, not dreary, its more colorfull thats for sure. but climate is much the same (although we usually have snow in winter), also backstory is kind of mixure of kosovo and south osetia wars, so... villages and people are alike too, especially in the southern more rural area... here on north, there is no much resemblance, its more european.
  10. Yorke


    it must be tweakable (with a mod), but it was always a nuisance! and there were also many threads about it long time ago, before arma 2 got out (even one by me), but it looks like BI didn't care about it. but its very unrealistic, I have a feeling I'm playing GTA!
  11. Hay, ambient combat worked for me too, just once after 15 mins of play, and it spawned small patrol of insurgents, but HOW DO YOU SET IT ON HIGH???
  12. It's impossible now, but its probably tweakable, for the enormous expense of performance of course.
  13. hahahaaa, for about a minute I taught this picture is arma2 in game! until I saw link
  14. Yorke

    Proper damage models?

    yes bullets are affected by wind and gravity, but I dont think there are bullet models, I mean ricochete (bouncing bullet of) is possible, but its not because of an actuall model. like you cant bounce off sabot shell of steep angle of armor because the tip has cone shape, I think you cant bounce shells of armor at all... I'll try it now however... and damage model for tanks is very good! it shouldn't be changed, you have weak points, you have treshhold... it is quite close to penetration model you propose, but yes, you might be right sometimes shell can penetrate right away, and sometimes it would have 10 unsuccessfull. but I think BIS should look more after impact angles, it might solve the problem. I was surprised when during night you look in the headlights of a car, and then you get totally blind because of hdr and glow, and then when you shoot the headlights they really blow, and there's dark again! it was pretty cool for me, didnt see that before in arma! and bullet holes on helicopters from AA or tanks look awesome!
  15. exactly, you are right bout chat, I noticed that too. many times I made a writing mistake, and couldn't see what I was writing. There are more GUI issues, such as when you click on a line like in server list (or unit selection in CTI), sometimes the upper line gets selected. wtf?? at least dozen of times I entered wrong server because of this. also, many things are hard to use, such as "high command", its very hard to select units on map, and when you select a unit, you cant zoom out with scrolling because you now control radio with scroll, and then you want to move map using pan, by holding right mouse button, but you actually deselect a unit with it!! and then try everything again aaaaaaaarhhhg! its really annoying! I think its stupid that radio is now controlled with scroll, it was always the good number system, and if you are new, you could see numbers, and now if you want to use action menu in the same time in emergency situation you get confused also "new" radio system is bad, I got really used to old one, although you can use the old one, movement is now redirected to "space" command, I didn't yet figure out everything.... as I said its hard to click on lines in CTI, and there is no grouping and categorisation in "buy units", they could make for example picture button for every unit would be much easier. original CTI in OFP was waaaaaaay better.